Let’s Start a Riot!! Destroying All Deficits!!! (I wrote this in 2008)

riot-at-un-conference“A government for the people must depend for its success on the intelligence, the morality, the justice, and the interest of the people themselves.”-Grover Cleveland

Recently, everywhere I have turned, there has been an incessant horizon filled with all sorts of viewpoints as to the problems and solutions with not only the United States of America, but the world as well. Keynesism, inflation, America as an empire, greed, capitalism, not enough capitalism, socialism, a decay of morals and values, and I am sure even quite a few others I have not yet heard. Solutions abound as to a return back to the gold standard, a reduction in our military presence around the world, Keynesism, inflation, more spending to cure too much spending, saving, reduction in government allotment, a return to laissez-faire capitalism, and of course my favorite: NOTHING. I would enjoy very much joining the discussion on how we should roll back the clocks or persuade America that the choices the STATE is making is in direct opposition to the betterment of its people, that the path the STATE is leading us down has us on a direct collision course with dissolution.

Yet, I have a one hundred percent feeling that the STATE knows damn good and well what it is doing. And that it is accomplishing precisely the ends that its means will deliver it: ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCE by its congregation.

There is a whole array of ways that the world’s population could solve its problems, but frankly, the majority just do not want to take the time to focus upon direct solutions. Point blank, people nowadays are just not intelligent enough. Even those who have been appropriated enough IQ points by their predecessors, lack common sense, and the skills to THINK CORRECTLY. Even further down the line, they are deficient in action skills, or maybe it is purely that their brains lack the motor skills to propel them into action by way of choice.

There is no doubt that this is the Age of Deficits. Whether it is the capital “D” Deficit of the STATE–which has reached a number that is honestly not even within my comprehension any longer; or it is an output deficit, where there just are not enough productive workers to use their skills to create worthwhile expenditure; input deficit, meaning, our education systems for the youth is lacking in any sort of creative or honest learning environment that can keep kids focused throughout an entire school day; a deficit of attention, or in medical layman’s terms–ADD–ADHD–which for some reason the majority of the population has seemed to contract in recent years, which involves people not being able to listen, read anything without pictures or any longer than People magazine, or really pay attention to the surrounding world long enough to develop an objective view of a logical individual system to tackling the reality this modern world confronts us with on a daily basis. And then of course there is the all-encompassing Obsessive Compulsives, who remain locked in their own world’s of obsessions that typically revolve around meaningless pursuits such as cleaning or opening and closing a door in a certain way so they do not crumble to the floor in fits of personal denial. Other such deficits: action deficits–people who are on welfare or unemployment (also in a separate category called human-deficit, where they lack the skills required to actually be called a person); intellect-deficit: people on welfare and unemployment, as well as the other 99 percent of the slaves of the STATE who pay their taxes unquestioningly, defend nationalism without understanding that nationalism destroys the human spirit which they claim to hold high, and watch the television and use tv sitcoms and soap operas as their focal points of conversation with their fellows.

The masses have grown up hypnotized, propagandized, drugged and drunk upon a world of illusions and lies. Responsibility to them means recycling their water bottles and buying recycled paper and shopping for their groceries at Whole Foods and paying taxes so that redistribution of wealth occurs and they feel as though they have helped their fellow man who is not lucky enough to earn a high enough salary to support his family of five that he has scattered around with three different baby’s mamas.

There are several men I hold very dear to the highly developed way an individual can live freely in this world–provided the correct economic foundation is in place and the country has not been given over to majoritarianism. The men who are no longer writing anymore, but whose ideas live on are Henry Hazlitt and FA Hayek, both of whom helped lay the individualism within my spirit and freed my intellect of the chains that held it down to the levels of the commoner. Mike Rozeff, Robert Higgs, and Justin Raimondo, of LewRockwell.com, are 3 of the writers whose ideas I respect.

Mike Rozeff, a self-proclaimed anarchist of sorts (Anarcho-Capitalist), has a complete understanding of exactly what the government is doing wrong. His grasp on the pulse of individual liberty keeps me reading any and all of his articles. A favorite quote of his that I have adopted into my foundation is:

“Your liberty is a condition of your actions, marked by the absence of laws and rules imposed on you by other people that restrict, under the sanctions of force and punishment, your capacity to make your own choices. The organization of people imposing these laws is the State.”

My only objection with Mike Rozeff is that he is not my best friend and we are not both armed to the teeth wearing all black and taking it to these STATE-lovers ninja style. Bang-Bang.

