The Fallacies with Romans 13: Is God really this stupid?

  Everyone has their commandments, their proofs, their justifications as to why us humans owe allegiance to another human being, and why we must bow down to their orders. People will say it… Continue reading

Conformity and Conditioning. Manipulating humans.

Are you aware that you are conditioned? That is the first thing to ask yourself, not how to be free of your conditioning. You may never be free of it, and if you… Continue reading

Authority (Reposted from Issue No.6 of Liberty Magazine Oct. 15, 1881)

Every Issue of anarchist Benjamin Tucker’s journal Liberty magazine, spanning the years 1881-1908 can be found @¬† Each issue is only four pages long, but the insights and relevance of the coercive dominance… Continue reading

Deconstructing Meaning

In this world, meaning hides all over, but for us humans, meaning is found solely in our language. We cannot think without language. We cannot see without language, in the respect that we… Continue reading

Social Contract?

At some point during everyone’s lives, mine not included, they must have been taken aside and given some sort of contract that stipulated to them that since they were lucky enough to be… Continue reading

Intelligence: Where did it go?

There was a time long ago, when the word intelligence had a meaning. The man who embodied that meaning was special and unique, a head above the rest. He saw the world differently.… Continue reading

One of the Few (Pink Floyd Lyrics from Final Cut)

When you’re one of the few to land on your feetWhat do you do to make ends meet?(Teach)Make ’em mad, make ’em sad, make ’em add two and twoOr make ’em me or… Continue reading

More from Mike Rozeff: Are you a Human Being, a Natural Person, or an Employer?

Kerry Lee raises a good question. What if Hobby Lobby, which is being forced to supply contraceptives by Obamacare, were not a corporation but a proprietorship where there is no corporate veil? Which… Continue reading

30 Days on a Raw Milk Fast

Experimentation with action. Experimentation with results. Experimentation with input, should equate into a differentiation in output. I have done all sorts of things with/to my body, hoping for the right combination, subtraction, addition,… Continue reading

Abortion, Life, Meaning, and Freedom. An Individualist’s Perspective.

This world and how people have sought to define the hierarchy of life, and whose rules matter most, has always thrilled me when the arguments come about on the subject of abortion. The… Continue reading