Opting out of Taxes: Quit Enslaving Your Self


Today I finally realized a great truth. I had recently joined a specialized gym where I belong, that was neither crossfit, strength training or just one of those treadmill factories for fatties that seem to be on every corner. It was a gym that supposedly specifies in functional movement patterns and promises results based upon their movement pattern screenings. Well, before I “joined” I explained to them that what I needed exactly to happen was to fix a pain that has constantly arisen in my lower back, more precisely my SI Joint, as well as a tight hip, that seems to be a side effect or a cause of the other. So my point is that I am there to fix something. There is true purpose in that I have what they want, money, and they have what I want, the supposed skills to fix my pain. However, I am forced to sign a minimum 3 month contract, with a one month “trial” membership, that really isn’t what it says it is, because it is really just a cheaper first month. Either way, I am eager to get to work on my conditioning, and I jump in, eating up what I hope will correct my pain in the future. Well, everything seems to be going great, no pain, I am making some gains, taking it slowly at first, until they begin to push me a bit.

Now, I am no noob when it comes to strength training, myofascial release, self massage, or muscle anatomy, so everything they are telling me I am constantly double checking the internet to make sure what they are telling me has some basis. Well, finally, bam, the SI Joint pain comes back. I tell them how frustrated I am that it is back, even though the program they designed for me was supposed to fix this. Now, I also understand that there is a lot that goes into understanding where and how pain originates, but also know I am giving these guys a large share per month in order for them to strive to help me fix this mess. Well, their solution is to lay off a few bent over exercises, but to try to continue some upper body exercises. I am able to go through 2 more exercise sessions, before the pain becomes too unbearable and I fear I am at another dead-end.

3 Months goes by, and they misdiagnose me with tight psoas, poor muscle memory in my hip flexor, and I put a halt to the last month of membership. It is important to know that I only attended 4 days of my second month, in pain because of their program, their lack of attention to details, and still paid in full.

I went over my typical symptoms with them during that last month, hip pain, pain shooting down my legs, tight hamstring pain, and they continued to tell me tight psoas. I finally through research found that my exact symptoms were piriformis syndrome. After 4 days of stretching my piriformis exclusively, and working on strengthening my transverse abdominis, the pain lifted. I have continued to do those exercises everyday for an hour in the morning, and I have never felt better.

The issue is that they say I signed a contract with them, that I owe them the remaining balance because they are still providing their services. My contention is that they failed to do what I initially sought them for, and that they even exacerbated my condition, creating a longer period of time I had to deal with the pain. They didn’t live up to the services I sought them for. Their only recourse is through a law that says a contract was signed, a law which exists in a country where its people are bound to pay money (called taxes) that is meant to benefit them but does nothing of the sort.

My logic is this: If I go work hard for money, then I am going to use that money in transactions that only benefit me and in products that serve to be valuable to me. No one is going to tell me I must give them money if they do not first exactly specify what they plan on giving me for my money, and then if they fail in their side of the transaction and their product no longer has a benefit to me, then the cash spigot is turned off. Why would I work hard for my money just to throw it away for the benefit of others?

What is the purpose of accountability for this gym? How are they accountable to their members if they make them sign an agreement that they cannot get out of, besides a medical note? Each month they should be up for a review by each individual to see if the service the trainers are doing is still living up to its merits. If it is not, then the member should have the ability to opt out, or renegotiate the payment as he sees fit. If the cost was 300$ a month, and the member feels he is only receiving a service worth 50$ a month, then maybe the trainers need to rethink how they do business. Yet, when they have contracts based on coercion, how do they assess their own services if no one can stop payment?

Sure, the fat people are losing weight, because they are going to the gym. The fatties are seeing results all over, including confidence, because they are growing stronger, but anyone can achieve results through repetition. What about the fatties though, once they realize their main problems lie in hip pain and lower back pain, because as being overweight has caused them to put too much pressure on the outsides of their feet, thus resulting in over pronation which pulls all the leg and hip muscles out of whack. They look good, which they love, but they are in pain, and because they are in pain, and typically don’t know how to articulate this pain to the trainers, continue to go the gym but also continue to assert faulty movement patterns. They think they are getting better, when in fact they are getting worse.

