Ketogenics: Doing Life the Right Way


There is a ton of information in this life. There are also many ways to live this life. Who is to tell you how to live, what to do, how to eat, who to vote for, what to buy, where to shit, and who to fuck? Yeah…freedom buddy, and all that. But in reality, the way the world has become so twisted through educational enslavement, the dumbing down of the population, mass consumerism, media-driven zombies, twitters, tweats, internet friends, and a giant surveillance police-state world, it would seem that doing what you WANT, would definitely have its consequences—ESPECIALLY, if you go into it without being fully informed, AND OF COURSE, by informed, I mean not listening to anyone who has any affiliation with a government, a bank, a union, or one with a suspect agenda. Therefore, you can eliminate roughly 98% of the world. For those who actually read my posts, you will know that sure, anyone can mindlessly have wants, have urges, and do with those urges and wants how they see fit, but what does that accomplish with this miracle they have been given called a life? Is the correct way to live as one who eats the sugars of life, the things that taste sweetest to the tongue, to indulge in the indulgences, to just be another member of the crowd spending more than he has, wondering what his penis looks like beneath his round belly, or wondering how she is going to wipe her fat ass as her flab flows off the side of the toilet seat? If we dissect choice what do we get from the mouths of these people? Are they living their own choice? Was it their choice to live in debt? Was it their CHOICE to grow up eating poisoned foods that wreaked inflammatory havoc upon their developing bodies, as society ingrained upon them the habits of sugar, breads, and a figure of a rhino? Do their ways sound like they have a philosophical, well thought out cohesion, a system  that screams out choice?

Choice,  in philosophy, a corollary of the proposition of free will—i.e., the ability voluntarily to decide to perform one of several possible acts or to avoid action entirely. An ethical choice involves ascribing qualities such as right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse to alternatives.”

Therefore, in order to have choice, the real choices, choices of a freeman, one must have a mind that is capable of thinking, and in order to be able to think, one must know how to think, and to know how to think, one must know logic, and also have a mind that questions and seeks out answers for him or herself. How can there be a true choice if it is only between a diet of bread and a diet of rice? How is there love when you’ve only met four women in your life? How is it style when you dress just like her? How do you consider yourself an informed voter when you haven’t factored in the totality of the lies? How can you make a choice when you have been programmed by another? What if you found out that all you had ever been told was nothing but a bunch of lies? And how would you enumerate those lies in order of importance??

For me, the biggest lie that got my thinking all tweaked out was the lies of money, how the banking system works, and its fraudulent cartel. From there more and more question and answer sessions have occurred on an hourly basis, as well as the seeking of a philosophical system for myself that derives its power from responsibility, clean living, a dedication to truth, and the unmasking and calling out of all those fakes, frauds, and bodysnatchers that take pleasure in bringing down those of us who understand choice.

Where I have found the next most lies, and what concerns me most now that I believe I have found some verifiable answers, is in diet. And of course, all of the lies, once you delve deep enough, are all concerned with CONTROL.What are the most efficient ways to control humans? Education–teach them what to think? Money–steal their labor (time)through coercive taxation (theft)? Health–teach them how to eat, and when it makes them fat, tell them to keep eating same pyramid but to “go for a walk?” Medicine–tell them we all get sick, its a matter of our “genes?”


So, what I have found, is to the uninitiated, you must make your way to the truth through a major lie…You must hurt to know pain. You must know pain to know strength. And for those who do not know yet, find your way through diet!! Fat, inflamed, insomnia, bloated, IBS, sluggish, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and diabetes–these can all be cured through diet–more specifically, a low carb diet (under 100 grams of carbs) or even better, a ketogenic diet. I have tried every diet, a 30 day raw milk diet, a 25 day water fast, paleo, no fiber, tons of supplements, alcohol free for 8 years, insane lifting, insane running, yoga, running hills, running sprints, and nothing has made me feel as good as a ketogenic diet (1, 2).


