Soft Sheep Shaved all the Same

Gender Neutral Parenting

Once upon a time

Man was suddenly transformed into a mime

His singular strut became a societal walk

And at conformist’s barber chair-neutered of his virile cock.

And day turned to night and night to day

Now tears, sadness, sympathy and passivity are deemed the Way.

Extinction took away dynamic wolves with an eye to reap,

While multiplying in the hills, baahiing static sheep.

Everywhere beings were educated with empathetic emotion

And how to turn a cheek–instead of causing a commotion;

And while these masses were guided towards new professional tasks,

Individual man was paraded about the towns, in chains, dresses, and ladies’ masks.

A calm settled over this world imbued with manners

Since now every minute operated according to planners–

At eight will be scones, at nine its tea–

Plenty for you, plenty for me!!

All deliberation had left the individual man’s brain,

life now ran orderly, like a well-scheduled train.

Journals and movies hailed the new beings refined:

Equality nurtured through “feeling”–the evolved species defined.

So man who once showed strength and ingenuity in the struggle to survive

Now operates mechanically (technically)–more dead than alive.

His reasoned logic and individuality

has been cauterized of its philosophy.

His rugged character stripped bare

He now blinks in agreement when told what to wear.

He once ran wild, knew no such thing as fear,

Now his replies are pleasant and dutiful–when proceeding, “Yes dear.”

Its as though the man of old had disappeared

far away, beneath the walls of a fortified prison

And we’re forever left with the illusion of his walking shell,

filled with a lifeless fluff–

thats been labeled feminism (see also environmentalism, liberalism, globalism, politically correct).