Gary North and his connection to contradictory thinking.


Gary North is a genius. Let me get that out of the way right off. His work on libertarian capitalistic economic theory is top notch. I read him whenever I get the chance. But, as with all of the world today who is incapable of putting together a rigid system of thought, a thought discipline if you will, at some point even their most genius of writings (thoughts) tends to move towards contradiction if you study it closely.

Gary’s most recent writing on is The Mob is Sickening, or How Snowden’s revelations have strengthened the NSA. Now before I get into the total genius of this article, how there is not one thing that North gets wrong in his break down of the mass mind, let me review what my systematic thought process is all about: Each person is born into this world (that lives that is), and in today’s world, maybe only 1 out of every million (best case scenario) gets a chance to achieve any sort of independent, original outlook. Why is this? Well it is because from day one the child is told how and why to behave, not given the chance to learn for himself to learn from his mistakes and to create his own path of success. Public education, and I believe this includes private education as well with the assimilation of curriculums, has become the norm for the masses, that no one seeks to question its efficacy at creating thought-using humans, and that people are not being educated but rather programmed. The difficulty that comes with programming people like robots is that what is important is told to them, rather than each having a chance to figure out his individual needs and desires. Desires, anti-desires, frustrations, anger, jealousy, are all what are programmed into the people, whether children or adults, programming goes on no matter what age or education level. So what is mean to occur here, at rathbonezvizionz, is to give the readers a chance to see how they have been programmed and what steps they can take to deprogram themselves, if that is even a realizable chance at the stage they find their self? How can man consider him self a man if he is a tool, a slave operated and manipulated by others. A puppet even released from his strings is still a puppet, useless, unless he can move on his own free will. So from a biblical point of view, a moral point of view of value, of aliveness, of meaning, how is each new person that is born, how is he really alive if he is only going to be turned into a tool for others to use. Because it is not like he is going to be raised with choice? His parents have been turned into tools and they thus see having a “child” as a tool they can use, which others can use, and they know this because their parents were tools that used them as tools. They will send their kids off to school, off to be trained, because the parents have to work, because that is what they have been trained to believe is their value while they are here on this earth, and while the kids are being trained so the parents can work, the kids get trained and told how to behave in order to understand their value on this earth is not individualized but massifized, because if it was individualized they would be treated as individuals rather than placed in classrooms and taught to as a group, as though all 5 year olds are the same. Has the double speak invaded even the minds of those who profess to use their own minds to such a point that kind-of-alive can now be meant for fully alive? This god that people talk so mightily about, do they really, i mean REALLY, believe that his purpose for each man is to be a brainwashed idiot, incapable of self-reflection, incapable of questioning, incapable of real communication, yet capable of only being a tool for those who understand how to manipulate them? Think on those, as those questions should be meditated on by every person who believes in individuality anyways, on a daily, hourly basis. The key to living is to know what you are, then live accordingly. It surely doesn’t mean to think you know what you are, to act according to ideals that have been implanted in your mind that has told you what you are but you have done zero searching to verify that fact. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE????!!!??? And if you cannot answer that question, even begin to answer that question, have no idea how to answer any question, then what has really been your point here? On to Gary North. His article begins:

It has been a year since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA.

I appreciate what Snowden did. His decision to leak the stolen documents has done the conservative movement an enormous favor. It has blown to smithereens the greatest single myth of conservatism: “If the American people knew about this, there would be an uprising.” No, there wouldn’t.

Here is a variation: “If the voters knew what is being done to them by the Conspiracy, they would throw out the conspirators at the next election.” No, they wouldn’t.

I have heard variants of these arguments for 50 years. Conservatives don’t learn. They think that by exposing the Bad Guys, they will defeat the Bad Guys. They’re wrong.

Snowden has proven, as no one in my era has better proved, that exposure of the Bad Guys in government has no negative effect on them.

If exposure does come, and the public does nothing to thwart the hidden Bad Guys, then the Bad Guys no longer have to worry about further exposure. It will be old news. At this point, they can do even more to secure their position of power. The pressure blows over. There may be a time of bad publicity, but this does not change anything fundamental.