It all started when I had gotten home from a trip out west, and had gained about 10 -12 lbs through eating good old “vacation” food, ie, wine, pasta, pizza, tacos, pastries and lattes! Man, those things all taste good when I am up in them, but when I eat that way, as I have had undiagnosed IBS since I have been a child, I can’t sleep well, my bowels are loose or constipated, and the gas that escapes my soul is rotten and my stomach bloats like an ethiopian who is given wonder bread. I stumbled onto one of my diet books, a keto book called Ketone Power by Christian Zot. I had never tried low carbs, had always thought my digestive system needed low fiber, that the fiber was what was reeking havoc upon my digestive system, so I had plenty of homemade white breads, potatoes, chicken breasts, and in the beginning it worked, but then bloating and gas would return full force. My second day on the keto diet and the gas went away. No more bloating, and I was eating what I loved: steaks, butter by the spoon full, cream cheese, eggs, almonds, coconut oil, and bacon!! My energy is fantastic and I sleep 1000x better than before! But even better the bloating is gone, and since i gave up coffee (which can cause digestive distress for some), I have so much more energy, and I have lost 16 lbs in 2 months. Add working out to a keto diet, and my stomach is flatter, my muscles are stronger, and I look about ten years younger! I am by no means fat, but at 28% body fat when I started, I could feel the strain on my aging body. Yet, even with all the positive stories out there about low-carb diets (atkins, keto, low-carb living), I have not seen one story where the “government” has come out to say anything negative about the grain-based drowning it preaches to its fellow sheep!

What are those who are non-questioners supposed to do then, as they hike up their Nike socks and grab the hack saw to slice their way through their swollen lifeless diabetic cankles? Doctor doctor give the news I got a bad case of backed up poo! Swollen bellies parade around the beaches, in the workplace, at the local bars where carbs skyrocket through the roof like a powerball counter…Do the fattened steer who have had their legs broken care when they are slaughtered, or is it a relief? I worked with this guy once, who had a belly that looked exactly like one of those inflatable exercise balls that you lay on to do situps. It was perfectly round, and if I was him, I know it would have been a bear to do anything, climb a ladder, sit on a toilet, fuck, run, walk, and correctly breathe. But from a young age, he has been ingrained, from his parents, with the lies of sugar, grains, margarine, and the evil of fats. Or maybe he ate it all, I don’t know, but I just can’t imagine he felt good–or felt–Alive?


I’ll always remember this saying from when I was younger, that once a dog gets the taste for blood there’s no going back, or once a man knows murder, he’s got a taste for it, he’s unquenchable. Now, I don’t know if there’s any truth to these sayings, but I do know the power of sugar and breads, and I believe a HUMAN BEING’S education, introduction, to all things begins young. Introduce them to being a tattling little rat when they’re younger, then they’ll want to be a state-sponsored bitch (cop, soldier, senator) when they’re older; Introduce them to candy when they’re young and its over for their brittle digestive systems; Introduce them to authority at an early age and they’ll bend over for a stranger with a paddle; and introduce them to lies when they’re younger and they won’t ever question them once they’re old.

I don’t know the answers to life. But I know this, whatever force brought me to be here, I have three things: Mind, body and time. My mind strengthens through inquisitiveness, meditation, practice, failure, repetition, discrimination, instinct, determination, concentration and focus, all the while eliminating what it does not need. My body is my temple, it carries me through all the activities I can think of, through work, through play, through calm, through sex, through improvement, through failure. It performs so may activities and the activities it performs on the inside, give me a picture of its health on the outside. Do big boned bitches look good? Sure. But are they healthy on the inside? What must I do to make my mind, my heart, my liver, my lungs, my kidneys, my bladder, my nerves, my cells, my digestive system all work optimally so that I can react, perform at my peak at be most alive? Time? It ticks on and on, and I don;t want to waste it by giving my money to those who don’t deserve it, by not thinking about what I put into my body, and by following commands that my mind does not agree with. But most of all, I want to have the broadest choices available…and as far as I am concerned the only way that is going to happen is if I have a anarchist mind, a keto-fueled body, and time that’s on my side. Fuck government and all its lies.


Ketogenics isn’t just a diet, its more even than a lifestyle. Its not just a burning of the fat in one’s body, or the readjustment to a new superior energy system. Its an incineration of all the lies every told to you, a beginning of becoming, a becoming of an independent you from all the monsters who have controlled your life. Its more than just some metaphor for food freedom. Its an awakening to this realization that it is you against the world, but as you awaken further, you’ll realize you have more people on your side than you thought, and you are in fact not all alone!

I know what learning to think, logic, has done for me and my decisions, and CHOICES. I know what financial responsibility has done for me and MY TIME. And I know what getting rid of 300-500 carbs a day (average american intake according to food pyramid reccomendations) has done to my body, my digestive system (no more rotting carbs feeding bad bacteria), and my well-being. I don’t need to listen to lies, I only have to LISTEN TO MY SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only those who hate choice and like to be controlled believe in government.

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