Denial. In Action In Thought In Spirit. Welcome to the Real.

DenialRiver1Wearing down the perfect human machine from the time of birth. Breaking its processes its systems down to where they operate by command rather than intuitive instinct. Teaching the organism to look outside its self, to look for others when it needs something. Training the being, training the creature that it could not possibly know best but that there are others who already have the answers, and to follow the rules. Guiding the person that it is not an individual, but it is a component, a part of something greater called society. Forcing the component to learn that questions are useless, especially in a world when there are only finite answers. Making IT understand that there is and can be no escape, either in reality or in ITS dreams, that there is always an eye upon IT.

Who remembers growing up and learning that he was lucky to have been born into america! Oh those Amber Waves of Grain!! My how they flied off our lips like prayers to a god. How can we forget being told that it was america that had SAVED the world not once but twice from the throes of evil in the great World Wars. america did not want to enter those wars, they were practically forced to enter them, they were the tipping points on the scale, and they in fact had no selfish motive to enter besides being the super hero? How lucky we were made to feel that we had not been born into some third world country, where there was no freedoms, except the freedom to starve and not have air conditioning? Here, in america, we had the most fertile soils, the best food, so much surplus in fact that we could create this thing called fast food! We all lived in such a paradise that there was no need to think all that hard anymore, as we were taught to work hard but play even harder, to drown our energy upon sports, not books, not our minds, not our choices, not in the self…

How many lies do you think you have been told? Is it even possible for you to separate the truth from illusion anymore? Has it all been illusion? What kind of world do we live in if popular opinion has the slightest bearing upon individual decisions, on choices made by you? If outside sentiment is allowed to creep in, will you ever truly be you? Or are you merely trying to hang on to a scrap of the you, as you are bombarded by opinion after opinion after opinion, until in your mind it makes sense. It becomes your view. What happened to that voice in your mind? Is there such a thing anymore? How come you constantly read and are told about the all-knowing, ever-evolving COLLECTIVE MIND?

Building a structure requires many principles, but the first is that there must be foundation, then walls of some sort, then a roof, a capper to keep whatever is to be housed apart from the elements.

How is denial built?

I like to think that for the lies to be perpetuated then a structure, a system of lies, a system of error, of irresponsibility masked as responsibility, fraud disguised as ownership, debt disguised as value, routine dressed up as meaning, fear cloaked as ignorant childishness, and mindlessness masquerading as emotional, all of these must become the basis for how the collective views the world, and that people must view themselves as part of the collective. There must be no concrete facts, everything must be bendable to fit whatever solution one needs in one’s life. It will all hinge on how one feels that day, and typically, most just don’t feel like pushing too hard. It becomes that people don’t actually mentally live in DENIAL, but it is rather that by refusing to take the time to make sense of this fucked up world and to strengthen the mind, they willfully choose the opposite: To see things as they cannot be, to deny truth, to deny meaning, to deny the mind its power, to deny their humanity.

But how does this become accomplished? It begins with constant reinforcement of repeated narratives. The narratives can never waver. Behind the scenes, the narrative is created that rules, law, force, prisons, war, death, empty nutrition, medication, all will be equated with liberty. This narrative must never stray. Fear will be the underlying subtext that will cause the masses to believe anything. Yet, before that can be enforced, the population must be taught that emotions are what separates man from its other species, that the brain is what lies, but emotions are the instinctual, the primitive part of man that never lies. Once sub species denial man buys that pretense, all further lies built on top of that will never crumble. When Liars teach others the lies, from the time their minds become fully moldable, filled with nothing inside, and the lies are allowed to fill those minds as truths, at what point will he or she be able to turn back, to erase its whole life, to start back over from zero? Who would want to try to unlearn everything he had ever known? What is better: To learn to walk all over again, or just get a cane and walk the rest of one’s life with a limp?

Maybe he could tell himself its not ALL illusion. Maybe all he knows is a lie, but he can still see that life goes on. There are no bombs exploding near him. He is not in jail (yet). The food he eats must not be that genetically modified, because he just went to the doctors office, and he told him his blood looked great (but what exactly does great blood look like, and would the doctor lie?) At least he still has his family, right? But what is love? What are relationships? What is communication? What are these things if they are structured within the systems of lies, superficial surface details, entertainment mirages of meaning, and an interchange of nostalgia and an expression of feelings that have no meaning except the interchange of smiley faces that metonymize into words of routine usage that resonate with more feelings rather than concrete specified definitions from deep contemplation? “Its all about looking for the positive in life, not digging deep to see the dark, the depths, the negatives?” DENIAL?

If two negatives equal a positive, and anything multiplied by a zero gets you nothing, and enough fractions of something will get you a whole thing eventually, then would it not be possible, that through the use of numbers, with the advent of enough equations that even two lies added to two lies would get at least one truth? Or would it matter who was the one doing the addition of the lies? Some people can just make a lie sound good, right? Or its not that is sounds right, in fact, it sounds very suspicious, but he is important, and everything he says makes me feel safe, reinforces the very things we have been taught our whole lives. “Life must go on.” :You can’t fight city hall.” “I fought the law and the law won.” “Why push our luck.” ” I am just one man.” “If you can’t beat ’em, Join ’em.”

Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Where is there left to go? Where is the “you,” right now as we speak? Is it possible that these lies have made schizophreniacs of us all? Where there is more to the master-slave relationship that lies within us all, and where the structure of these bodies actually permits the coexistence of a tenfold of personalities, that in order for us to survive our own willful denials, the explosions of lies that we are hit with everyday, that we must compartmentalize our lives and populate our worlds with only the characters within us that will make us able to withstand the meaninglessness? Does man tend to believe that there is his working persona, his relationship persona, his family persona, his childish persona, his manipulative persona, his obedient persona, his shameful persona, his entertained persona, his confident persona? Where do they blend together? What is the one common factor of them all? Or all they are different, appendages meant to bring his stability? Creations not of imagination but of emotional necessity? Pressure can release the most unusual gasses, and those gasses can eventually form solids.

So what happens with the thing called Group Denial? Masses of people all believe that it is day when it has darkened and turned to night? Mobs of fearful feeling beings trusting that the world will look the same tomorrow as it does today? How does one break away?

Who will you deny all of your denials to? Which personas are to be gotten rid of, and which to be kept? Are any of those personalities even a slice of who you really could be? If you subtracted fear from your life, what answers do you get? If you had no more emotions could you begin to use your mind?

What are the probabilities in a functional equation that you could really deny this illusory world and your part in it and break free and be your own man?

Me subtracted from them multiplied by instant freedoms to pursue the contemplation of self subtracted from endless entertainment feeds being force-fed into my brain divided by the number of minutes superfluous emotions no longer will attach to my actions and i receive an answer filled with only one possibility=ONE infinitely One.

Deny the denials in your mind. Ignore the voices of the multitudes. Deep breaths. They will help you find your center. The “created” you is real. A real living lie made up of a two-dimensional construct that will crumple beneath the rigorous examination one must perform when searching out the truth. The true you, well, he has not even been created. Take your time young Jedi.