What is Government Today?

If+we+lie+to+the+government+it's+a+felony.+If+the+government+lies+to+us+it's+politicsThere has been so much written about human society over the milleniums, from Plato’s Republic, Rousseau’s Social Contract, Hamilton’s The Federalist Papers, Lysander Spooner’s Reader, The Law by Basqiuat, de Toqueville’s Democracy in America, Utopia by More, Capitalism by Marx, The Ego and his Own by Stirner, Leviathan by Hobbes, and many more than try to justify this and that control, no control, anarchy, liberalism, equality, environmentalism, conservatism, war, slavery, no slavery, that it becomes so cumbersome trying to figure out if there is anything more to governing people other than control. Where do we begin other than using our investigative observations and asking well-thought questions?

If people supposedly looked upon kings as tyrants, menaces who raped their daughters and wives, and took whatever they wanted by force, or the pharaohs as slave-driving demons who thought of themselves as gods, or god as this obsessive-compulsive freak who just wanted to be obeyed and if he wasn’t he would take everything you had and banish you to the fire-filled gates of hell, then isn’t the correct way to view all forms of governing authoritative bodies as power-hungry fiends that have no place upon this world of us meaning-seeking individuals? If we are each seeking for our own meaning, doesn’t that meaning in fact become altered when we are forced down a path, whether figuratively or literally by others who want to force their views of life upon us-either by “education,””monetary-values,” or “forced morality?”? Where and when and how did it become acceptable to no longer have to fight our own way toward meaning and instead allow others to tell us what our “rights” were?


If being ruled by a king in a world population of only around 2 billion people at a maximum, where there existed no telephones, surveillance cameras, or police every square mile was considered threatening to one’s way of life, one’s pursuit of meaning, then what is an enlightened being (and I say enlightened because it is only the enlightened, the true thinkers who actually are asking these questions) supposed to think in this box, this prison, this structured world filled with the putrid stink of 7.5 billion robots who march forward to the beat of jobs, money, things and their own decay…?

Who out there doesn’t ask these questions, and if not what are the questions you do ask? Are questions even asked anymore about the world surrounding us, you, or have those been swept down the rabbit hole too for the fear that one’s questions may offend others?


I used to ask many more questions, at least I wrote a heck of a lot more, as if you just looked at this blog you would see sporadic writing is at best what I do now as compared to a few years ago. Does my mind no longer focus, do I no longer observe the robots who routinely drift aimlessly through their bizarro accepting-worlds on a daily basis, driving absent-mindedly to the place they need to be on Monday morning at 9, then onto the kids at 230, waiting at this light, texting on their phones, waiting at the next light, for the light to switch from its angry tone of red and stop to its calming tone of go and green? Do I not overanalyze all my choices, my life, my meaning, my goals, my physical shape, my mind, my eventual death on a daily, hourly basis? Who am I to be in this prison? Shall I have a giving heart and feel bad for all those who don’t have the same opportunities as me; shall I shed a tear that a giant planet who has lived so many billions of years and gone through so much is now “supposedly” dying because humans drive cars; shall I change my views on niggers, fags, politicians, education, and feeble minded woman just because its not PC; how can I convey my belief in truth, freedom, and self-defense to others, when their definitions of these same ideas are attacked and changed on a weekly basis; how can my strengths compete with others’ fears; is it ok for me to be cold-hearted, to shun those that are weak, because this world is moving on, and I either adapt, or I get left behind, shivering, robbed, and locked away in a cell?

What is government today? What was it yesterday or a thousand years ago? What do you think?  Who loved you? Where are those you hated and why? What are your best memories? How did you come to be the person you are today, and did others forge that person or was it all on your own?  What is the truth and what are lies? Are there any places left on this planet where you could just go to be alone, to live, to relax, to think, to be, to die?


