Blame it on ISIS! ISIS doesn’t exist!

Wait? Who is ISIS? Is there more to all this than just ISIS? Surely there’s more!!

Must Read: Doctrine of Emergency

I Will never look at government, cops, people in general the same way after reading this: We are going to begin with a series of documents which are representative (Exhibits 1 through 7),… Continue reading

Hillary Clinton is a Cunt

  I’m no political candidate specialist, watching who is going to promise this, and who is going to do that, primarily because I don’t see any of these talking heads separating themselves from… Continue reading

Understanding Taxpayers

As we continue our quest to break down and deconstruct everything in our worlds, it is time that the idea of taxpayer receive the treatment. Do you realize, for those who pay taxes,… Continue reading

Unquestioned Accepted Truths?

How many concepts, ideas, truths that are thrown about in everyday acceptance do you challenge or question even for a moment? Do you ever put yourself in the mind of a child and… Continue reading

Opting out of Taxes: Quit Enslaving Your Self

Today I finally realized a great truth. I had recently joined a specialized gym where I belong, that was neither crossfit, strength training or just one of those treadmill factories for fatties that… Continue reading

fuck libertarianism, its egoism we’re after….Im back?

man. the process to finding the self has been a zigzagging journey that began with a refusal to do what i was told from the time i was younger, through a rocky road… Continue reading

The Non-Aggression Principle, and the Questions that follow…

When it comes to those who profess to grasp the NAP, I must say that there are few if any who really understand the philosophy behind it. Most always forget that it does… Continue reading

Gary North and his connection to contradictory thinking.

Gary North is a genius. Let me get that out of the way right off. His work on libertarian capitalistic economic theory is top notch. I read him whenever I get the chance.… Continue reading

Brief Blatherings of Who am I

Most of you who read this or are new here probably think you know me as some pompous philosopher who hates niggers, the government, and dammit just wishes that everyone would think a… Continue reading