Politically Correct Language. Telling people What to Say.

redskins-girls-920-11Telling you what to say. It’s been happening your whole lives people. From your mom telling you to call her mommy, instead of slave grinding bitch, to your teacher telling you that ain’t isn’t a word (sure the fuck looks like a word to me, cuz it got a bunch of letters put together, and it got a meaning dude.), to the cops telling you that you got the “right” to remain silent, people have been telling you what to say forever. Don’t say fuck, say fudge. Don’t end a sentence with a prepositional phrase. Say sir or mam when you address us. It’s OFFICER douche bag to you son. Speak to grandma with respect when you address her. On and on. And what have you little slaves done? Exactly. Bent over at the waist, hiked your skirts up, and taken it up the ass with not even a little bit of spit.

So when you consider all that, why is it a surprise to people that everyone, from that nigger who is president, to reporters everywhere, to the guy down the street, are all calling for the NFL’s own Washington Redskins to change their name! And why on earth should there be conversations occurring about the Redskins changing their name? Because supposedly “Redskin” hurts all the wittle feewings of the 85 Indians left alive on this continent after a bunch of guys came over here and raped their bitches, gave them diseases, stole their homes, and made them march across this land to their new homes…The Reservations. Apparently the indians have totally forgiven the fact that they have to live on the shittiest areas of the country, they do not worry anymore about people making fun of them for being dirty, peyote smoking, deer trackers, and now have not a care in the world, except fuck, how badly it pisses them off that a football team dare be politically unresponsive to their feelings in the year 2013! Hello? Can’t we all just get along? I mean, if there ever screamed for a compromise, this is it!! How about we call this team, this team that is located in the heart of the most despicable city in the whole Milky Way Galaxy, exactly what it should be called to represent that putrid of a locale: The Washington Tantrums. Because if that city doesn’t get its way, it just cries and cries and cries and whines until it gets its way.

Here is a conversation from Peter King, a well-known sports writer who used to write for Sports Illustrated, and some other guy who calls Peter out for being a total homo about this whole Redskins issue (figure out exactly when he is being the biggest fag in this conversation?):

“Peter, you’ve been a huge writer for the magazine SI, you have been around forever now,” Russo said. “You are not a young kid. You have been at the top of your profession for a long time. The Redskins have had that name since 1935 — when we all know their player/coach was a Native American and that’s why they got the name the Redskins — and now all of a sudden in … 2013, Peter King or Bob Costas has a problem with it. Where were you ten years ago? Or where we you fifteen years ago? Why now all of a sudden has it dawned on you that the name might be offensive?”

King’s response: “I wouldn’t say that it dawned on me all of a sudden. It’s something that, as I said, over the last two or three years, gradually, I have come to dislike. I just don’t like it because it seems offensive. And now that I have the ability to be able to do something about it this year, I did something about it.

“So, if I didn’t have this site, if I were still working at Sports Illustrated as just a writer for the magazine, would I have taken this stand? I can’t tell you,” King continued. “All I know is that having my own site gave me more of the ability to say ‘I’m not going to do this.’ And again Chris, you know, I think as adults, there’s no shame in changing our mind about something.

“There’s no shame in saying, as I’ve done three or four times with Hall of Fame candidates — when I’ve been sitting in that room, and for years I may not have liked the guy or might not favor him for election — and then one year, somebody says something, or I think about it more. It doesn’t have to do with being pressured, it has to do with having an open mind. And I think that having an open mind has allowed me to think about this often over the years, and where as, I used to write it and not really like writing it but just wrote it and put it out of my mind, I just decided I wasn’t going to do it anymore.”

Later in the conversation, Russo makes the “Well, how would it go over if we called a team the [Insert city] [Insert racial slur for mascot name]” argument.

“This has been going on for a hundred years and now the media has turned?” Russo asked. “How come Christine Brennan or Bob Costas, or Peter King … or, you know, Obama, or the Indian groups … where were they in 1968? Where were they in 1973? Where were they in 2007?

“Now all of a sudden it’s a problem. Why? Why now? I don’t understand.”

“I can’t explain that. I explained what I thought,” King said.

“I have no problem with you, Pete,” Russo continued. “No problem. But why was this not a problem with the Native Americans for the last one hundred years, and it’s a problem now? That’s what I can’t figure out.”

“I don’t know either,” King said. “I don’t know.”