Government is lies. It is lies today. It was lies yesterday. It will be lies in the future. These lies are defined by inconsistencies, carrots dangled in front of your faces and then taken away to be replaced by chains, chains on top of the other chains. These lies become needs for everyone, needs because you all never check up on the lies, needs because you look forward to being reassured that there is some kind of competent system in place that you can see, hear and touch, needs because you do not want to hear the truth, because the truth will show you to be weak, will reveal how much work this life must be, how much responsibility and strength you must need to be an alive responsible being. But what if you checked up on these lies like you do the rest of your everyday miserable little lies? What if you realized that your little superficial lies you believe so much in, are in reality, exactly that, superficialities meant to confuse and distract you from what is really happening to you? There are husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives who destroy their own loves for the other because of a “lie.” They take their whole happiness, their realities, their other “truth lies” of security, comfort, love, peace, nostalgia that they have built up over many years and they completely wreck it because of a  real “lie” the other has told. They sometimes even murder the other because of the “lie.” They do this because these people have trusted the other, have included the other in this reality, this nest they have built up, and it is the “lie” that they allow to shatter their worlds. They have allowed themselves, from their education that was instilled in them, to BELIEVE in this artificial concept called trust, but this trust only works on an individual level, not an organizational level. This trust only follows responsibility in a peer to peer relationship, it is non-existent in a reality-relationship. And why is this? Is this because these people do not comprehend that reality, like their little love lifes, is also a construct? Is it not their little constructed reality which is in fact superimposed upon the other constructed reality that the REAL LIARS (government)have built up, with their rules, with their money, with their laws, with their guns, with their murder, with their theft (all of which they call by justified contradictory “liar” words, such as, morality, society, banking, war, defense, security, taxation)–and what is the worst lie? Should I be more angry that my partner cheats on me, or should I be angrier, more offended that I have been put in a prison, treated like a slave, robbed, have had my movement limited with laws, my money taken so that other cultures who have done nothing to me can be murdered, displaced, and left without a home? What offends me more, the fact that my girlfriend would be with another man, or that my life has been completely regulated and that I am told how to drive, how to think, how I can talk, that I must like soldiers, that I need a piece of paper to leave this country, and every little wrong move I get “caught” for, I have to pay a tribute to those who made the “rules,” and quite possibly get put in an even smaller, more restrictive prison than I’m already in, as well as deal with the fact that the definitions of words I thought were correct, are in fact defined completely opposite by those who regulate my movements? Does anyone understand why they do not do more about the real LIARS? Go on slaves, just keep superimposing your programmed ideas of morality, reality and truth upon an ever-shifting contradictive reality of lies, theft, murder, and the rape of who you could’ve really been….


government has always been the preceding words. government will only get more contradictory as the population gets dumber (if thats possible). the noose tightens. the gun in your mouth gets deeper in your throat. fuck you. nigger. faggot. woman. dike. muslim. keep asking for permission. “may I use the bathroom?” “may I speak?” “can I please be looked at as a person instead of a freak?””can i please do the same thing that white guy does, or can you at least make him not call me bad names, like faggot, nigger, and dummy (esp. dummy. 😦).” or just focus on the non-defined LOVE. “i just want to be loved” (whatever love means?)

memories. I remember when I was taught that this country was free, and George Washington was cool, and we fought the Indians because they were a threat. I remember how easy I bought all the stories because man, its so fucking easy to tell a bunch of kids how it is, how it was, and then to quiz them on it, test them on it, don’t allow them to ask too many detailed questions, and then make them pledge to a flag, punish them for insubordination, disrespect, and then really fuck with their brains by telling them they need good grades to be successful in the world, but bad conduct affects their grades, so they need to CONFORM. i remember it all. do you?


i’m sure there’s some places I could go for short intervals that would allow me a brief respite from all the fear, lies, glares, propaganda, cameras, cell phones, and the stench of the masses…but eventually the solitude would be interrupted by the impending multiplication of slaves having babies because they just “feel its their right to experience the miracle of birth.” why am I forced to remain on this planet when its not really a place I want to be? if I can’t leave the planet then what keeps me from going anywhere on this planet I want?

maybe I ask too many questions.