veterans day. A Celebration of Mindlessness.


I had no clue heroes were people who flew to others peoples countries and killed them because they had rulers that didn’t agree with america’s rulers. Sounds like heroes are big bullies to me.

I don’t think I ever liked soldiers. I knew deep down what they were: brainless followers. I came close to joining the marines, when I was 22, had used up all my options, didn’t think much of myself, and had just finished one of the biggest drug crazed months of my life. I even took the test, and of course I nailed it. But when it came right down to signing anything, I didn’t do it. Maybe it was because  somewhere in me knew that I was no follower. Maybe I just lucked out.

I will not deny that I was sold the american myth and I bought the hell out of it. Fuck yeah we were the freest country in the world. I believed that america was the land of god, that we were blessed, that we were built differently than the rest of the world, that Lincoln had saved the slaves, that George Washington was awesome, didn’t have a dictators bone in all his body,that we saved not only the world from evil in one war, but two!!! I hated my parents authority, that they made decrees that made no sense, that if I analyzed them, they had nothing to do with reality, had nothing to do with family, had nothing to do with healthy communication, they were supposed to be followed because they said. I began to see the frustration in everyday laws that seemed awfully parallel to those mindless decrees I grew up with. Do this because we said. My parents, who were taught by the state, taught me like the state: They just wanted to tell me what to think, not how to think. They, like the state, never encouraged questioning behavior (which I did anyways.). But if they had encouraged me to question, then they would realize that their behaviors could not be out-of-bounds, that they would have to think before they acted, before they spoke, because they would know that I was analyzing every bit of what they said, every one of their actions, looking for the lie, looking for the automation.

I watch the police with the same careful eye. They walk up to our cars, patrol the streets, as though they are actually better than us. Now, I cannot speak for the rest of the world, but I know that the police are not better than ME. How could they be? They enforce statutes. They are taught a behavior in the Police Academy repeatedly, and then they follow this behavior, use this behavior, become this behavior without giving it any rational thought. They simply know the behavior gives them power over others. But they never question why the things they enforce as a part of their behavior makes any sense. They have lost their questioning minds…if they ever had one to begin with. But they were programmed this way by buying what was sold to them from their parents and their schools as they grew up. They wanted to be everyone’s parents.

soldiers. not defense soldiers. but soldiers of america. soldiers are people who have no minds of their own. are like policeman. have no skills, well, except skills to do what other people tell them to do. skills to kill other people when other people tell them to kill. skills to steal. skills to cry like babies when they are not getting “paid” to kill people all around the world and they have to get jobs here, but they have no skills, and they parade their service around like it was honorary, or as though it translated in the business world, being a slave, and maybe it does, since this business world in the united states is in need of a bunch of slaves to be cashiers at the walmarts and kmarts and all those fast food restaurants. and what is the deal with the uniforms? who gives a shit if they wear their uniforms in the “real world,” I mean, we can still see them, that camouflage aint working here buddy, and it sure doesn’t make me think better of you, it makes me recognize that that guy wearing a stupid uniform is a piece of shit, he kills and has killed unarmed people before, he has killed people in other countries who were fighting for their own countries, they were defending their countries against these zombies who were attacking them. these soldiers all dressed up in their uniforms who want to be prayed to, bowed down to and thanked, are confusing this mass of sheep, are confusing them with what the word terrorist means, because these soldiers are in fact the ONLY REAL TERRORISTS ON THE WHOLE PLANET. these soldiers, these policeman, these serviceman, have manipulated what it means to be a defender of justice in this world, have warped the definition of what it means to fight for something that needs fighting for, have made a mockery out of giving thanks, because thanks is supposed to be given freely to others, not a word that is repeatedly told on television in newspapers drilled into people’s brains that they MUST say, that they must say thank you to murderers, thieves, zombies and terrorists.

i hate the fucking army. and that is the army, navy, air force, marines, coast guard. i hate the police. i hate firemen (why? because they hang out with cops, wish they could also be cops, and ride around in big red trucks blasting that loud fucking siren). i hate ems drivers too, for pretty much the same reason i hate fireman, because they work in concert with cops, and they have a stupid siren. i hate every soldier that ever lived (except the confederate soldiers, and the ones who kicked serious ass for america in the revolutionary war.). i hate british soldiers. i hate german soldiers. i hate russian soldeirs. i hate ww1 soldiers, especially ones from america. i hate ww2 soldeirs, especially ones from america. i hate all american soldiers. vietnam soldiers. gulf war (oooo) soldiers. desert storm (oooooooooo) soldiers. i hate obama, even though he isn’t a soldier (maybe an ass soldier!). i hate bush. i hate fdr. i hate lincoln. i hate hoover. i hate laws. i hate more soldiers.

you will never get a thank you from me. i will always be the one laughing behind your back. i will be the one who will know what it is like to die for something with meaning, for i will die standing up for the only thing that has any meaning in the world, the self, my self. how do i know that? because it is the most valuable thing to me i will ever have. it is all that i have, and was the best present ever given to me. well, my mind was a pretty cool gift too. but that is something soldiers cops firemen parents school teachers will never know about, because for the most part, 99% of them let their brains be stolen right out from their skulls when they were little, and they were turned into little clapping money hungry tax paying slaves that eat shit and wonder why they look like shit act like shit and have no real meaning in their lives…

its all a blur. be sure to say fuck you to a soldier today. thanks guys, thanks so much for terrorizing the rest of the world and making sure fear is the domineering emotion in people’s lives. thanks soldiers for standing up for who each one of you are, because that would be too hard, that would require you to look at your self in the mirror and ask your self: Who am I really, and what the fuck am I really doing?

thanks. and again. fuck you fascist fucks of the amerikkkan state.