The key issues here are many: First, do these people even know what Redskin means to the people who used it; Do these people know the origin of the word redskin, or do they merely use their flawed brains, the same brains that have been told what to say and what to think for their entire lives, to come to the conclusion that, yeah, indians have red skin, so yeah, it would be mean if we called them red skins!; Why is it that ALL OF A SUDDEN everybody is talking about this bullshit?

So lets take a look at the argument a bit closer. What is the correct context to put REDSKIN into? Bill Poser, writes in his, On the Origin of Redskin:

“I think that it is well established that redskin is taken by most people today to be disparaging. What is more interesting is whether it has always been so, as Harjo et al., as well as various others, claim. One interesting piece of evidence is the origin of the name Washington Redskins. In 1933, George Preston Marshall, the owner of the team, which was then located in Boston, renamed it the Boston Redskins in honor of the head coach, William “Lone Star” Dietz, an American Indian.³ When the team moved to Washington in 1937 it was renamed the Washington Redskins. George Marshall clearly did not consider the name disparaging.

The term redskin of course goes much farther back than 1933. The details of this history have recently been explored by Ives Goddard of the Smithsonian Institution, in a paper conveniently available on-line. Some of the evidence is available in greater detail on Goddard’s web site. You can read speeches by the Meskwaki chief Black Thunder and the Omaha chief Big Elk in which the expression redskin is used, and early nineteenth century examples of the Meskwaki usage of terms meaning redskin and whiteskin.

I won’t review the evidence in detail because Goddard’s paper is short enough and accessible enough that if you are interested you should read it yourself. I’ll just summarize it. Goddard shows that the termredskin is a translation from native American languages of a term used by native Americans for themselves. Harjo’s claim that it “had its origins in the practice of presenting bloody red skins and scalps as proof of Indian kill for bounty payments” is unsupported by any evidence.⁴ The term entered popular usage via the novels of James Fenimore Cooper. In the early- to mid-nineteenth century the term was neutral, not pejorative, and indeed was often used in contexts in which whites spoke of Indians in positive terms. Goddard concludes:”

Cooper’s use of redskin as a Native American in-group term was entirely authentic, reflecting both the accurate perception of the Indian self-image and the evolving respect among whites for the Indians’ distinct cultural perspective, whatever its prospects. The descent of this word into obloquy is a phenomenon of more recent times.

Most people do what ALL other people do who have gashed themselves into being a collective, and that is agree with what is being said, agree with the masters, and take the “professional’s” word for it, rather than doing their OWN research. Looks to me then, like most people, or “society,” has no idea about what or how the term Redskin came about. Looks to me, the individual, that society should keep its business to itself, shut up and go watch their football.

And the final, and most important question is: Why of all times, is it so important all of a sudden for people to rabble over this name change of the Redskins? Like in the conversation above, why has it not been important for the last 100, the last 20, the last ten to make this name change? Especially when the name, as we have just seen, to indians, is not meant in a derogatory sense. Its not like the team is called the Haitian Niggers (although since blackies call themselves niggers, how are we supposed to know if that word is even derogatory?). But lets just say that the redskin term was derogatory. What makes it offensive now as opposed to 5 or ten years ago? Why do people all of a sudden give a flying fuck about indians? They don’t even hang around others, they just gamble on their casinos on their reservations, right? So what would be the big deal?

I don’t know how a government could even have a say in this. Why anybody would listen to a nigger president, the same nigger who wanted to run the government that enslaved his own people 200 something years ago? Then, why would anybody listen to that nigger talk about indians, who were pretty much wiped out by the white man 3-400 years ago when they came to this country and stole it from them (but also why would anybody listen to him talk about economics, I mean, has anybody ever seen how many cars niggers have in their driveways that they bought on credit?). But, if the most terroristic government in the world decides it does have a say, and if that terroristic government is run by a nigger “president,” who for some reason celebrates the 4th of july (a holiday first celebrated for amerikkka’s independence, but which also did not celebrate blackies independence; and thanksgiving, which celebrates pilgrims (not niggers) coming to america to settle), and he decides that he must impose his stupid little nigger opinion on sports because that’s what niggers do is play sports, then I would say that whatever the terroristic nigger says, I would always do the opposite, and according to philosophical logic, be right 100 percent of the time, everytime.

Stop letting people tell you what to say people. People say don’t say nigger, but shit, look at me, I call everybody niggers. And I do it in a derogatory sense!  They may have a point with the words retards (even though retards are retarded), nerds (even though they are puny and get me soooo mad), and niggers (even though they are here and nobody wants em).

Call people what you want. Tell it like you see it man. It’s not like you get to be here that long anyways. And I’m pretty sure god never said we had to like every body anyways.

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