Understanding Taxpayers


As we continue our quest to break down and deconstruct everything in our worlds, it is time that the idea of taxpayer receive the treatment. Do you realize, for those who pay taxes, what you specifically are, what your job is in the idea of taxpayer, and that, like any other supposedly exchange between two parties that your part as the payer is just as important as the government’s?.

I hear all the time, read all the time, this saying that goes something like: ” And us taxpayers get stuck with the bill again?” or: “Why is it that we have to responsible for that?” or: “Why should we have to foot the bill for that prisoner, it’d be much cheaper if we just executed them!” or: “They never asked me if I thought we should go to war, they just sent me the bill!”

I always think to myself, when I hear these self-important “taxpayers” speaking, do these people believe the government’s only source of income is their taxes? Does the government spend exactly the amount it collects in taxes, or is it running a huge deficit? What is the governments ACTUAL DEBT? In 2014 alone, the government set a record in tax receipts, collecting over 3 trillion dollars in tax receipts (man, so many fucking slaves), but still ran close to being 700 billion dollars in debt. You see, what I believe most people think, whether it is ingrained through being told this in elementary school about how taxes work, or through watching too much tv, is that the government collects their tax check and then piecemeals it through the various departments that they need to pay, such as schools, roads, then government employees, such as prison, courts, police, fire, and then on to military. Right now the Us National debt clocks in at over 18 trillion dollars, and increases everyday by almost 2 billion. Those are numbers you cannot even fathom, as I don’t care what the amount of zeros look like to you on paper, as the average guy couldn’t even spend a billion dollars in his lifetime if he tried, and the government does it 2x daily. There is so much more that goes behind the scenes that the “taxpayer” is clueless to. The only thing the guy who pays taxes is concerned with is feeling like he is a part of something greater than himself, that he is a big super cool “contributor,” and that he gets to bitch not only on the months leading up to mid April, but that he is entitled to complain about the state this country is because his “share” he pays is never enough for the rulers in Washington. And what is it that this guy does about it?

He complains. He complains. He uses taxes as a form of camaraderie amongst his fellow brethren. He talks about taxes, how much he pays, how much prisoners abuse their “country clubs” they live in at his expense, how those on “welfare” just take and take and what must be done to curb welfare. But you know what he doesn’t do: STOP PAYING. He accepts, and thinks like a catastrophic fool. He honestly believes that if he stops paying his taxes that: A.) He will go to prison (I have no idea why people think that it is justified for a government who abuses their money to steal their money even if they get nothing out of it?).B.) Schools will massively shut down, roads will crumble, and his children will be at home and he will need to pay a real babysitter, he won’t be able to get to work, and how will they get food to eat??!!!C.)Chaos, chaos, chaos. D.)He will no longer be contributing, therefore he is now a “part of the problem, rather than a part of the solution.”E.)America!!!!!!!

What would people do if McDonalds came by their house everyday, told them they must pay them 5$ and that they would get a ton of hamburgers and fries, but after the first day all they got was straws, but they still had to pay….or else? What would people do if they took their car to get painted, and they were given it back with a paint job that looked good at first, but as soon as they paid and drove off, the paint peeled off in the wind? They would take them to court I’m sure, because the service they were promised was not the service they received. But why cannot the government, who these people supposedly vote into office, why is it that they too cannot be taken to court for fraud? The governments all around the world, not just america’s, are all operating upon the basic principles of fraud. Why do their people let them get away with it?


Are the sheep, the taxpayers, so brainwashed and incapable of real thought, so afraid that they just say, “yes master, here’s your money, oh wait that’s not enough, here’s more money master.”

I recently read about these prisoners who escaped from upstate NY, and the manhunt that ensued cost the “taxpayer” over 1 million dollars a day. Why? Did anybody call each taxpayer and ask them: “Hey, there are these 2 guys that escaped, and we believe it is going to take a great deal of manpower to find them, somewhere around 1 million dollars per day…Do you agree to this type of spending?” I hope most would have said no. But the governments do not operate in this manner, instead, they do stuff, buy stuff, spend money, and then say, “We are going to need to raise taxes to pay for these services.” And sure, the grumblings are loud, but in the end, everyone pays. Do people not understand that the only way you can prove anything is to mess with their streams of revenue!!!!

But governments do not rely merely on taxes for their spending money. What they do is they print the money, spend it, and then bill you for it. So they do not wait. As evidenced by an 18 trillion dollar debt.

People say all the time that what has happened to our country is that it has lost its moral compass, that we don’t put enough emphasis on education, that something is wrong when athletes make millions of dollars a year and teachers make peanuts, that we need better leadership, that we must stop terrorists, that we all should be equal.

What I think is that people like to regurgitate catch phrases they hear on tv. I think people have lost their resolve, their balls, their strength. I think people are lazy, either they are too fat, filled with soda and gluten, are in shape but dont do enough to combine their strength with brains, or have brains but not the strength to make them confident to use those brains.

Quit being tools people. Quit paying people who have no right to take your money. You didn’t sign a contract with you, and don’t believe anyone who tells you there is some “implied social contract” or that we all have “to pay a price to live in a civilized world.”  Don’t vote. Don’t let strangers raise your kids (schools). Don’t have kids if you can’t raise them your self. Don’t give money to people who give you nothing but stress in return. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by stangers (AND YES THIS INCLUDES PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES GOVERNMENT).

Happiness lies in mutually advantageous contracts between two willing and non-coerced parties. Happiness is not being a slave to a bunch of bullies who murder and steal from everyone on the planet. Fuck em.

for further reading of your enslavement, see this surprisingly enlightening article on huffingtonpost about how you are enslaved by your masters.