Necessary Views on Equality

bigstock_Definition_Of_Equality_4051986Obviously, if you have been following my writings you would know that I am a staunch supporter of the anti-equality movement that has been really starting to take hold of the world. (?). But it would surprise you more to know that my anti-equality views do not stem from the ideas of racism so inherent with the majority of people, they actually arise from the basic tenets of value: How could I value someone as much as I value myself? If I allow my self to be taken to the lowest denominator by spewing hate speech with outright usage of the terms nigger, retards, fags, dikes, and ignorant,  then I would have assumed that my readers had the insight to know why exactly it was that i was so explicit in using said terminology. However, where I miscalculated would be with any new readers visiting my open viewpoints for the first time. What would they think, to see such visceral hate spewed forth in such a brash manner? How would this type of information go against their “conservative libertarian” upbringings, where to live is to let live and passivity is practiced by them under the guise of  the non aggression principle?

Let this contemplation, this dissection, serve as an introduction–to you all the world over that believe you to be deep, that believe you to be thinkers in the philosophical sense, who pick up a book and read it from cover to cover and find yourself feeling smarter–that a belief in equality is the biggest scam ever purported upon you poor beings that scavenge the earth destroying all it creations (including your selfs) so that yee may continue to “live.” Equality is a Relationship. It is not just how do I see others, but it is HOW DO I SEE OTHERS IN RELATION TO MY SELF. Do I see my self the same as others, less than others, better than others? And the only way I am able to make this comparison is singlefold: I MUST UNDERSTAND ALL THAT COMPOSES MY SELF. I MUST BE ABLE TO TAKE A COMPLETE INVENTORY OF MY SELF, AND THEN COMPARE THAT TO THE INVENTORIES OF OTHERS. Do they stack up against me? How do I stack up against them? If I take basic congruence theory, something i learned in early mathematics, which states that 3 is not congruent to 1+1, and that 6 is greater than 2, and that 10 is equal to 5 plus 5, or that two hours of exercise a day makes my body stronger than no hours of exercise a day, then I can use that same formula to show that if society is not a mass collective, but rather a collective of individuals, then I can show that equality may exist in some parts, but that equality does not exist in others. As well as the basic understanding that equality must follow only by using facts. If person A eats a fast food diet, does not exercise, watches the television most of the day, is overweight, has poor digestive health, using the pharmacy for his bodily solutions, and believes everything that he reads in the news or watches on the news–Well, then it is a logical solution that he is equal to all of the others that behave in said manner. BUT, he is in no way equal to those who are more discerning in their actions, who take personal responsibility for what they eat, who question the world around them and pursue their own answers through their own uncovering of the facts, and who push their bodies and minds to their ideals of perfection. How could ANYONE possibly believe those two creatures are even of the same species? You can drape the fat ass with a bunch of jewels and put him in a Benz Coupe, and give him for free all the niceties of the rich and famous, but it will still never make him a skinny good looking man who works hard for what he got.

Just as though there are vast differences in “equality” amongst those who believe to be about Freedom.

I get carried away with my own assumption that all liberty seekers are like me, questioning, contemplative, disciplined, assertive, offensive, evolving, and constantly trying new actions to see what new results arise. I am constantly put in my place though when i research other libertarians and see them as merely conservatives from the 1980s. They want to define liberty as it is defined in the dictionary, they want to have their world be as it used to be, but with all of the new added gadgets, gizmos and technology. They want to be left alone to do their own things (which in its own right is a very aspiring pursuit) in a world that has a multiplying population, not only of newborns, but of the elderly as well. The libertarian principle can only be effective with the one thing that has reached near extinction: Space: A great deal of distance between neighbors. As more people invade the space that is left habitable here on the only known livable planet in the near universe, that space dies, and with it, any sort of expectation of privacy, as well as “alone time.” Well, at least if you only hope for your privacy, and live and let live philosophy to be given to you. I am sure there are plenty of creative ideas that could still keep a metaphorical “No Trespassing”sign up in your space, but those options would be left up to your imagination. And this “live and let live” philosophy only seems to pertain to humans, because one of the tenets of most libertarians is that abortion should be legal? Sure, overpopulate the earth, drain all of its resources, kill all of the other species (because who needs animals and trees and the ocean), but fuck!!!! please don’t kill your unborn baby!!! God wouldn’t want you kill one of his creations???? What.

Value. Meaning. Freedom. A path of some sort that must be defined. The place where the “we” branches off into the “I’s” into the solitude of choice, into the real pursuit of the individual. What is it that makes me ME? What is my point? If I search my world, and find out that the only way man can possibly be man is to have the freedom to search for his point, then how can equality even exist? Must it be that I must have the equal opportunity to search for my meaning, well, we got that: Its called Time. But according to many other great thinkers, actual thinkers of our past, we can agree with them in that: If happiness is man’s highest achievement, and happiness can only be achieved truly on an individual level, since I cannot feel your happiness, then for this state to be reached, this eudaimonia, then there must be pure liberty. And for their to be pure liberty, it must only be reached on an individual level. So for it to be reached on an individual level, then one must find it for one self. But one must not only find this liberty for his self, but he must define it for his self, and he must FIGHT FOR IT FOR HIS SELF. However, that does not mean one cannot have assistance in finding the path. For one can be led to the path, shown the road, but not made to partake in the upcoming adventure that lies ahead. Happiness lies at the end of the path, but everyone’s experience down that path will be different.

