The Age old debate: An Awake Mind, or Unaware Bliss…

calvin-and-hobbes-its-true-hobbes-ignorance-is-blissThe being of man, the meaning of man, what man is, what value is, what this planet is, may be superficially summed up as philosophical musings, rhetoric for ones with time to ponder exactly what he is and can be. Life requires a basic understanding of who one belongs to once he comes upon this earth, a basic understanding of what or who is to direct his actions, and how those actions are to arise.

What is this thing called man? What are you? What is this world you are born onto, and what is it that you owe it? How does one become aware of his self? How does one become aware of the world?

There is a cliché out there that goes something like, “the world it is always changing.” Yet, really if you look at it, the world itself, the planet, really does not undergo much change itself, at least over the last several hundred years. What changes have occurred on this planet are not in fact planetary changes, but rather are responses to its inhabitants, responses to its human tenants’ actions. And for many many years, man did not instigate confrontation with nature. He did not drill deep into its cores, pollute its waters, destroy its equilibrium, or exterminate its creations. So what really has undergone the most dramatic change has in fact been the people, and their attitudes towards the value of life. What has brought about this new attitude, this misunderstanding of what life is really supposed to be about?

Well, it is crucial to examine man, and to see what as a society, he has allowed to be pushed to the forefront of his value system (if it can really be called that, as society can never value, rather it is the individuals who value.). It all comes back to how man forms his self: Does he form it on his own, or does he allow others to form it for him? With a rising population, people get forced to live closer to one another as space is finite here, and one day man will be wading through man’s shit. But that scenario is a few years away, pressing upon man now is what will society force him to be? For a youth to become his own man, his enlightened self, he must either grow in a home that allows expression of the self, rebellion against everything,  and a curiosity about what he is and how he must learn action; Or he must rebel against everything, and along the way learn about what it truly is he is rebelling against. Either route he takes he learns to understand, he learns to ask questions, and he learns that the world is filled with others who have the power of understanding as well. He sees that everything is presented to the masses as two-dimensional, paper-thin, as ultra simple, and where necessity forms the backbone for action, yet is married to simplicity: Simplistic necessity becomes the populations cry. The knowing man understands that the “logic” people think they use, is an answer that trickles to the simplest form, that delivers a solution devoid of complexity. Yet this world, in its simplest understanding, is a complex of complexities, a montage of masterful molecular manipulations! So how is it that four dimensions, three dimensions, the dynamic interaction of responsibility, value, meaning, savagery, patience, peace, violence, harmony, and spirituality, come to be presented to the masses as bourgeoise, aristocratic semblances of pretense, and the only real value is in rule-following, obeying, and finding value through others rather than in one self? With correct thought, with a brain developed to question, the mass man will awaken his blinded eyes to a world where cooperation is non-existent and has been replaced by coercive routine behavior (I say behavior, for that is what is programmed, while action is for the independent.).


The non-objectionable, the stick people populations, not only move to the tune of the clock hands ticking in their minds, but they speak with an obeyance that when analyzed sounds like a second grader telling others of the necessity for the pledge of allegiance. Mass man, the unaware blissful, want to not be disturbed, feel things, anythings, and feel that they wish, feel instead of think, and because they have obeyed their whole lives, feel in some way that the world must have a master, must have a government fathering over them, or else…Or else…Or else. Man without a master! What would he do!!! Who would he be?

An example with one of the mass: The mouthpiece for her generation. The elderly. My oh my the change in people the 80-90 something year olds have seen. And no one will tell them to stay absorbed in the early 1920s, in the early 30’s of war, or depression, of the more individualized culture…NO!! They want to move along to where all the rest of the massses go, they want to see the parade, ride the rides and sing along with the band! And that is the persuasion, that is how the propaganda works. It works toward the future, it couples itself with progress, and it only makes sense that progress is always tomorrow, progress is always the bus that never comes, but we all want to be on it, will sacrifice any now for that next new thing! The dichotomies that become a part of man’s lexicon, a part of his vocabulary that gives him a way to view the world as “this” or “that.” If it lacks “this,” then it must be “that,” for there are no other words to express a deeper explanation. There are no feelings that they can use to describe hypothetical independence, much less concrete independence, real freedom, adventuresome existence.

I was speaking with an 88-year-old woman I was remodelling for the other day, and she began thus:

“Victor, what do you think about guns?”

“I think anyone who wants one should be able to have one Mrs. X”

“Well, what about all these crazies? We have to be able to do something to stop them?”

“Do you mean the soldiers and the police Mrs. X?”

“Vic, no, the school shooters.”

“Why are they the crazy ones? Maybe they believe that the youth is being brainwashed and in effect are not really alive, and their shooting is metaphorical for how dead this society is anyways?”

“Vic, that is crazy, they shoot the kids of all people, we need some sort of regulations on guns.”

“But who will regulate the regulators Mrs. X?”

“Well, what do you think they should do Vic?”

“I think guns should be sold everywhere and there should be no regulations.”

“What about the government Vic, what do you think? You don;t sound like you like them?”

“No, Mrs. X, I do not need someone to tell me what to do, how to live. I think the world would be a lot better place if there was no government…”

“But then it would all be chaos….” (for some reason, mass men must be told to memorize this slogan, this chaos thing, because it is not the first time I have heard it.)

“Well, first you must define chaos Mrs. X, then once you have a valid definition, you must compare that definition to what we have now. Why does now not seem like chaos?”

Where was her “thought” if she merely expressed stuff other people had expressed before her? What, when she uttered the mass memorized propaganda, was it that made her feel that she was individual, that she was making a valid argument? When she speaks, or any other mass man for that matter, what does it do for them to utter shared opinions, to exchange masturbatory messages amongst their kind? Does it signify to others their belonging to the group? Wearing a red hat sitting in a stadium with 65,000 other people all wearing red hats, what does that do to the man? Is it orgasmic to grunt, to clap, to rise upwards, to scream when shown a sign, to move like cattle towards the exit signs, talking to others of what they had just seen, expressing how it made them feel, feeling like they were a collective instrument, brought together for a purpose.

Yes to school. Yes to work. Yes to banks. Yes to participation. Yes to punishment. Yes to technology. Yes to behavioral modification. Yes to treats! Yes to interest. Yes to rules. Yes to laws. Yes to the internet. Yes to picking up animal’s shit. Yes to feeling. Yes to love. Yes to peace. Yes to war. Yes to oblivion. Yes to borders. Yes to fences. Yes to prisons. Yes master, yes masah. Yes.

The word NO doesn’t exist to those who know no alternative destination.

The gates have closed to this giant panopticon sphere. Who or what are you? Hopefully all you were told you would be.foucault-panopticon