The government does the same thing. With taxes, the people are supposed to be purchasing something of value. The original idea was that they were receiving a service or services for their money. Somewhere along the line the government realized that they could make people pay them money infinitely. People would pay them whatever they told them to pay them because the government made it mandatory to pay them….OR ELSE.

Where is the accountability? Does accountability even exist anymore on a macro-level? I know for a fact that it exists on a micro-level, because as an independent business owner, my clients do not sign a contract, but if they are not happy with my work, attitude, whatever, then they will take their business elsewhere, and if they do that I realize I must make changes to how I do business.

Originally government existed on a very small scale, meant to handle the affairs of defense, and minimal public affairs. Yet, the government has grown to such a colossal mega lord, where everyone knows someone in it, that it has become this giant waste of money. How can government employees be accountable if they are in positions they cannot be fired from? How can teachers really teach anything of any value if they have no one to fire them? What is their incentive? Why does the government care if it wastes money on defense, parties, vacations, large construction projects of no value–if it knows you’ll just pay them more next year?

Why is that jail is such a bad thing that people say, “Well, I would rather waste my time (which is what I do when I give away my money in the form of taxes) and be “free,” than be enslaved and waste my time in a jail cell?” Does that statement  make more sense than 2+2=5? I am pretty sure this life we are in now, where there is no accountability except to the individuals is not a “free life,” but merely a life that is lived in a larger cage than the ones prisoners live in. But we are all still prisoners.

As yearly budget reports are written, loans are asked for, repayment schedules drawn up, the gym owners go to the bank and present them with  their list of coercively extracted monetary figures they can COUNT on for the next fiscal year. The bank loves this type of reporting because they can relate, as they coercively extract money on a yearly basis from its monetary members as well. Either way, the money that is owed to this gym is the basis for how the gym can get more money in loans.

The government does the same thing. It calculates on a yearly basis what it EXPECTS from taxes, and that looks at how much money it WANTS to spend, and then tries to bridge the gap with more taxes. Forget that the roads they build are shit and could be done much better and cheaper from a private level. Forget that home schooling creates much more questioning, intelligent, happy and independent children when compared with its wasteful spending violence breeding counterpart in public schools. Who cares evidently that your tax money funds the biggest terrorists in the world in the form of the amerikkan government, who not only creates bullies in children by themselves bullying every other country on the planet, but because they create an atmosphere of “acceptable violence” (that taxpayers fund), it creates a population IQ that functions on a very remedial level.

Please tell me, what exactly do you get back for your money? Security? Why you mean you are given security from a government that was the sole cause of the fear in the first place? Wow. That is quite the business model: Lets spend money creating fear, and then we need more money to shore up that fear. Win win I guess if you are a lying thieving murderer with no ethics, no view towards a pure life.

Your money allows these murdering thieving liars to create even smaller cages for you by allowing them to create more mayhem, and then because of said mayhem they then need to create more laws to restrict you from doing anything, when in fact the only laws that need be created are the ones to keep the government from doing stuff, since they are supposedly the ones who have your money.

So, if they keep getting away with taking more and more of your time, ie, money, and tightening the space you’re allowed to move, and restricting what you can do, why do you keep doing it???? Why do you people continue to allow your masters to build bigger and better cages for your entrapment?


Who is being accountable to whom here? What must you do to break these monotonous routine patterns of enslavement? QUIT GIVING PEOPLE MONEY THAT DO NOT GIVE YOU SOMETHING YOU WANT IN RETURN. OPT OUT OF TAXES: QUIT ENSLAVING YOURSELF.

Life is about love of all creatures, reciprocity, seeing the beauty in life, retribution, if it must happen, confidence, accountability, embracing the unknown, sitting alone with eyes closed feeling the breath of life enter your being, and not letting others take advantage of you. Be strong. Fuck Authority, there is no Authority greater than your SELF.