So, let me sum up so far what Gary North has written. Edward Snowden has told the public the truth, that the government, and ALL those involved with the government are liars, thieves, manipulators and they will continue to do this over and over again by spying on everyone, and that no matter what, Edward Snowden represents the truth, and the masses choose the opposite everytime, and will go to such lengths to choose the opposite, that they will fight, vote, and defend them at every chance they get by giving them a third of their income, letting them have custody of their children, and even giving them their kids to fight for them in wars. What is it exactly that North means by: If exposure does come, and the public does nothing to thwart the hidden Bad Guys, then the Bad Guys no longer have to worry about further exposure. AND There may be a time of bad publicity, but this does not change anything fundamental. It means that the public has reached a point that you could tell them through common core mathematics that 2+2=5, and there is so much contradictions, that they would believe it. And since they will believe that, they will also believe that lies are truth, that war is peace, that day is night. What is the fundamental principle that will never change, no matter how much truth is splayed in front of everyone’s face? The people are no longer alive, have been walking abortions since they were brought onto this earth, and that they are individual’s enemies, freedom’s enemies, gigantic roadblocks to a beautiful place to live, not creations of an empathetic all-loving god, but scientific creations, body snatchers that suck the logic and the aliveness out of those last few remaining alive people on the earth.

He goes on to write:


Glenn Greenwald is the reporter who blew the NSA’s cover by reporting on the revelations of Edward Snowden in June 2013. Today, about a year after his first story appeared in the Guardian, he has written a book about the event.

Has the NSA’s budget been reined back from $50 billion a year to, say, $25 billion a year? No. It is nice that we learned that the NSA’s budget is $50 billion a year, but it is completely irrelevant in terms of doing anything about it. Congress is still paying the money, and the NSA is still spending it.

Has the spying center in Utah been shut down? No. It is going to come online as promised. It has all kinds of snafus associated with it, as any government bureaucracy does. But Congress has in no way reined it in. The public has not demanded that Congress rein it in.

Is there any indication of a mass political movement inside either of the two political parties to bring the NSA under control, let alone abolish it? No. The public doesn’t care one way or the other. All the public needs to know is that the NSA is stopping terrorism, and the rest of it is irrelevant. The public says A-OK. No problem.

Has the public adopted encryption systems for e-mail? No. Greenwald talks about the fact that, when Snowden first contacted him, he refused to encrypt his own e-mail. That was what Snowden required. Greenwald admits he didn’t know anything about encrypting e-mail. He makes the obvious point that almost no reporters ever encrypt their e-mail.

Here’s the reality: nobody cares. The NSA now knows this. It can issue its denials. Nobody in Congress is going to call the NSA’s bluff. The only way to stop a bureaucracy is to cut its funding, and there is no attempt in Congress to cut the NSA’s funding. I don’t think this is simply because Congressmen know that they can be blackmailed forever by the NSA. I’m sure they can be. But I think the basic reason is this: the voters back home don’t care. If the voters don’t care, and Congress is dealing with a massive bureaucracy that defends itself in terms of protecting the public against terrorism, then why take the political risk? There is no positive political payoff, and there is potentially a serious series of negative political payoffs.

Around the world, it is getting cheaper and cheaper to monitor people’s movements. In major cities, but especially London, there are surveillance cameras everywhere. Nobody cares.

The longer the procedures go on, the less likely there is any possibility of reversing them. The tradition is accepted. The practices become customary. They become part of our basic acceptance.

That which we do not think about is immune from reform, let alone abolition. If we don’t think about it, the bureaucrats have free rein.

