Social Contract?

ME_329_SocialContractAt some point during everyone’s lives, mine not included, they must have been taken aside and given some sort of contract that stipulated to them that since they were lucky enough to be here on this planet (even though technically being 1 of a species that consists of 7.50 billion more just like you is hardly lucky), then there were going to be some rules one would have to follow if they were going to make this planet earff a real success. these people were going to have to trust their other “fellow” humans to behave in a sort of “agreed” manner, or this life would surely just be chaos. for some reason, to these mindless social contract signing dimwits, one of the main highlights of this contract was Movement. there needs to be a predictor of movement when people are out and about in the world, hurrying to here, hurrying to there, eager to get this, eager to get back home. namely, people must know when each other is supposed to go and when to stop. when does movement cease, and when are people allowed to move again????

i say i apparently was not included in this homosexual social contract, because i do not stop at signs, i do not wait for lights to tell me when i may proceed, and i do not comprehend how a sign may tell me when it is appropriate for my car to travel at this speed, and then when it is cool to go that speed. and if i do not follow all of these things, other people get quite mad, even if they are not put in this slightest bit of danger at all. even if it is none of their business anyway, especially if i am not harming them. these people will honk their horns at me if i do not stop at the red sign for the predetermined arbitrary 3 seconds. they will honk their horns, scream and yell, and give the middle finger if i run a red light where there are no cars coming from the other direction? people want to fight me for daring to get behind them, in the far left passing lane, and honk my horn while they talk on their cell phone, clueless to an entire world going on around them. or if i pass them in the right lane, and get in front of them, i will somehow get the middle finger, i guess because i should have known that it is not safe to pass in the right lane? i should have just stayed behind them and waited until they either sped up or put their blinker on and then looked in every mirror on their car and then slowly gotten over. i did not sign this contract that says i will put my blinker on even though i am 200 yards ahead of you, accelerating, and it is obvious i am changing lanes. I do not need to alert you all of my every move.

other things that are apparently in this social contract are things like payment and money matters. apparently everyone thinks that for society to work, we must all put our money in banks, even though through fractional reserve banking, fraudulent investments, the ability to hold your money whenever they want, and other worldwide banking disasters have all proven that letting someone else take care of one’s affairs is not the best route to personal, fiscal, and moral responsibility. how else could society function they snort. with that line of reasoning comes the taxation fixation. everyone thinks that if they pay taxes so must you, or me? What makes you so special that you dont have to pony up your money and give it to a bunch of idiots who will pocket it, burn it, spend it on wars, build stupid weapons with it, or fund the police with weapons that they will use to make me pay them money so that they can buy more shit to keep us enslaved. er, why would anyone give other people, who they have no clue who they are money to do whatever they want with, money that i use my mind to make, so that i can buy the things, live the life i have chosen to live? but again, they get mad about these things, many times even will call the authorities to report that their neighbor is suspicious and MAY not be paying his share in society. Or that their neighbor was heard saying that he did not use a bank but instead uses CASH! cash cash cash…people who use cash are looked at as some kind of end of the world prepper, a conspiracy theorist, or just someone who is against the status quo, and by gosh, we can;t have one of those in this assimilated robotic factory of a world. YOU MUST PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE, AS IT SAYS SO IN YOUR CONTRACT.

how would we ever learn to read this social contract, to know our do’s and our don’ts if we had not all beenbound to attend the brainwashing academies we were rounded up into at the age of 4 or 5. YOU MUST ATTEND SCHOOL, OR ELSE. How would we know what to do, know how to act, or anything if it weren’t for all these awesome schools that we HAVE to attend. How did anything ever happen in this world before coercive education! It is for your own good (say the lying, stealing, murdering politicians, that for some reason, no matter how many lies, how much they steal or how many people they slaughter, everyone still feels (?) that they are the best chance we got?). How could I possibly know what my own good would be, that there is an existence called my self, if teachers (really dumb brainless fucks who just want job security and like bossing kids around) keep telling me that the actions I must perform are being performed based solely upon authority, rather than thought-through reason and logic, that I must not question these dictates or else, and that in life we have to do stuff we don’t like, because that’s just the way it is? Try questioning that logic, causing a scene, not attending ever, and I guarantee someone will get envious that you are doing something he feels he has to do, and you are not going to get off so easily, as he surely will call the authorites. life is not meant to be filled with decisions made by individuals. that type of behavior would be unpredictable!!!!! we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control…teacher leave those kids alone….

the anger of the mob. the mob in general, ruling with its emotions, gazing all around with its video cameras, cell phones, facebooks, twitters, announcing to the whole world that it will make this world clean of non-conformity, that the people who discriminate are on their way out, that difference is a bad word, worse even than nigger and homo, that all those who have failed to sign this contract that regulates how one may behave, should be locked up forever, or just drug out into the fields and burned alive.

behavior modification. its what this man-made tax-thieving war-making mindless robotic corporate police state is all about. how do you find meaning in this abyss of life? tell me why you allow others to rule you, to guide you, to mold you before you even know what you are? tell me why you would ever think to sign such a contract, binding your soul to something worse than the devil could ever dream of…..