fuck libertarianism, its egoism we’re after….Im back?

man. the process to finding the self has been a zigzagging journey that began with a refusal to do what i was told from the time i was younger, through a rocky road of drug abuse and alcoholism, to giving that up, to finding libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism to finally egoism, the end of a long journey, that in turn begins all over again. everything begins with the self, thought, action, reflection, meaning, value. i wish i wish i wish there were still those individuals out there i could digress with into long 48 hour conversations over expresso, talking of how meaning develops in ones life, the stages of life and how we truly come to understand this world around us. where has the individual gone? for those who have not yet read it please, there is one book and one book alone: The Ego and His Own. Max Stirner. The companion book for this is Max Stirners Dialectical Egoism: A New Interpretation by John Welsh. John goes into great deal of helping to explain the various thought processes behind Stirner and those who came form same time frame, as well as placing Hegel in there as well.

But look around you, where would, where could you have possibly found this information other than here? The media? From friends? The internet? Where would you have even started? This whole world has been so brainwashed and propagandized away from any sort of self-seeking its a wonder that in the early 1900’s there was actually a newspaper, called the Egoist, that actually had readers, discussed the self and its place in the world, discussed Max Stirner, and was written by a woman no doubt!!! The EGOIST can be found here: ALL BACK ISSUES. please take the time to go through it, nostalgia non withstanding its a brilliant read! I say woman in shock because I always thought, wrongly of course, that the egoist mind, the realm of man who knows all comes from the self, was a realm just for men, as men seemed to be the more independent, less feely feely creatures! But my I was wrong!!

Its high time we got back to the sharing of our selfs with other selfs, to an intellectual discourse that starts by saying I think…

Sorry Ive been away so long…there is no pleasure greater to me than the writing of the thoughts in my mind.