fuck libertarianism, its egoism we’re after….Im back?

man. the process to finding the self has been a zigzagging journey that began with a refusal to do what i was told from the time i was younger, through a rocky road… Continue reading

The Non-Aggression Principle, and the Questions that follow…

When it comes to those who profess to grasp the NAP, I must say that there are few if any who really understand the philosophy behind it. Most always forget that it does… Continue reading

Gary North and his connection to contradictory thinking.

Gary North is a genius. Let me get that out of the way right off. His work on libertarian capitalistic economic theory is top notch. I read him whenever I get the chance.… Continue reading

Brief Blatherings of Who am I

Most of you who read this or are new here probably think you know me as some pompous philosopher who hates niggers, the government, and dammit just wishes that everyone would think a… Continue reading

The Post-Constitutional Era by Chris Hedges

http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_post-constitutional_era_20140504/ Posted on May 4, 2014 By Chris Hedges Activist Lauren DiGioia is arrested Jan. 3, 2012, during a demonstration in New York City’s Grand Central Station held to call attention to the National Defense… Continue reading

Race Relations: A Study in Discrimination

Recently, the analysis that has come about and the outrage that has followed the comments the LA Clippers owner made in regard to his opinion of who he wants at his basketball games… Continue reading


Wake me routine wake me fast I’m in the present thinking about the past What is the moment that is called now It’s not that I don’t want it, I just can’t see… Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons Libertarians aren’t Nice to You. By Christopher Cantwell

Originally published at ChristopherCantwell.com People often complain about libertarians being rude and obnoxious. It’s not nearly as widespread a problem as some would make it out to be, and contrary to popular belief,… Continue reading

The Fallacies with Romans 13: Is God really this stupid?

  Everyone has their commandments, their proofs, their justifications as to why us humans owe allegiance to another human being, and why we must bow down to their orders. People will say it… Continue reading

Conformity and Conditioning. Manipulating humans.

Are you aware that you are conditioned? That is the first thing to ask yourself, not how to be free of your conditioning. You may never be free of it, and if you… Continue reading