This is all very key information that Gary is sharing with us, because it is not just a financial accounting of the NSA, it is not merely a look at obedience of the sheeple that is at play here, but this is a look at behaviorism, a glimpse into the miniscule minds of automatons, a viewing of how large the attention deficit really is on a global scale and that magic tricks are being performed without the beauty of illusion, there are disappearing acts occurring everywhere and no one is open-eyed and no is furious at all about the disappearance of their fabric of reality. It is a study of behaviorism for the fact that if we know that people do not care about political lies (everything politicians say), political murder (war, cops killing people, imprisonment), political theft (taxes, inflation, medicare, social security), we must look at what is it that these people do care about, and do those cares indeed validate their lives? They get more angry at dropped calls on their cell phones than taxes. They get more upset at a 20 cent increase in their gas prices than what Snowden revealed about the NSA. People care more about the prices at McDonald’s and what is on television, than the fact that the police are not here to protect and serve and can kill them at any time they wish and get away with it, legally. People care more about sex, with others and themselves, than they do with the fact that politicians and the cops do not adhere to the actual constitution (they have no idea what is really in the constitution.)They are more attuned to the fact that Donald Sterling called black people black than the fact that black people are really black. They believe the most insensitive thing in washington dc is the fact that in today’s day and age (whatever that means) the football team can use the racist(?) name Redskins, than they are to the fact that they want the very government that killed and made indians march across the country from their homes, to be the ones to force the Redskins to change their name? When people want something to happen, or not happen–they say stuff like: “The government should make that illegal; We should just bomb em til they agree; Cops are just doing their jobs; Whats wrong with THIS economy; When THE ECONOMY bounces back; They said this, and they said that…” etc…etc…Blacks talk about how cool it is that a black guy finally got to be president, is really all they are concerned with, more than the fact that this black president has done more than any other president combined to further enslave his own black people (ie, more welfare, more unemployment dollars, which creates further zombies, further parasites of this colored race). Blacks are more concerned with celebrating holidays, than with questioning what those holidays mean, ie, blacks celebrating the 4th of July, celebrating when the country was born, which was when they were picking our cotton, celebrating thanksgiving, which was when a bunch of white folk were celebrating the death of indians, and the awesome fact that blacks had to do all their work for free, or they would get the lash. But most of all, all races of all people, do not question the fact that children are being squeezed into the overcrowded bullying factories where kids learn to suppress their own thoughts, assimilate their attitudes to the norm, follow orders, and become a statistic rather than a person. People, or those things that look like people do not question their surroundings because of the number one rule of behaviorism: Routine. Those in power understand routine, and when you understand routine, you know that it is the central force of action. Get people to accept the routine that 1. They need shit. 2. In order to get the shit they need, they need money. 3. In order to get money, they gotta work. 4. In order to work, they need a job. 5. Money overrules all. 6. In order to have shit, cannot be in jail, so must follow rules made by others, do as they say, be their bitch, so can have and play with shit. 7. Keep doing same shit over and over again because that is what everyone else does. So people care about routine. People care about stuff. People care about not being hurt. People care about stuff they can hold. Freedom is not something they can hold. It has no value for them, because they cannot put a monetary value on it. Would they rather have freedom or a corvette? Would they rather have freedom or a place to live? What is freedom? They do not care. They just want to be able to eat their food, masturbate, and watch television.

If you read any Robert Higgs, specifically Crises and Leviathan, he says that once a government program is created it will not be dismantled, it will always be there, it may change names, but that program will never be removed. Gary North says the exact same thing here, yet he is referring to attitudes, when he says:

The longer the procedures go on, the less likely there is any possibility of reversing them. The tradition is accepted. The practices become customary. They become part of our basic acceptance.

That which we do not think about is immune from reform, let alone abolition. If we don’t think about it, the bureaucrats have free reign.

Life goes on, or rather, for the mindless robots, anti-life goes on. Keep restricting them into ever-smaller spaces, ever smaller spaces, and one day when they wake up in a 5×5 pen they will be accepting of it, won’t even question how they ended up in a prison cell, because they didn’t do anything wrong! It will be their accepted lot, they will make a life out of it, they will exist and learn to like it, even if by that time their minds will have no need for thought, they will be pure automation, although I do not see much difference now.

He continues, using the IRS to set the tone:


The day that the American public accepted the income tax was the day that they surrendered their financial liberty. Whether they knew this at the time is irrelevant today. The fact is, the federal government says it has the right to monitor every single financial transaction that we make, and nobody objects. This is true virtually all over the world. The public accepts the idea of the income tax, and the income tax is inherently a grant of privilege to the state to investigate every aspect of our lives. We have to prove, in an IRS court, that we did not make the amount of money that the IRS says that we made. The only reason we are allowed to submit our IRS tax forms is to assert a claim that the IRS has to challenge in court when it assesses our taxes. The IRS goes along with us most of the time. It figures we’re scared to death, and will not lie too much. It figures correctly. The IRS can confiscate our bank accounts at any time, and we have to prove that the IRS has made a mistake. The burden of proof is on us. Common law does not govern the IRS.

When the IRS can do this, why should we worry about the NSA? When we have surrendered this much authority to the IRS, why should we care that the NSA monitors our e-mails? Compared to monitoring all of our financial transactions, the monitoring of our e-mails is nickel and dime stuff. Nobody cares.

The public surrendered its liberty on the issue of privacy when it accepted the government’s official statement in 1913 the 16th amendment had been passed. It had not been legally passed, but this was irrelevant, because the federal government wanted it to be passed. The United States government announced that it had been passed. From that point on, privacy in principle disappeared in the United States.

