simplistic difficulties


it all looks the same if it’s looked at long enough.

short programmed breaths provide fuel to burn to extinction all other creations.

but that’s not what’s seen is it. there’s only room for one perspective.

fur trappers trapping tales to tell by a roasting fire but what has that fire become today.

and who are telling today’s stories.

to die.

to live.

the eyes of the cat crawling in the cave can illuminate for all what is missing.

but can what was lost be found in the dark.

who seeks what one expects not to find.

running is meant for all the walkers and death for the many.

identity. i started as this but now is a u. or is u a i.

what makes the singular plural or the one into the other.

watching waiting wondering sitting by the window unaware of the wonder of the world within.

why waste away waiting when the horizon never changes.

the art of the letters of the words once upon a time paint the prettiest picture, if:

the time part no longer mattered at all.

x=x(x) if x only equals one.

beyond beyond Beyond

those eyes that glitter upon a realization of an awakening to sight.

i see i see. never to be normal ever again.

to bury what was once in order to now be turns this we into a me.

all moments momentous miracles made to be noticed grasped by the wings, where they go?

the friends begotten through acceptance and fear forget the creativity of lively loneliness.

perched upon the branch of a tree

no rules to be found no thoughts of falling.