No Homeschooling in Germany: By Michael Rozeff,

Why does this happen? What does the state believe is the purpose for humans? Do they even see them as alive? Answer these questions that follow? What do you come up with?

at 08:11 am EDT on September 01, 2013 

German police raid a home in force because a couple defied the German state’s ban on homeschooling. (Thanks to James Nellis for this item.)

It’s a question of rights. Who has the right to raise children, the parents or the neighbors of the parents (“society”)? What rights do the children have in choosing how and where to be educated? How much is “due” to the neighbors or society at large? Why should anything be due to them at all? Why is it their business as long as the children do not aggress against them? Why should they have a right to snatch children for 12 years or longer in places where mandatory kindergarten occurs? Why should parents have to put up with monopoly schools? Why should parents have to put up with their children being taught badly or being indoctrinated in ideas they disapprove of? Why should forced and collectivized financing of these public schools be the norm? How civilized is that system? How respectful of rights is that system?