Discerning Landscapes

sky-landscape-desktop-hd-wallpaperAcross the Universe, around the world, within our selfs, there exists universes, worlds, and a multiplicity of selfs, and it is as the thinking man, the contemplative individual who MUST take the time to understand the landscapes of, not only his exterior worlds, but the diversity of his inner self as well. If you have been reading my writing for a while now, or even if you are new, there are some underlying themes of rathbone: Discrimination, definition, contemplation, introspection. I will be using all of these tools as I dive into the self, as I look around the manipulative illusory world, searching for answers, digesting clues, pursuing perfection, and making conclusions.

Finding the inner me, reaching a state of awakening, and searching through the lies to understand the exterior world, all require discrimination. These are the definitions of discrimination to keep in mind:

  • recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another:discrimination between right and wrong[count noun]:young children have difficulties in making fine discriminations
  •  the ability to judge what is of high quality; good judgement or taste:those who could afford to buy showed little taste or discrimination
  •  Psychology the ability to distinguish between different stimuli:[as modifier]:discrimination learning

A long time ago, myself, like many of the population here in amerika, thought that the way to being lost, was to find one’s self with a good old cross-country trip in the car. To see the many wonderful crevices in the planet, see some animals, the vast endless concrete road before us, and to either speed across, or to take our time seeing the world around us. well, my trip taught me nothing I couldn’t have figured out from my home, as it was a drunk weed cigarette filled adventure of speeding with no license, daring ourselves to cross the border with no identification, being chased by the sheriffs through indian reservations, and finally ending up at our destination, feeling that it was time for a a few more beers and a good bed to lie in. There was no introspection, because the trip was external, there was a group of two, with no time to reflect upon paper the thoughts within my mind. But were there really thoughts then? Or was it all just unfocused feeling.

My point is that what can one learn of his self if he is only taken to the vast expanses, to the wide open spaces, if he is not committed to observing and recording his reflections. But more importantly, how can one observe and record, if he has never learned the proper ways to observe and record. Has man’s mental landscape really been altered to block out the interior and really only look at his reflection in the external world? The hills and mountains are where we can stretch the spirit, float into the here and now, and block out all the noises disturbances and obstacles of the illusory world, but one cannot understand the stillness, the life echoing off the timeless jagged unforgiving boulders of some distant prominence if he has never dove down into the brutal hazards, the lake of temptation beneath the bright lights of the decay that are called cities. Follow the stench of chattering that rolls out from the streets of any downtown, suburb, and you will see that these people have become their backgrounds, have adapted to the landscapes that surround them, and are now being forced to achieve inner symbiosis with the control of their externalities.

Whether you want to believe it or not, or whether you have even pondered the fact, but all of us have had our inner worlds created by others, and that pertains not only to our mental makeup, but the fragile ecosystem within our bodies as well. And here is the stark fact: Sure, there is nothing you can do about what is fed to you when you are younger, either in the form of bodily or mental food, but it doesn’t mean you have to go along with it forever, after all, it is YOUR body, it is YOUR mind; Those who allowed themselves to be fed by others forever have ceased to be alive, have given up the “being” part of their human.

One cannot fix his mind, until he has fixed his body, and vice versa. There is no way around it. The two are joined together, they are the actual yin and yang of one’s world.

The best way to fix the mind is to start by understanding what goes into one’s body, and grasping how something so taken for granted as food, can change the whole landscape of one’s life. Whether the foods that are taken in by one are gmo food, bread, pasteurized milk, processed foods, fast food, store-bought bacon, farmed fish, grain fed cattle, animals given antibiotics, alcohol, if you are eating a state-sponsored food pyramid diet and on top of that going to the “doctor” to be “treated” for your ailments by getting shots, drugs,vaccines, you also find yourself drinking all sorts of tap water that is filled with bodily changing chemical compositions, and that this behavior didn’t start just when you were born, but that these same foods were fed to you as you lay defenseless in your mother’s gap, then you will be able to see the giant what could’ve been….