Robert Higgs teaches me something new every day, most importantly that the Government is a scrawny bully, who will fight anyone, but does not care how it wins, just as long as it knees as many guys in the nuts and steals all of their fucking money. And that the STATE uses weakness as a way to gain POWER. It is the ultimate machine of Machiavellian FORCE. I have read his main treatise, Crises and Leviathan, a book which explains how and when the US STATE was able to grab all of its power and shit all over the Constitution. His specialty is a firm understanding of the power of ideology, and that the majority of people are raised like sheep to follow toward whatever pasture they are herded into. One of his older  articles shed important insight upon the AIG mess of 2007 (that it is not what people should be focused on.):

“It’s possible, of course, that some people failed to see what was going on at today’s hearing, because, as usual, all parties tried to throw the bloodhounds off the scent by dragging a red herring across the trail. This time the rotten herring is the $165 million in bonuses that AIG recently attempted to pay certain employees to retain their services. Joe Sixpack got mighty hot under the collar about these bonuses, of course, goaded by the news media’s usual efforts to make their emphasis inversely proportional to an event’s actual importance. Yes, people are furious about the bonuses; these payments are the populist outrage d’jour. People seem not to have noticed, however, that the $165 million scheduled to be paid in AIG bonuses amounts to approximately 0.00002 of the total amount the government has dispensed in its recent commitments for loans, capital infusions, “stimulus” spending, loan guarantees, asset swaps, and other utter (and utterly destructive) wastes. The public might just as well have become inflamed about how Tim Geithner combs his hair.”

Robert Higgs and Mike Rozeff both understand that this revolution must be pursued not only on the actual battleground of American soil, but also on the ideological front, which lies within people’s minds.

Justin Raimondo has to understand that, if there were other planets that we people could fly off to, that everyone else would have left all of these power-hungry people to their own ruling desires here on Earth. I am not certain he understands that, but I do know he gets ideology, and grasps how people in power use it, namely the Obama administration:

“This claim to be non-ideological, and therefore “practical,” is a smokescreen for what is clearly an ideology of a very definite sort: it is garden-variety statism, i.e., a belief in the radical extension of governmental power.”

Yet, where Justin really shines is in his honesty in the fact that this Second Coming of Rome, has finally lost its ideological steam–when he writes of what we all know must come someday: What goes Up, Up, Up must come back down. Its all gravitational. Just ask Sir Isaac Newton, for he sure knows a thing or two about the laws of the Universe, something a few billion people on this earth could use a reteaching of. Justin goes straight at this maxim of gravitational comeuppance in his best written article to date: The American Empire: A Finale. War is such an overused metaphor, but in his article Justin proves just how important that metaphor (and reality of the word) is to the STATE:

“War is the health of the state.” War provides the framework and mindset that cedes all authority to the state and gives it free reign over the destiny of individuals.”

Justin sets up this world as I know it perfectly. I think he means it. I can feel his disdain, his acceptance, and his logic through his words. And if America’s Empire is grinding to a halt, what does that mean next?

I believe that America will not go down without a fight (this was 2008, I was still young in my thinking, young in my unlearning. amerika is a bunch of bitches, they have already gone down without a fight. dont believe me? check the fast food parking lots at lunch time.). I think the enslavement of its population is just beginning as Barack and Company are continuing what began over hundred years ago, just beginning to grasp that even if a final power grab into the complete realm of Totalitarianism is all that is left, well, its better than the Chinese, is what I am sure they are thinking. And with that…the War continues…for Liberty, for the Human Will and Spirit…

Most people think this Crisis just began with the Housing Debacle, or the Dot.Com bust, or 9/11, or when George, Sr. attacked Iraq. Honestly. There are people in America who think this country is the freest country in the world, and that the reason we have military presence in 160 countries around the world is to spread “freedom” and “democracy.” Well, yeah I guess that is true, if freedom meant–free from their government, and now free to be the STATE’s slaves or die, and democracy meant, a governmental system where the STATE has complete rule over all you do and the military can rape your wives and kill your children, then yes, all those people are right.

Why would people believe those things? Because people believe what they are told. Because people want this Empire to “Roll on,” or some other kind of catchy slogan. Because people like to believe their country is a fucking winner, dude! Its better to get raped if everyone else is getting raped too..

