National Anthem Symbolic Slaves

  “Uh, where your nuts at nigga? You’d better let em hang Cause we can get it on ho, it ain’t no thang, uh Mo murder mo motherfucking merrier Cause I be one… Continue reading

Ketogenics: Doing Life the Right Way

For me, the biggest lie that got my thinking all tweaked out was the lies of money, how the banking system works, and its fraudulent cartel. From there more and more question and answer sessions have occurred on an hourly basis, as well as the seeking of a philosophical system for myself that derives its power from responsibility, clean living, a dedication to truth, and the unmasking and calling out of all those fakes, frauds, and bodysnatchers that take pleasure in bringing down those of us who understand choice.

Out of Your Routine.

What is the one thing, minimum, You do everyday that challenges what the world has told you?

Terrorist Targets?

Let us next get an understanding of what a government is: It is a supposed representation of something, ideally it is a representation of the people, but in reality governments are a representation of the ideals those who are in power have, and the goals they want to achieve.

Why Do “Bad Guys” only have Consequences?

Why is it that when a US soldier gets killed, his parents or his friends get mad at the country the US is fighting, and its soldiers, rather than be frustrated with their son for choosing to fight in a war where death is a very real consequence, or the government who got themselves in a war to begin with and hence needed people to go shoot guns and missles at other people who also have guns and missles and who will be presumably shooting those things back.

What is Government Today?

Who out there doesn’t ask these questions, and if not what are the questions you do ask? Are questions even asked anymore about the world surrounding us, you, or have those been swept down the rabbit hole too for the fear that one’s questions may offend others?

Blame it on ISIS! ISIS doesn’t exist!

Wait? Who is ISIS? Is there more to all this than just ISIS? Surely there’s more!!

Must Read: Doctrine of Emergency

I Will never look at government, cops, people in general the same way after reading this: We are going to begin with a series of documents which are representative (Exhibits 1 through 7),… Continue reading

Hillary Clinton is a Cunt

  I’m no political candidate specialist, watching who is going to promise this, and who is going to do that, primarily because I don’t see any of these talking heads separating themselves from… Continue reading

Understanding Taxpayers

As we continue our quest to break down and deconstruct everything in our worlds, it is time that the idea of taxpayer receive the treatment. Do you realize, for those who pay taxes,… Continue reading