And what is it that could’ve been, from a bodily perspective? Well, how may people here understand the delicate ecosystem of the individual? I am just learning, but I am beginning to see that the body has within it, billions upon billions of systems, cells, tiny little workers, all with individual functionings, jobs, to take care of, and they are dependent upon the being to not throw off this balance. Parasites live within your body, feeding on the waste within one, destroying certain other pathogens, and keeping a balance within the internal organizer, the intestines. There are beneficial bacterias living within, as well as beneficial parasites living within, and it is easy to see that most people would think that this inner ecosystem is either on the perfect end of the spectrum, or the completely whacked out end of the spectrum. However, I do not believe it works quite like that. I believe subtle changes to diet, can cause the landscape within one’s body to change ever so slightly over time, that the bad parasites, the worms within, the destruction, occurs so non-violently, so that the host (you) continues to live, so that the parasites may too. For that is the key: Why would the parasites just want to destroy you outright? They do not. They want to weaken you a bit, a bit a bit, so that you would not know about them, much less want to fight them. They become a part of you. Your weakened inner landscape becomes you. Add on top of your weakened biology the fact that you have been taught only to look for help to the external, to others, and to never question authority, and there is a serious recipe for self disaster that you will never understand or even look for.

z1650047-artwork_of_various_intestinal_parasites_and_gut-splMy body does not want to be weakened to the point that it becomes overrun and taken over by harmful parasites stealing my energy, stealing my cells, blocking me from being the best I can be. And that is the fucking point. The only point. So if that is what happens to my body, why would I let others hijack my only operating system, my mind, and let their “teachings” become my learning, become the programming that I use when viewing the world? Why would I let others landscape my world for me? So that means that I am the one who must take the responsibility for what enters my body, at all points, and that I must know what the reactions are of the things that enters my body. I must make my body inhospitable to parasites. I must make my mind inhospitable to feelings, inhospitable to illusion, inhospitable to lies, inhospitable to weakness, inhospitable to failure.

For it is once my body has become overrun with parasites that my external world will become clouded by them as well. My experiences with alcohol and drug addiction taught me that the weaker my body became with its desires for booze, the weaker to others I became, to my “friends,” to the police, to the bosses I worked for, to the tax collectors, to the laws, to my “parents,” and to those pesky little feelings that float randomly around that world and can hit you ate any time. My weakened body had my mind weaker, making me give in to the temptations of others viewpoints, of going along with the crowd, of finding my self without thoughts of my own (had I ever really had a real thought of my own), of doing actions on a whim, rather than doing them because I wanted to do them. i was a lower case i if there ever was one. even more i was an anti-i, as i didn’t even care who i really was. i had been snatched up, and had allowed myself to be snatched up, by feeding my body all those poisons.

The individual world always has parallels in the world at large. By looking at how our body is being attacked and weakened from the inside out, we can begin to understand that there must be a purpose to this. Discrimination should be able to tell you that the parasites of the external world have multiplied and are awaiting any chance to suck others dry, to drain your remaining power, to bleed you of all your value, and to toss you aside into the crematory until the next victim comes along. schools teach that these beings are alive, that these beings are human, that they are people just like you and me, but are they really? For if you take away those who are really alive, the awakened self-responsible ones, the producers, the idea men,  then surely the parasites will vanish. Or we can just make them not want to live here anymore. If there is no blood to suck, no money to take, then what would they do? What would they do if they had to use their minds instead of steal and imprison.

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush

In order to create your OWN landscape within your body, you must not just kill the parasites living within you, but you must make them no longer want to be there. You must learn how to eat again. You must learn how to drink again. You must learn to be discriminating when it comes to what you put in your body, and then you will see how your body reacts favorably to its tune up. You will appreciate it your self, knowing that you are taking responsibility for your self, for if there was/is a god, surely that is how he would want us to live, by taking pure responsibility for our selfs. If you take the time to only indulge in healthy food for your self, in order to rid your body of its diseases,  then you will begin to see that it is ridiculous to have unhealthy parasites in your external world as well. Remove the food that allows these vampires to thrive; remove the weaknesses from your visions that gives them HOPE; remove the fear that gives them control over you; remove the thoughts they implanted in your minds; remove this disgust from our planet.

Who are they to drain our power. Who are they to look so human. There is so much more to this invasion of the body snatchers. They have tried to snatch our inner worlds, and they are succeeding in taking over the outer world too.

Its time to awaken, and rid your worlds of these parasites that have infected us all. Its time we made this world beautiful again.