Defining Rape

Demonstrating-Indian-school-students-hold-placards-as-they-shout-anti-government-slogans-during-a-protest-calling-for-better-safety-for-women-following-the-rape-of-a-student-in-New-Delhi-on-December-24-2012.-RaveendranAToday’s world of laws, of gender equality, of totalitarian government, of the mindless masses, begs for a deep defining of terms, of words, or expression, of communication, and even a basic walk-through of what it means to be alive and to lead a meaningful life. Because we sure know that public schools, television, and social interactions sure as fuck ain’t doing the job!

From the time we are young, we are taught to keep our hands to ourselves, to respect the boundaries others set for themselves, and in sexual interrelations, that no means no, and when a girl says no, no matter if the clothes are all off and the condom is on, it does not matter, the gig is up. I will not argue with how the mass of the minds are indoctrinated into the terminology of rape. Rape is introduced solely into our lexicon as purely sexual, as a theft of innocence, as a crime that many view should carry a punishment not only behind bars, but public ostracization, as well as castration. In prisons, so I have heard, rape is considered an unpardonable crime, and if rape is committed by a man on a child, usually the offender is forced to “taste his own medicine,” if you know what I mean.

So much of our society has been geared toward sexuality, toward sex, towards all that comes with sex, that many people come to view sex as a part of their identities. Short skirts, lingerie, thongs, breasts, asses, garter belts, shaved vaginas, hard cocks, boners, doggie style fucking, menage a trois, orgies, ass to ass sex, fag sex, dicks in guys asses, carpet munching, 69in, red wings, condoms, sponges, abortions, day after pills, birth control, blow jobs, cock sucking, cunnilingus, ass eating, interracial sex, transvestites, shemales, punishment sex, vibrators, dilators, whips, dips, chains, cuffs, ropes, gags, pornography, masturbation, mutual masturbation, titty sucking, titty fucking, anal play, fisting, grinding, and I am sure a list of things I have no clue about. I never learned what I needed to learn in sex education class, but that there is a sex education class demonstrates that there is importance placed upon the idea of sex. Because there is a debate, typically public, about the parents wanting a sex education class, emphasizes to kids that sex is indeed a HOT topic. And when girls parade through the hallways with their cleavage bulging, their lips glistening, their thighs taut and tight, with a heel pushing their asses in the air, well then, hormones of the average boy blind him to his surroundings, cause him to believe that there is nothing else to his existence but to get his dick wet.

And because of this overwhelming importance put upon surface, upon materialism, upon beauty, upon lust and desire, upon illusion, men and woman comes to think not only of the pussy as something more than it really is (it is only an area that is between a woman’s legs, that serves several functions), which they believe to be something that can lure, something that must be respected, something that can be taken, something that must be loved, something that is sensuous, and something that can be turned into a crime. With the pornography industry reaching all time highs with the advent and proliferation of the internet, men, women, and children can view any sort of sex act, any type of woman, man, doing any sort of sex act they can dream possible. Some would say that this type of outlet would decrease the obsession with sex, while others could say it would lead even further to this fixation with body parts, to the fixation of people as objects. It is precisely this objectification of people, which has led to the proliferation of a lack of thinking on any sort of depth, and a mis-understanding of what rape really is.

Because rape is not about sex.

Because sex has nothing to do with meaning.

Because thinking that rape is about sex obscures what rape is really about.

Rape has three definitions:

