Is that the Best I can do?

5c16029bc4aa2d86778cdfb120b74a31I must admit, I do not always put forth my best. I experiment with different ways that foods affect my body, I try my best to examine different ways to communicate the most effectively, and I try to use my mind in a questioning manner at all times.

But surely it is not always my best. The effort is not always full throttle. The results are sometimes a bit lackadaisical. My contemplation of my self is not always spot on.

When have I really pushed myself? What were the results I would have been looking for? What does it mean to put forth MY best? Shouldn’t there be a level of perfection, a striving towards something greater than my best?

Does this striving include blocking out the amusements that fill our lives? Why is there so much fluff in the world today that distracts us each from becoming, from transforming daily into creatures of perfection?

Maybe it is all about focus.

The focus of the pursuit. The pursuit of focus.