Unquestioned Accepted Truths?

How many concepts, ideas, truths that are thrown about in everyday acceptance do you challenge or question even for a moment? Do you ever put yourself in the mind of a child and try to remember what it was like having to trust that what all these adults were telling him were in his best interest? How is that from that initial trust in “authorities” as a child that we grew up to trust what came out of those mouths that call themselves authorities too?

Why is it that the child is not supposed to question what the teacher is saying to him? Why is he not allowed to talk as the teacher fills his trusting, naive mind with all sorts of propaganda on how he should behave and act and solve problems? Do you even think about the process and how frustrating for the child it must be when he has all sorts of questions, namely who is this person telling him what to do, and yet he must suppress those urges and questions? What does that tell you how he will grow? How is it that kids can possibly understand correctly the definition of things, or even the concept of freedom here in this country, when they are told this country is the freest in the world, but they have to go to school, cannot question, talk about guns or even have play guns, disagree in a excited manner, or they or their parents can be arrested? What do contradictions of those sort do to the development of the child’s mind, as well as his psyche?

Do you ever question or examine or find it weird that all the things the government says that we need: school, college, pay taxes, war, are things that they all have their hands in, and we all accept as basic foundational truths? Sure knowing how to read, how to do math, how to understand language usage and define concepts are all important to the growth of one’s understanding: BUT WHAT THE FUCK DOES GOVERNMENT HAVE TO DO WITH LEARNING?  Why does the government care whether I go to college or not? Oh yeah, they care now because they are in the college loan business. They want to make sure you get out there and understand how important it is to have a job so you can give them money with no hope for getting anything back in return. Look at it this way, if money was not so important, if material goods were not worshipped, then why would I give a fuck whether or not there were roads that the government supplies? Its a giant mind fuck. Why is it that we are told the government must make war in order to protect us? Is there a business side of war that is profitting others that they do not reveal in a public manner? Does the government create our wars or is it us the public who gets other countries mad at us? Why do people have to be killed and countries bombed in order to make a point? Is this really constructive problem solving by adults or is this how people who grow up angry, possessive, power hungry and abusive solve problems? Why is the phrase, “death and taxes,” so widely accepted? Do you really understand what taxes are meant to be? Do you ever say, “Heyyy, wait a minute, they are not giving me anything in return for this money I give them, so you know what, fuck them, they are not getting another dime?”

Do you see any other things in the world that you accept like a robot, eager to get on with your day, your mundane routine existence, hoping that the cage around you wont grow tighter and leave you to rot in the cell you yourself created with your ignorance?