This is why the NSA is not going to be in any way hampered by Edward Snowdon, except in terms of bad publicity. But bad publicity does not lead to a change of congressional policy, especially with respect to the budget of the NSA. So, the NSA is going to get away with it, just as it has always gotten away with it.

If anything, Snowden has helped the NSA. Why is that? Because now it is clear that the public really doesn’t care. The NSA has been able to weather the storm with no problem in terms of its budget, which means that the NSA now has carte blanche, and Congress knows it. The public knows it to the extent that the public cares, but really the public doesn’t care.

The NSA now has full rein over every aspect of our privacy. A year has gone by, and nothing has changed. This is a grant of legitimacy to the NSA that it did not have before Snowden’s revelations. Before, the NSA worked in secrecy from the public. Now the NSA knows that the worst possible light can be thrown on the NSA’s activities, and nothing is done to roll back the NSA. It has survived Snowdon’s revelations, and now it can continue without any major threat to its operations.

I’m glad that Snowden did what he did, because I wanted to hear evidence that backed up what James Bamford wrote about the NSA over two decades ago. It was nice to see that Bamford’s warning was validated by Snowden’s relations. But nobody cared about Bamford’s book, and nobody really cares about Snowden’s revelations — not enough to cut the NSA’s budget.

Snowden’s revelations serve as a mirror. We looked into the mirror, and we saw what manner of people we are. We just don’t care. We didn’t care in 1913, so why should we care today?

Gary North nails every observation here.  If people will accept that one-third of their money is the government’s, even though the government takes more than that with inflation, the people continue to allow to have their money taken and more reasons added for why it must be taken, then there is nothing they cannot have justified to them for their existence. I just love seeing all the people around tax time getting all their records together, making sure they have every last receipt, every last business dinner recorded, so that they could show their masters that it was all ok! Imagine the craziness they would perform if they NSA would do an email audit, and they would be checking for political correctness! The old adage, when you give someone an inch, they will take a mile, is not even equivalent in what the government has taken from its supporters. In 1913, when the tax amendment took effect, the people would have no idea what their future generations were in store for. It was a slavery unlike any of the coloreds could ever imagine. It was a defamation of the character of humans, a re-imagining of the way coercion would work. But once you give a boss power, he will take whatever he wants, and the people have let him do that. The state has taken everything that humanity once had fought so hard for, and it has deconstructed it, taken it apart, and destroyed all but a few threads. These people do not care anymore, are incapable of caring, incapable of fighting back, because they are not individuals who know how to fight back. The only fighting they will do is for money or glory. They do not know what principles are, nor that they should be fought for, killed for, and died for. WE did not look in any mirror Gary, no one looks in a mirror, for that would mean a search to recognize what the individual has become. Individuals look in mirrors, but whole masses, a mass cannot decide to look in a mirror. If it did it would only see a mass, a nullified faceless identity that has a weight and takes up space but in reality is nothing. Robots, zombies, the dead are beings that do not care. Alive human beings fight back. Alive human beings do not embrace their captors and enrich them.

Gary concludes:


Until the voters’ minds change regarding big government, exposure of major infringements on our liberties has no effect in rolling back the state.

If voters accept the interventionist state, they are glad to hear about the Bad Guys. “They are making us safer.” “They are protecting us from terrorists.” “We need them.” “The loss of our privacy is the price of liberty. It’s worth paying.”

The variant regarding the NSA: “If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.”

“Your papers, please. You have nothing to fear if you have not done anything wrong.”

This assumes that the state is benign. It assumes that the state only goes after bad guys.

There has been no uprising of the American people to defend their privacy.

If you think I am exaggerating, I have two words for you: Lindsey Graham.

Now, the NSA can really get busy. “No more Mr. Nice Guy.”

The only thing that can roll this back is a budget crisis. To think that anything else can roll it back is naïve. Budget cuts can do it; nothing else can. It is going to take the fiscal crisis of the federal government to roll the system back. Nothing else will.

The voters minds will never change Gary. Why? Because they lack critical thinking skills and their minds do not lead them, they only allow them to follow. They have not been programmed with the effective skills to question, to confront and to act. They are faced with constant contradictions, as the tv tells them that the government is always trying, Obama is black and smiles, they must be politically correct and not say bad stuff against smiling black guy in white house who likes sports and killing foreigners, police brutality, but they know cops are good people and are there to protect them, the country is in debt, they don;t have jobs, but the government gives them money, even though the government is 100 trillion dollars in debt and cannot possibly give anyone any money because it doesn’t have any, but they need money because they have to eat and feed their family, and that people will do anything for money, even if it means imprisoning their friends. But these things, these zombies, these body snatchers behave exactly like Gary says: They believe the state does make them safer, and if they just sit in the comfort of their own homes, and do nothing wrong, pay their taxes, speak nice about all people, talk like robots, then they believe there is nothing to worry about. And that is what their “lives” have come down to. Nothing.

