Hillary Clinton is a Cunt


hillary-clintonI’m no political candidate specialist, watching who is going to promise this, and who is going to do that, primarily because I don’t see any of these talking heads separating themselves from one another, because they all spout ISIS is to blame for everything, more money for this, “merica, values, and a thousand other lies. For those of you who read me (I’ve written hardly anything recently I know, but come on people, where ya at!!), you know I couldn’t care less about a candidate anyways, as it all begins with the self, you have to assert Your Self, or fuck, it’ll get asserted on by all the demands that get placed on people–but this bitch, this cunt Hilary–where does she get off?

I’ve caught an interview or two with her, and EVERYTIME she has this smug look on her face, this stupid shit eating grin, replies that clearly show she has not listened to a word of whoever is questioning her, talks as though she has no clue about the constitution, cares not a bit that she is top ten most ugliest women on the earth, and the only people she SHOULD appeal to are domestic violence victims who like to be controlled not stand up for themselves. If one stripped her naked wrote cunt all over her body and pushed her throughout the streets in shame, I believe everyone would cheer, tossing feces and bowls full of urine at her shrivelled up tits, scrawny ass, an the occasional brick to chip a tooth or blacken an eye. Who is this bitch/cunt/piece of shit and why do women care for her? Are women of today the dumbest creatures of all time? My theory is that no one on this planet understands what “to listen” means, and they just hear her, and equate “a woman as president”as more important than whatever it is that woman stands for.

Again, I don’t care if she came out and promised the moon the stars and freedom for all, she would still be just another lying cunt politician, but I think with her, she is a cunt first, and a lying politician second. Does anyone anywhere, especially women, not understand how and by what criterion it takes to judge a person and deem them a high character individual?

I surely would piss and shit on every other candidate out there, just for the fact that they lie, distort reality for their own monetary and power gains, and degrade the population to its lowest common denominator rather than trying to elevate it to its highest factor—but that cunt Hilary. Come on ladies, if that’s your best, and you all honestly think so, then this world has some major problems…ones on par with individual incompetence, incessant governmental murder, and soldier worship….

here’s what the secret service thinks of her….