How children are Murdered every day. An Atrocity.

813Everyone believes him or herself to be something he or she is not. Inflation is everywhere, and it not only matters to money, but also to the masses’ self perceptions! When people look around the world, what is it do you think it is they see? How is it do you think they see? Do you think they see with their eyes? How would they know what it is they are seeing unless they had an understanding of what they were looking for? So that would seem a good place to start. Who and what have people taught you since you were little about what it means to see. I see danger! Wait for the danger to pass, or run and grab a policeman to deal with the danger because we are too wittle to deal wif the dangers on our owns….And what would happen if that isolated fundamental way of seeing became our way of dealing with the world around us? Wouldn’t it create a mode of believing the world was too dangerous for us, that we needed danger specialists to “save us” from all the harsh dangers out there?

But alas, that is one mere example of how the mind can become warped by allowing others (and it really is ALLOWING  if you do not do anything about it) to fill it with a generalized structure of how they see the world, and that they want everyone to see it in the same manner as well. I have always wondered why there is teaching in a general manner rather than an individualized specialty manner. If there is classroom A, filled with 4 children, all 5 years of age, yet child 1 is: 35 pounds, white female, is very quiet, and likes to read; child 2 is indian, male, 37 pounds, loves to build and draw; child 3 is white, aggressive, male 42 pounds, and likes to draw and climb; child 4 is black female, strong and gymnast, 32 pounds. Why would anyone in their right mind want to create a curriculum that feeds the kids generalized information. Why do try to quell the aggressiveness of the high-strung children, bring them down to the level of the passive children, while at the same time, try to raise the level of the children’s’ passiveness to where they interact with other children more. It all seems like an exercise for the grown ups of control, of strength, of how to crush the child’s head without anyone asking any questions (And its really quite genius isn’t it, for the ones who are doing the controlling were once the ones who were controlled, oh my the webs that are woven)? It would be more of a benefit to the children’s meaning, to their passions, to their talents, to their learning, if teaching was done for each child. Each child is different, his and her differences should be cultivated and given room to spread his and her wings!! For 4 hours of the day, a specialized learning environment allows the children to ask non stop questions about his environment, he is given the freedom to come up with observations of the world around him, and based upon his questions and observations, written exercises are specifically tailored–thereby teaching the child the highest form of learning itself: Reflection upon his actions. This way creativity is rewarded. For the other two hours the children are given time to play, to interact if they wish with the other children, yet in games they wish to play. The question building skills they learn early on gives them the confidence to interact with one another, and to try out their theories. Sure the teacher would be there to teach, but it would be to teach them about their surroundings, like the stars, the trees, the topography of the land, listening, interpreting what they see and hear, and how to begin to use logic to draw conclusions about the world.

Correct self-assessments arise from these wonderful interactions for these little individuals. Why, because these children learn to realize that they are indeed an individual and are treated as such, rather than a mass with no opinions of their own or as objects meant to be talked at rather than interacted with. And it is precisely the reason that children are treated like a mass group that they fail when it comes to being able to gauge what they are, how important they are, and what their place is in the world (If the child can not understand meaning or his actions, how is it feasible for the older version of his self to be able to accomplish these calculations). They grow up thinking objects outside of the self are important and that they are a thing meant to have other things, to be adorned by things, to tell other things what to do, and to interact with other things through routine and acceptance. Why is it important to ask a child what he wants to be when he grows up? How damaging does anyone realize this question is? First and foremost, it removes the ever-present which is in the foremost part of the child’s mind, and replaces it with an ever-forward looking to the future, to something which causes stress. Then it places in the child’s mind an importance upon money, upon stability, status, and security and family. How is a child, who is treated like a group, rather than individual, who has not been given the skills HOW to think through games and logic, but has had his head filled with WHAT TO THINK, through authority, submission, and humiliation, supposed to have any conception of not only the future, but upon abstract concepts such as safety, security, freedom, and money? As if that is not enough, to bring in parents to play the game of “Career Day,” which then throws more authority into their fragile ever-developing minds about what they should be thinking about in their day to day lives.

So then you multiply that by 18 years of school, by 40 years of future work, by the stress of interacting with parents who have been educated in the same stressful manner, the de-individualizing, homogenized INSTRUCTION from people who care not a whit about the learning of the individual child, but about only about their review boards, their pensions, and their summers off. What do you see from your parents after you come home from school? Stress. Money issues. Poor communication. People being talked AT rather than talking with one another, sharing each individual experience of the world around him and her. Suppressed emotion. Poor health. A lack of true health knowledge. Unhealthy routine structures, watching television, looking outside of each other for answers, rather than entertaining oneself how one should be entertained, by looking inside oneself, at the new mysteries that unfold daily. Shame. Discipline. Authority. Violence. All by products of people that have been raised as people. It is impossible to understand the idea of the singular, when it has all been taught to be pluralized. More is better. Why? Why the fuck is more better? More what?

The child assimilates what he sees around him, suppresses his need to ask questions about his surrounding environment, assimilates the words his mom and dad uses, the phrases they use, the ideas he sees on the television, all into some sort of mishmash with the way he is treated in school and forms a gigantic ball within himself that he feeds with more of his family’s words, with more of his frustrations, with more of his mis-understandings of his self, and eventually that ball grows into his character, into the character that he feels is okay to present to the world. He feels okay with it because he holds it up to the mirror of the masses and it looks very similar, behaves identical to how he sees them, and he wears this uniform, this identity with pride. What he has learned from all of his experiences growing up is that nothing is supposed to make sense, there is a string of contradictions (but that he shouldn’t pay too much attention to the contradictions as a whole, just take each inconsistency by itself, then it will all make sense), how no one really knows what love is (takes the time to personally, individually define it), it just is, it is formless, like the insides of the massman, there is no real definition, because words fly from the lips, can change meanings at any given time within the undisciplined feelings that massman embodies…Or did massman even “learn” this? Didn’t he really just all of a sudden become that being, all of a sudden wasn’t he just grown up, time had slipped from his grasp, ever since he was younger, ever since he allowed those others to enter and shape his being, and ask him what he wanted to be?

How does he want to die? Who can think of such a thing? He thinks he is hungry. He thinks of the show he wants to watch. He thinks of how proud he is of his son who now takes orders from other people who take orders and who kill other people. He FEELS like that is what it means to be an American, a collective, a part of society. He thinks of sex. He thinks of other urges which flash through his body and which he has no control over.

How does he want it all to end? Could a question of such philosophical importance ever cross the massman’s mind? Does it make any sense though, that for the massman, a being whose life is always looking forward to the next to the next to the next moment, that he should be unable to finally see far enough ahead to the final moment? Or are they incapable of looking ahead to their deaths because they are already dead?

That little boy, that little girl, each has been dead, have been allowed to die by the massman, their exuberance in a wide open world has been crushed by the darkness of unquestioning acceptance of authority.

But who really envisions that when he tries to think about who he is? Or can thoughts even reach them through their overabundance of feelings? The life of the undead is only that of their hungers, never to think why they do what they do.

Just imagine, all the murders that are inflicted across the world, upon the alive selfs of questioning children, by the authority of others. The lobotomic abortions by society upon the potential of the souls of the youth. All that is left wandering the world are the walking dead, the ghosts of man.

So think about that, when you try and get to the bottom of the riddle of who you really are? You are NOTHING. And you will be nothing, until you realize the crimes that have been committed upon you since the day you were born. Until you unlearn all their lies, and PUNISH THOSE MURDERERS, THOSE THIEVES AND RAPISTS OF THE MIND.

fuck this illusory, comfort laden, incestuous, zombie filled, authority worshipping shit hole. freedom through death.