Out of Your Routine.


What is the one thing, minimum, You do everyday that challenges what the world has told you?

By what ruler have you sought to measure your success? Who’s ruler is it? Yours, or the same measuring stick every one else has?

Are there only means to your life, or just means to ends?

Is there a list you check off of goals, that goes on infinitely, or have you learned to attain satisfaction? How would you define Satisfaction?

What would you do if everyone you ever knew disappeared, all you had was in ruins, and all you ever knew was false, meant to control your mind?

How do you prove what you are doing is the path you belong upon?

Are you even on a path?

If you can’t change the world, what should you do, change yourself?

Or is it possible that if you can’t change yourself that you Could change the World?

Do these questions lead to more questions, which leads to a further examination of your self, or do these questions overwhelm you and cause you to continue on with the status quo?

What is more important, Love or Self-Peace?

When your mind is quiet do these questions, does the self, does the world even matter?

Is true life impossible when it is overburdened with restrictions, violence, conditioning, obstacles, authority, denial, lies, and the illusion of desire and achievement?

What would you rather have, a throne to sit upon as the leader of the world, or an island in the middle of nowhere with the basic supplies for a lifetime of peace?

Are stressful situations how humans were supposed to exist?

What questions are important to you?