Why Do “Bad Guys” only have Consequences?


I get a big kick out of this propagandized, twisted, thought-less, logic-less, emotional world that has been created for you masses.  This world where there is only ever one side to stories, where it is only the bad guys, the drug dealers, the terrorists, the enemies who suffer CONSEQUENCES….

Sure there are writers out there, real thinkers that toss around the concept of blow-back when trying to navigate our foreign policy issues, but they never go into any depth, the real story covering how important human action is in life, and how consequences are a response to certain actions we choose, regardless of morality, labels such as good or bad, and especially entitlements.

When the whole “only bad guys get consequences” story goes around for the millionth time, and the world people become accustomed to because of said logic manipulation, people will continue to believe that “innocents” are killed for NO APPARENT REASON except PURE EVIL, and the masses adopt a delusional mindset which includes cops as only good people with no agendas, soldiers are not the ones to blame even though they are the only ones who fire the bullets and missles, and governments who make TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF MISTAKES AND TELLS TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF LIES….only mean well, and don’t do this stuff intentionally. All those aforementioned are looked at by americans as the good guys, and it always boggles the masses “minds” when something bad happens to them. Their immediate response is REVENGE!

Let’s take an real world example some of you may get: Pablo Escobar was a huge cocaine dealer in the 1980’s, and he killed very many people who got in his way, but did he randomly just go kill people for no reason? Was there not in fact a “War on Drugs” going on at the time, which meant a war on him, and were Armies after him, cops after him, Newspaper reporters printing stories about how evil he was? The people he killed all initiated their aggression, in some form or another, towards him first, and he merely, as an act of defense, RESPONDED. The families of those he killed would all be so sad, wondering “how this could have happened,” and hoping for revenge to be brought down upon Pablo. Now there may be some of you who read this, are against drugs, and will say Pablo eventually got what was coming to him, and that it was tragic that all those people had to die, and I will agree with you that death sucks, but when these people, people who sought to profit off the drug war on the side of Morality, people who wrote about Pablo to sell newspapers, people who profited off of trying to hunt Pablo down, well, they had to know there was some danger involved in their actions, and the possibility of dire consequences. If they got it, then what was it their families missed? And yet, when murder is met with more murder, murder the next time committed for the good, by the good, does not the law of physics state that for every action there will be another reaction…So should it not be the GOOD GUYS, the MORAL GUYS, as the ones who should stop the rock from rolling into things? Should not the good guys step back and say hey, “our part in this, no matter how we paint it, is still causing unneeded deaths, mayhem, and destruction? Could there not be a different way to go about solving this problem that does not cause such a violent reaction and unlimited payback?”

Maybe that example misses the point, maybe there needs to be one that hits closer to home? Based off many reports, the USA is directly responsible for the formation of ISIS and AL Qaeda. The american government has been involved in getting in so many other country’s business for so many years, trying to steal their shit, bully, create turmoil, manipulate currency, destroy resources, and basically just murder for the fun of it, that it is no wonder there have not been more incidents AGAINST the people that live here than have actually occurred. But whether what has happened with or without the complicity of the american government, one thing is certain: THE ONLY REASON THE THINGS HAPPEN IS BECAUSE THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS A BULLY AND THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE ARE COMPLETE BITCHES. And somehow, the people, despite simple logic (which tells you based on how many strategic bases america has in the world, how many innocents they have killed, and how much infrastructure they have destroyed, they are bullies), continue to believe that america is Good, and that we must KILL, KILL, KILL, all these “inferior infidels” around the world because they are a threat to us? These people around the world couldn’t care less about the so-called freedoms of america, whatever freedoms ever existed, but in fact are reacting, correctly, because their innocent amilies have been slaughtered, they have lost their homes, and they have been branded terrorists, all from an american government that wants to have access to their stuff and tell them what to fo and how to live. So if america really was the good guys, they in fact should have never meddled in these other people’s religious battles, political battles in the first place, never had these other people’s blood on their hands, never spent money that wasn’t theirs to rebuild these people’s  countries they destroyed, never needing soldiers to fight wars, and hence never getting those same soldiers killed.

Why is it that when a US soldier gets killed, his parents or his friends get mad at the country the US is fighting, and its soldiers, rather than be frustrated with their son for choosing to fight in a war where death is a very real consequence, or the government who got themselves in a war to begin with and hence needed people to go shoot guns and missles at other people who also have guns and missles and who will be presumably shooting those things back. What did these people expect? Did they not expect for the people who’s country the US just invaded not to shoot back? Were they hoping for a score of 55-0? How fucking delusional are people?

And speaking of delusional, how is it that peaceful, sweet, nice, energetic, men, women, whom I interact with everyday, allow the people whom they supposedly vote for, to missallocate funds, steal their money, kill foreigners with sheer abandon, steal any last vestiges of freedom they have left (making this country resemble a more horrific Soviet Union of the early 1900’s),  and be the biggest terrorists on the planet, yet claim zero responsibility? Then these “citizens” just say “oh, well, theres nothing we can do, the NEXT CANDIDATE WILL BE HONEST, we just gotta get out there and vote….”

If not one person voted…there would be none of these thieves and murderers in office, and we could get back to living our lives, interacting with one another, peacefully, lovingly, unafraid, not supporting the creation of new bombs, futuristic bombers, and death.

In the GOP debate, there was talk of murdering innocent civilians by the thousands in order “to protect americans.” How backwards of logic is this…

I leave you with this quote from the debate, and you all tell me, who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys, and who deserves the real consequences.

Neoconservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt was trying to gage the candidates’ willingness to fight endless wars, and he must have sensed that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, as one who has saved the lives of so many, might be weak on the war question. Could Carson kill as ruthlessly as the others, Hewitt demanded to know.

Here is the exchange:

HEWITT: Dr. Carson…… you mentioned in your opening remarks that you’re a pediatric neurologist surgeon…

CARSON: Neurosurgeon.

HEWITT: Neurosurgeon. And people admire and respect and are inspired by your life story, your kindness, your evangelical core support. We’re talking about ruthless things tonight — carpet bombing, toughness, war. And people wonder, could you do that? Could you order air strikes that would kill innocent children by not the scores, but the hundreds and the thousands? Could you wage war as a commander-in-chief?

How does killing one child further anyone’s agenda of peace? Sounds like a bunch of angry agenda-driven bullies run the world to me. Who’s the real terrorists?