Race Relations: A Study in Discrimination

Recently, the analysis that has come about and the outrage that has followed the comments the LA Clippers owner made in regard to his opinion of who he wants at his basketball games shed a light on the value of discrimination that has disappeared from the fabric of society. This situation also has caused such a stir amongst the media, who consider themselves to be the molders and framers of public opinion, that one man’s views on who he likes and who he doesn’t like has overshadowed what is really important in the world, which is that people should pay more attention to their own affairs, rather than being caught up in the affairs of others. Several of the key factors that are overlooked in this false world of race relations is that:

1. Individuals can dislike other people for any reason they wish. Typically people who don’t like black people, dislike the value (or rather the lack of values) that blacks stand for, their willingness to sell out any sort of principles they have so they can be accepted, and the fact that blacks are the largest segment here in america that is not only unproductive, but lacks any sort of personal individual initiative, responsibility, makes up a large piece of the parasitic class, and look outside themselves in a search for answers to their problems, rather than concentrating upon what each may do in order to rise up against the problems they find in the colorful world.

2. The owner of the Clippers says that he does not want his girlfriend bringing, “African Americans or blacks” to his basketball games. He owns the team. If he values the worth of his own company, which I believe he does, as he has turned around this team, from a once bottom-dweller in the league, which was a consistent loser year in and year out, into a title contender, which the fans have embraced, then he will do what he must do to continue to keep his team successful, if he so wishes. It is his team to run as he sees fit, and if the fans want to punish him by not going to the games, and the players want to punish him by not playing hard, then the only one who suffers is in fact the Clippers owner. He will feel the “sanctions” of the league in his pocket, and what bigger “sanction” could there be than a loss of money. He owned this team when nobody watched them, and it was him that was patient and built them into what they are now. If he wants to only have whites in the audience, then that is his choice. He has no obligation to anyone else but himself.

3. Those who have spoken out on this issue, treat this as an entire societal issue, where the basis for equality is that ALL races are equal, and somehow seem to not consist of the individuals that make up the races themselves. I hate every “race” equally, but every once in a while, I will be surprised and find that there is an individual, regardless of his color, religion, of where he is from, that I find intriguing and who separates himself from the multitude and thinks for his self, and sees the value of being more than just a number. But when taken cumulatively, each race has its flaws, and if we take all the races and combine them together into one word and call them “society,” then they are viewed how they wish to be viewed, which is equally as one whole bunch of moronic, thieving murderous slaves that cannot act by themselves without the permission of those who act as their bosses.

4. There was once a time in the business world when a person could open up a specialty shop and tailor his business to a certain segment of the world. The businessman found a niche, whether it was rich jews, blonde women, smokers, drinkers, heroin users, diamond wearers, meat eaters, vegetarians, nigger haters, gay lovers, whatever. It was the idea of discriminating and choosing to service this small percentage of the population that was his dream. He opened his business because he saw that the rest of the world would not want his products, or because he did not want to deal with the rest of the population. Whatever his reasons, they were his, and those reasons were no one else’s business but his. If his business did not take off because of his narrow vision, then the loss of capital would be his lesson. But he should never have to be FORCED to allow people into his business that he does not want in his business. If I do not like the nigger race as a whole, I cannot be punished into all of a sudden genuinely caring for them. Behavior modification is not going to make me think that all politicians, regardless of color are not thieves, murderers, liars, and pieces of shit that deserve to have their scalps ripped from their heads. Coerced acceptance, whether through governmental schooling, repeated mass media slogans, constant propaganda, and “sanctions”, does not make people understand why it is that they do the things they do, or why it is that they like the things they like.

5. Who is left in this universe that does not think DISCRIMINATION is a negative word? Who is going to read this and appreciate an individual perspective? Are those that read this going to completely miss the logic and reflection inherent in it, and rather only see the prejudicial words and then be unable to hide from the race shame that rises up within their own consciences? People hear the word nigger and they go into empathetic mode and they are aghast wondering what they would think if they had to deal with the shame of being called such a horrendous name. Well, have they ever thought that maybe if they didn’t act like a nigger then they wouldn’t get called a nigger? A thief doesn’t get mad if he steals and gets called out on it? A murderer doesn’t object to being called a murderer? It is those who are most shamed by the word who are probably the ones most guilty of encompassing the true meaning of what they most abhor.

6. People continue to have their opinions, values, and principle guided by others outside of themselves rather than making the tough decisions themselves. The only way to do that is by rejecting their mass consumed education, learning to think for themselves, not having their decisions and actions forced upon them by others (government), not being forced to feel a certain way because their values do not conform to the values of society, not being afraid of being an individual, and fighting back against those that try to force them to be a slave to others rather than a master of their own lives.

The ever racist, lying, murderous, thieving, piece of shit who has been the next “leader” to ruin this country (the world) even further, by constantly sticking his head into issues that have nothing to do with where he should be sticking them (ie, business, sports, or other countries), said this about the Clippers’ owners comments:

“When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk. That’s what happened here,” 

We all will do exactly that dude. We will do exactly that when it comes to YOU (see 252 lies of Obama). Your misunderstanding for economic principles comes out whenever you speak. Your misunderstanding for peace comes out whenever you speak. You do more harm to your “own race” of people with every dollar you steal from them to wage your wars against other races of people around the globe you wish to enslave. Being the year 2014 does not automatically have any bearing upon how people should treat others, but people’s own affection toward others comes from what they see all around them. And what they see all around them is nothing but a bunch of politicians acting like the biggest niggers the world has ever seen, scamming and fleecing those around them so that they can be selfish and take advantage of the power and language that they manipulate and abuse whenever given the opportunity.