an act or instance of robbing or despoiling or carrying away a person by force
unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent — compare sexual assault,statutory rape
an outrageous violation
Sexual Rape is not even the first definition found in the dictionary. It seems to only have arisen out of societal context, out of a need to define what has been defined for us. If one takes the time to think about it too, one will find that the majority of words have societal definitions as well, as that is how most people learn how to define their lives, through having words defined for them, rather than taking the time to learn for their selfs what the words mean, what their life’s mean, who they are, and who those are who teach them about the world.
So it would seem that we could agree that rape is more of a theft of something, whether it be innocence, material goods, actual people as a form of kidnapping, and quite possibly death. So why would it be that the sexual aspect of it is the only one that gets focused on? If our agreed upon definition stands up under scrutiny, and people really were against rape, then it would follow that they should be frustrated, angered, and up-in-arms over the RAPE they allow to be inflicted upon their self and the individuals they gave birth to on a daily basis.
Who are the real rapists? What are the daily forms of rape you tolerate? Why is it that you tolerate one form of rape but abhor another? Why would it be that one’s vagina or asshole or mouth is more sacrosanct than their earnings, than their property, than their dignity, than their minds, than their beings, than their individuality? Could it be possible that just because the government is “allowed” to take your money through taxation, that it in fact follows the definition of rape? Are your “taxes” not taken from you via the “threat of force or violence?” What other sorts of violations are committed under the guise of “legality” but actually fall under the definition of rape? Do full body cavity searches not fall under rape? Or if they do not fall under the perception of rape, what makes them different?
And if rape is a theft of innocence, a theft of dignity, an invasion of one’s body, a shattering of their soul, a ruination of personal trust, then please explain to me what public education is? Please explain to me why one finds it less offensive to have their mind filled with routine brainwashing, to have their mind programmed to accept invasion, to accept rape, to accept violation, to relinquish individuality and become a societal soldier, a consuming mindless robot unawares of how to define one’s own reality, incapable of being responsible for his own self, unable to live except as a parasite, unable to effectively communicate through substance yet only through programmed form, and unable to hold his self accountable and stop his routine life and stop time and stop everything around him and claim that he has made mistakes and that he is not going to allow anyone else to dictate the terms of his OWN life, and that rape and theft and murder are all synonymous, and that he will not live one more day wearing these societal blinders, contributing to this lack of understanding, this deterioration of the self, as well as a deterioration of meaning. How does sending ones new-born individuals to these rape academies not implicate these “parents” in the act of rape as well, as accomplices in rape? I mean, they send them to have their insides redefined, to have their insides molded, to have their minds made more susceptible to foreign invasion, to have their minds redesigned to accept others’ authority rather than its own. Does the cock not mold the vagina as it thrusts in and out? Does the pedophile not teach the child to be afraid? To not fight its own impulses and scream out and fight back and question what is really going on? Does one not impose its force upon the other and make the victim submit to its authority? Does one not eventually feel the hopelessness of it questioning, of it fighting back, of its fear? Is public education not forced rape, rape of the worst kind in that no matter what happens, the little individuals must return the next day, to not only face those that wish to penetrate and alter its mind, but those other little individuals that wish to use this time to tell it how little it is, to take its money, to subject it to other forms of torment, to torment it in this situation it is forced to attend no matter what?
Bullies, rapists, thieves, murderers? What do you really know of these terms? Who do you really think you are to only stand up to one accepted defined part of the term, when the term encompasses, means so much more than just a sexual violation?
If we are all creatures alive, bestowed of the miracle called life, then I do not hesitate to say that rape occurs and is just as valid upon any other creatures here on earth. The violations of rape transgresses across all species and is no less serious.
What you will not find here is a man who writes merely from the human perspective. I hate and love across all creatures, because I know this: My time here is short, and I will always define the world how it was meant to be defined, with contemplation, with logic, with patience, and with no forgiveness for ignorance.
Force is what defines rape. Think about that when you get “pulled over” next time, or you write a check to the IRS, or you send “your” child to school.
So then, if all Rapists then should be hanged til death, like the picture above exclaims, then that includes everyone in the government, because their whole operation relies upon, rape, theft, murder, intimidation and force; and teachers, as their whole operation relies upon intimidation, force, rape of children, as well as the murder of the child’s unformed minds, and the theft of their individuality. Only under this scenario do I believe that rape can be defined and defended. Remember, when it comes to defining terms, one must be sure to be consistent with the terms across all of its possibilities.
If you justify police and soldiers to murder, then why is it that citizens cannot murder? If you allow the government to rob you with the threat of force, then why is it so bad if an individual breaks into your house and steals your television set and jewelry? Why, if the government is the one who robs you with the threat of force, do you call them when an individual breaks into your home and steals your television and jewelry? If you allow the government to rape you at airports via the TSA; if you allow the police to rape you of your money through legal means of monetary rape courts; if you allow the schools to rape you and your child’s mind day after day after day, then what is the big deal if another man sticks his cock in your little hole for five minutes?
Wake up your fucking babies….you been getting raped since the day you were born.