desertification. welcome to what the simulacrum really is….

On the Fringes of the Real By Jean Baudrillard / Translated by Chris Turner “We have abolished the real world: what world is left? The apparent world perhaps?… But no! with the real… Continue reading

Delusion of Meaning

How much meaning, like, what is the least amount the mind needs, in order to convince itself it is alive? What types of justification will one permit in order to make its illusion… Continue reading

Private Wars Paid for Publicly. By Mike Rozeff

The Key reason that I am including this article here on rathbonezvizionz is that this shows the reader that their views of the world are being manipulated. Everything you think about this world… Continue reading

Is that the Best I can do?

I must admit, I do not always put forth my best. I experiment with different ways that foods affect my body, I try my best to examine different ways to communicate the most… Continue reading

Discerning Landscapes

Across the Universe, around the world, within our selfs, there exists universes, worlds, and a multiplicity of selfs, and it is as the thinking man, the contemplative individual who MUST take the time… Continue reading

veterans day. A Celebration of Mindlessness.

I had no clue heroes were people who flew to others peoples countries and killed them because they had rulers that didn’t agree with america’s rulers. Sounds like heroes are big bullies to… Continue reading

TSA to Pre-Screen Air Travelers’ Tax Info, Property Records, Travel History (from

(its officially here. the future. a time where all of your past will catch up with you, where before you are “allowed” to go anywhere, the state must first not only check everything… Continue reading

Argument Presupposes Free Market Norms (More Michael Rozeff Gem)

This gem here goes over the logics of argument, in that one cannot argue for one thing, while at the same time arguing for its opposite. To understand this one would need to… Continue reading

* Life Changing Disasters * Posted from

I found this article, which is about disaster, all kinds. dive headfirst into this gem of contemplation. Jon David Miller Activist Post There are at least eight disasters that may soon change life… Continue reading

Necessary Views on Equality

Equality? On a planet where not even any two snow flakes are alike, and where trillions of different species have been created, it’s a miracle in its own that the supposed “highest” evolutionary being, capable of not only physical individuality as well as mental distinctness, has become one that has created an entire mass of beings, neither white or black, religious or non-religious, alive or dead, equal in its simplistic goal, to be lead along to help create the destruction of the most beautiful planet in the entire galaxy.