National Anthem Symbolic Slaves


“Uh, where your nuts at nigga? You’d better let em hang
Cause we can get it on ho, it ain’t no thang, uh
Mo murder mo motherfucking merrier
Cause I be one of the roughest niggas from the hardcore area
So quit running your mouth, bitch, you know you can’t fade this
Rap-A-Lot south shit
It’s the 3 the motherfucking 2
So bring on your motherfucking crew bitch, we can get it on” geto boys

Dear People that happen to live on this land mass versus that land mass.

Really? I have heard so much about these so-called “Anthem Protests,” by black people, gay people, and whomever else has wanted to join in peaceably, because they “have had enough.”

I never stand for a the national anthem, as a matter of fact, I change the channel everytime its on. I get to any events hopefully after it has been played, and if for some reason I don’t, I find the biggest baddest ass who’s standing with pride and I stare him down as i turn my back to the field, stage, whatever. Anyone who worships anything but his self is an idiot. How one can worship an idea as large as a nation, which within it embodies so many other little symbols that one overlooks, is not only unfathomable, but it really shows the moronic minds of the masses. Ask one single person when the national anthem came about and i can almost guarantee every single one gets it wrong. I don’t believe in jesus, in god, but I know the majority of the country does, and I guess all of them ignore the point where people arent supposed to worship anything else but god.

But then again, by worshipping, by getting so emotional about a song that gets played before football, basketball, and baseball GAMES—please let me know first of all the connection between sports and nationalism, and then let me know what we are so proud about for loving this country in the first place?  So, people are off to a sporting event where they just paid at least 100$ a ticket per person, where the event only lasts at most 4 hours, where they are probably going to consume alcohol, where the athletes make millions of dollars, other people are going to be yelling obscenities and act violently if their team doesnt do what they want, and parents want their kids to learn values from this atmosphere–such as sportsmanship and patriotism? What do jet planes flying above the stadium have to do with guys throwing a ball? Why are there soldiers on the field? Is there a reason people should feel unsafe during a game between the cowboys and redskins? Is there supposed to be a subliminal connection between sports and war? Is the national anthem supposed to get the individual submersed into the collective consciousness? And what exactly is this collectivity, this supposed frame of concsiousness supposed to do for you, and why is this collectivity better than your own individual thoughts? When you think of others is it really that much better than thinking of yourself? I am amazed that people think about the national anthem as this “sacred” thing, in the words of Phil Sims, this symbol that cannot be rejected, questioned or deconstructed. It is precisely the loss within society of no longer questioning things as simple as symbols that has made this country, this world, this era the most totalitarian in all of history. I don’t know what sports has to do with nationalism, beyond the fact that it is meant to propagandize people to be subservient to an idea rather than to their own minds.

But, what is it that makes people of all races WANT to stand up and put their hands on their hearts and sing along to this tune of nationalism in the first place? Is it so that they can show off to everyone else looking at them that they do not think for theirselves and that they know how to bow to power, signs and symbols as well? Are people really that proud that amerikkka is the most murderous nation in the universe, and that even if they”don’t agree with their elected leaders’ decisions, they should at least support those that do the murdering-the soldiers?” Should we support the soldiers because they murder for our freedoms and that is a value we should respect? But if we already had the freedoms to begin with, how exactly does killing others, others who have not attacked us, create those freedoms we already had? And, if most of the soldiers we are supposed to be supporting are those of the most recent wars, namely wars from Iraq or Afghanistan, how come that we have lost the majority of our freedoms as a result of those wars? Should we support and suck them off because if they hadn’t killed those foreigners in those countries we would have conversely LOST MORE FREEDOMS, so they actually saved us freedoms rather than lost them? Should we be thankful and worship the national anthem because we are the most indebted country in the world and because of our mass consumption of everything we can inhale and gorge ourselves upon we have made the rest of the world poorer and the only times we care is fleetingly wathcing the commercials after the national anthem has passed? If the national anthem is abut the government, and the cops are a part of the government, and the police routinely steal money from the citizens, kill niggers and anyone else who does not follow their “commands,” by shooting them multiple times in the back, while they are on the ground, when a simple shot to the leg would do, then explain to me why we worship this country? (And imagine how it would be without the police is not an answer). Why do black people stand for the national anthem, feel pride at national holidays such as the fourth of july, and thanksgiving, when they fail to remember that THIS IS A WHITE PEOPLE COUNTRY, you all were only allowed to be a part of it in the 1960s or something? All stupid niggers should be sitting or turning their backs whenever the national anthem is played a firework is popped or the word turkey is mentioned. Or do yall just want to belong? But what are a bunch of stupid nigger athletes gonna do who make millions, some billions of dollars from sports and white paying citizens gonna really do? Come on? Yall do a real protest and everyone, your OWNERS, the reporters, the fans, gonna make you feel like shit and you are going to lose your millions. And the cops are still going to kill other niggers and they are still going to imprison niggers for smoking and selling weed and probably wrongly imprison them for lots of other stuff. The government is still going to send willing “awesome propagandized robots,” to kill sand niggers and other non-whites around the globe and imprison them for doing nothing other than defending themselves. So what are you protesting? Are you merely wanting the police to fuck over white people just as much as blacks, or do you want this totalitarian mindset to be eradicated?

This is what happens when people who are mass educated, people who have no idea how to think a real thought, decide to “think” for themselves. There is no plan, there is no solution because there is no plan. The sporting event is the main event and the “protest,” is the sideshow. What is to be accomplished with a sideshow? Its merely an opening act. I have not once seen, nor do I believe I will ever see a real million dollar athlete come out and say:

“You know what, fuck amerikkka. Fuck the stupid leaders, fuck how they treat me and all black people. Fuck every single one of these cops who have a power hungry mindset and a shoot first mentality. Fuck how juries never convict cops. Fuck these laws that are created because of power and from corporations. Fuck your stupid national anthem. Im not ever standing for this song again because what it stands for is outdated. Fuck all you soldiers who cannot think for yourself, who intercede in other peoples problems and who are the sole reason why the rest of the world hates us. Those soldiers are us, average people, and if every single american resisted to fight wars for the rich people who have embedded themselves in positions of power, all of the worlds problems would be over. You do not allow us to have the freedoms we have, rather you limit our freedoms and more importantly, you are MURDERERS, and you ruin families around the world. Fuck you soldiers. ALL of you. Me and the rest of the top athletes will not do our song and dance and be puppets for you all any longer, as we are now standing together in solidarity and we are not going to play another game until this system is changed. ”

Much yet I’ve never heard an average Joe say he’s sick of cops killing people, the government sending people to kill other people, the government creating stupid laws that allows them to steal and murder, and that he’s not supporting it anymore. Average Joe, at least according to the media is more concerned with what people do when an outdated song is sung about nationalism, which is just as bad as being prejudice when projected onto a global scale.
never heard anyone ever say exactly what needed saying. Just a bunch of whiny shit, kneeling shit, hands up shit, and more politically correct shit. Pretty sure Malcolm X would be choking on his own vomit. Maybe this is and should be about a lot more than sports…