This is where meaning plays its highest part. If we are born, by whatever miracle that gave us the time we have on this planet, would it not make sense that the only discernible mission for us while we are here, is to find out every possible thing that our self is and is capable of (By our selfs)? What kind of a waste would it be to be born into an abusive home, develop poor self-confidence, be average through school, try to raise oneself up from his poor upbringing, only to push himself harder to be a better citizen by diving headfirst into further schooling, more routine, and getting farther from his self, doing everything expected of him, being a part of the community? What kind of a waste would it be to be born into a loving middle class suburban family that values money sports and education as the highest ideals? In either situation, and in many other given situations, one becomes brainwashed into his surroundings, by his environment, and can finds no way to be challenged to be anything but a member, rather than looking inward, pursuing a path of understanding what he is, rather than understanding his place in the congregation. Yet these things happen everyday to all kinds of “people,” as they are constantly placed in situations by people who tell them what to do, what to believe, what to “feel,” and then given a pat on the back if they are doing their best to “fit in” with the rest of the population. Mediocrity is the Politically Incorrect term for Equality these days.

Yet, how are we supposed to say that those who succumb themselves to the rigor and grind of routine, who ARE grazing sheep, are AS important, AS equal, as those that pursue a lifetime of reflection, of understanding their behaviors, of deconstructing their every day? There are those that say that we are all born equal, given the same tools, an even ground to do with those tools in finding individual meaning and happiness, it’s what we do with those tools that makes us un-equal. But you and I both know we are not born with equal tools, especially not anymore. A long time ago, before the advent of highly processed foods, antibiotics, pasteurized milks, and a heavy grain diet, our intestines were fortified with a perfect balance of bacteria that would strengthen not only our minds to be strong individuals, but also gave our whole system a boost of confidence to make us strong, healthy, and able to resist all that came at us. Diabetes, autism, asthma, adhd, allergies, frailty, just did not exist. But look at the diets of today? I am a firm believer in the fact that the population, at least in this country, has become weakened through diet, and it all begins in the mother’s womb. What she eats, what her intestines contain, the baby gets. And that baby does not have the intestinal strength to fight back. So he begins his life already at a disadvantage, affixed with challenges inside him that will keep him from his main task because he will only have the strength to follow a prescribed routine for the duration of his existence. Even the black man of long ago used to fight for his existence. He was strong, determined for knowledge, and would not let anyone tell him no. But he has turned into the very word he despises. He is an anti-human. He has added his name to the parasitic class, is emblematic of the true biped-parasite: Feeding off of productivity, becoming bloated with waste, sucking up resources to stay alive, and multiplying at such a rate as to absorb any of the resources needed for those on the true quest for meaning, those imbued with any sort of godly insights.

For the individual seeking happiness, for the individual seeking to define his world and find the liberty to do so, how can he let any other man stand in his way, whether that man has a shotgun in his hands, or an entire army behind him fortified with missles, tanks and rocket launchers? Many will say that it makes no sense to get your self killed or arrested for some ideals, or to fight the powers that be with violence against violence, because that is what they want and they will always win, but those arguments begin and end with the same rhetoric which is that those men are better than the man that you are. By giving up, by giving a piece of you to them each and every day through compromise and sacrifice, you are admitting you are a coward, lesser than they are, and that they have a right to take what is yours. You have already lost, you have already given up the quest for the self, so what is the point to walk around with that knowledge? Why would you want to live as a serf, a slave, a helot? To die for what you believe in, to make a stand, to not allow your self to be pushed around, to take the time to get inside your self and learn what you are capable of if you give your self a chance, is living. To live as a coward is not to live at all. To live in fear is to be scared to live. For those believers in God, is that what you think he put you here for? If you follow the bible, is it not written in revelations 21:8:

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Being scared not just to live, but to find out what you are, surely cannot make you an alive being, and come even close to putting one on even, equal footing with those that do make the most of their time here. And yet it is those parasites, those people who want to be something “greater than their self,” who destroy this very planet we live on with their ignorance, with their laziness, with their stench, with their incapacity to reason, with their lust for routine, with their thirst to destroy, with their permission to be reprogrammed as the walking dead, trying to suck the brains and stamina of individuality out of those that have managed to go unseen amongst this decayed planet of the undead sheep.

Equality? If you seek to need permission for any of your actions, if you want to have your right “protected,” “enumerated,” and “given” to you, then the only equal ye shall be, is equal to the other slimy worms that add nothing to this planet, but merely absorb and detract.

Equality? On a planet where not even any two snow flakes are alike, and where trillions of different species have been created, it’s a miracle in its own that the supposed “highest” evolutionary being, capable of not only physical individuality as well as mental distinctness, has become one that has created an entire mass of beings, neither white or black, religious or non-religious, alive or dead, equal in its simplistic goal, to be lead along to help create the destruction of the most beautiful planet in the entire galaxy.

How can happiness and liberty ever be reached, when closing in all sides is a movement to crush all happiness and liberty, all dreams, all thoughts, all attempts of escape? Libertarians? Please. They want to form rules of equality, rules of compromise, that filter out any ideas of individual freedom, and mass market it to all those who have a little bit of thought to go along with their feelings, their feelings of feeling, their feelings of anguish over the fact that they just want to be able to do what they want to do. What that is I have no idea? But it probably has nothing to do with finding out more about their selfs.

I can’t say it enough. Unless you are on a quest for meaning, then your life has meant nothing.

Equal? This word may well one day bring this world to an end.