Who reads this Blog? Reclaim the you.


Privacy? Drifters? Authoritarians? Thrill-Seekers? The NSA?

This site has received over 3000 hits, mostly from people either searching for some topic, or from readers from other sites, or from the stasi, checking out whether or not this site confirms that I am indeed a TERRORIST. But what is it that you clickers do when you are here? Do you read? Does the material not provoke a response within you? Does your preprogrammed brains not allow for you to think with any clarity and logic and see the errors of this robotic zombified world?

What is it that ye are seeking? A little philosophy…a little meaning…money, riches, or a giant screen tv?

What is it that ye are seeking? A new mind, an escape, a new attitude?

What is it that ye are seeking? Some balls and a giant cock to shoot with, some muscles, a key for your chains, and an instinct for murdering your overlords?

What is it ye are seeking?

What is it ye are seeking?

But more importantly, what and who are you really? Who made who?

The little boy and little girl of long ago, died as soon as soon as people started telling ye how to behave.

Reclaim the you.