Gary says that, “it is going to take a fiscal crisis of the federal government to roll the system back, and nothing else will.” You are wrong Gary. Not breeding anymore of these robots will be a good start.

Which brings me to Gary’s contradiction. In Gary’s book, When Justice is Aborted, as well as his general mantra, he believes that God says abortion is wrong, that it is murder. Murder of whom? You know that if you have read my thoughts on abortion, here, that I believe the abortions that are created by stealing the new born’s mind, and programming him into a thoughtless robot, is a far worse murder than killing the robot in the womb. If I read Gary correctly in his article that I just went over, about how the masses do not care for their liberties being taken, do not care that the politicians lie, steal and murder, then what is the murder that is occurring when an abortion is performed. I figure one less body snatcher born the better. Does Gary really mean that he wants more mindless automatons running around stealing the air, the food, the space, and doing nothing as the state tightens the nooses around our necks, the vices around our heads, the cuffs around our wrists, the shackles around our legs, and the tentacles in our brains?

From the description of the book:

This is a major question facing Christians today, all over the world. Informed Christians know that abortion is nothing less than state-legalized murder. They also know that it is not God-legalized murder. If God says that murder is immoral and illegal in His law book, then what are Christians supposed to do? How far should they go in protesting against abortion?
In this book, Gary North argues that Christians must go to the limit of the law in challenging abortion. The question is: Whose law? God’s law or the humanist state’s law? 
This question is now dividing the Christian community in American. There is no agreement about God’s law. There is little awareness by Christians of the actual meaning of the state’s law in a world that believes in the religion of evolution. Finally, Christians have very little understanding of the relationship between God’s law and man’s law, between God’s requirements and the state’s. Abortion in now bringing this crisis in understanding into the open.
There is no halfway house between life and death. There is no middle ground in the abortionist’s office. The baby either lives or dies. There is not way to reach a politically acceptable compromise between the pro-life and pro-death movements.

Why is it that the MAJOR QUESTION facing christians today has to do with abortion? Do christians have no other issues they should be facing today, nothing else in their worlds are going on that deserves their attention other than the abortion question? Are these same christians who are concerned with abortions, or who should be concerned with abortions, a part of the conservative movement and they keep voting for candidates who murder people the world over and steal from their constituency? Are these same christians the ones who turn a blind eye to their murdering governments? Killing a baby that is not even born yet should not even be in their top 1000 concerns. What these so-called bible worshippers should be concerning themselves with is taking the country back and re-instituting the original constitution, at a minimum, and getting people to use their minds, pay more attention to their own business, and making sure that they understand how to define abstract concepts such as “alive” before they concern themselves with the meaning of abortion. Gary talks about using the LAW here, and he wonders which law, god’s or human’s? Well, the things that exist now are not humans, but automatons, and dude, there is no god, if there was this shit hole wouldn’t be populated with robots.

Gary does a thoughtful job with his posts on deconstructing the ambivalence towards the surveillance on the population of the world. But he fails to come to any serious concrete confrontational conclusion. At a minimum, from a strictly libertarian perspective, which I would hope Gary is, since he posts on which is a libertarian website, these zombies, this mass of population is in violation of the NAP, because their inaction creates strife against me, violates my space, violates my rights. Their inaction causes more and more people to be murdered the world over. But are those people that the governments, the state murders, are THEY really being murdered if they are not alive? Gary does not go deep enough. He does not follow the road far enough, does not have good enough vision to peer into his observations and estimate all the far reaching ramifications that can come from a non-thinking population. Does murder even exist against a people that no longer has the power of reason? Those of us who still have the mental faculties of philosophizing upon these ponderables are the only ones who can come up with modes of action. We all will die one day, until that day, we must make sure that our character is the constant, that our minds are focused and full of discipline, and that we are for one thing only, and that is freedom for those who can appreciate it. Worrying about a future generation that has not taken a breath, worrying about christians and gods in a godless, decaying, mindless world is the least of our pressing concerns. Ridding the world of masters, of rules, of laws, coercion, and parasites, should be all we are fighting for, until every last one of our swords is stained with the blood from their necks.