Through research, and with the help of my literary friends, Robert Higgs especially, I have come to see a shift in ideology and rhetoric has an immense power over people. I know this country was founded on Freedom, for the most part, and that at some point before the shift from the 19th century into the 20th century, ideology shifted from pro-individual towards that more consistent with socialism. As late as the 1890’s, the President of the United States still said things like:

“A prevalent tendency to disregard the limited mission of the government’s power and duty should be steadfastly resisted, to the end that the lesson should be constantly enforced that, though the people support the Government, the Government should not support the people.”-Grover Cleveland

Which can be taken in so many ways. In today’s climate it would mean that the people sow their own mistakes and should survive without bailouts (although with so much government intervention already, through the addition of new laws daily, nationalization of some new industry, and hardly any personal freedom, the socialistic economy we live under, really cannot operate without inflation, low IQ’s, and guys that drive big cars because of their lack of actual manhood). In yesterday’s climate (1890), it still meant there was hope for the individual spirit, and even the guy who could have abused his position and taken whatever he wanted as though he were some fucking monarch or something, CHOSE not to, because even he believed in what this country was supposed to be all about. I used to picture America was really that way, some 26 years ago living in the country with nothing but corn fields and time standing in my way between me and infinity and all I could accomplish in a day.

But I realized I am sure the same thing that people did in the early 1900’s: Authority WANTS people to depend on them. Why? Cause it makes them feel all warm and cozy inside with a burst of POWER. Parental Authority, especially if used within today’s society, that restricts just as much as the socialist State, is a mere microcosm of the ideology the STATE restricts its citizens with. I learned to hate the tax system from my authorities, as they taxed (stole) their way through my social security fund left to me from my deceased father, and later through my trust fund, which they used as their own punishment and public education fund for me. To me Authority is Authority, and I loathe it whether it comes in elder form of parents, teachers, anyone trying to use their blind tools of power over me, or the thieving STATE. Not once was I ever brainwashed to respect Authority.

The American People on the other hand had another thing coming to them–as devastation to their freedoms, individuality and fellow country men-were obliterated by two world wars, an economic war in the form of the Great Depression–all of which added up to the Universal War on the Individual.

Sure laws were passed, the Income Tax implemented, the Federal Reserve created and inflation thence irreversible, a Railroad was nationalized and labor was regulated, and troops were drafted–but it must not have felt as official–that the people had somewhere become blind, weak, misguided, spiritless, will-less–until Franklin D Roosevelt said he would lead them beyond their selfish ways, over the arduous mountain into the green pastures of altruistic cooperation:

“If I read the temper of our people correctly, we now realize as we have never realized before our interdependence on each other; that we can not merely take but we must give as well; that if we are to go forward, we must move as a trained and loyal army willing to sacrifice for the good of a common discipline, because without such discipline no progress is made, no leadership becomes effective. We are, I know, ready and willing to submit our lives and property to such discipline, because it makes possible a leadership which aims at a larger good. This I propose to offer, pledging that the larger purposes will bind upon us all as a sacred obligation with a unity of duty hitherto evoked only in time of armed strife.”

At first, I think the people only suffered a broken toenail, and they had misdiagnosed it as something worse than that. Nevertheless they asked for help from their neighbor for a shoulder to lean on. Pretty soon they needed a wheelchair from the whole community. Then the whole community needed money from the city. Then the city needed education from the State. Once that was done, the STATE just told everyone that none of them would need their legs anymore, or jobs, because Big Daddy was coming to the rescue, and he would save them all, they just had to bow down and kiss his mother fucking feet and like it.

So its not Barack’s fault really. Responsibility has been banished underneath the STATE’s reign. He’s trying to do his best with what there is left. He really has the people’s best interest in his heart. He just cannot please everyone. But if he sticks to his tools of Immediacy, circular rhetoric, redistribution, inflation, humor, a great smile, hanging out on vacations 90% of the time, doing march madness shit on espn, and a full frontal “use” of the Constitution–I just know we all cannot lose!! Shucks Barack. I wish I drank still, because I would sure love to have a beer with you…

Just so I could puke it back up all over your face, right after I whispered that you could have done so many things different–You just continued to deliver America into the giant absence of individualism.

But with your slick talk, I bet you wonder how anyone could figure you out:

“Yet, every so often the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms. At these moments, America has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because We the People have remained faithful to the ideals of our forebears, and true to our founding documents.”

Obama. Come on? The only clouds and storms that happened that day were the clouds rising from the Bill of Rights that was in embers, and the shit storm you were squinting through to see your teleprompter. As for the skill or vision of those who have held office, are you referring to their adeptness at deception, or their ability to steal, rape and murder at any time of the day and still make it home to tuck their children into bed (cuz aint it all about the kids). And if you can tell me one ideal of the forebears you have remained faithful to, other than hanging out in the whitehouse, pray tell. I know you are not true to the founding documents, nor the forbears, because your bailouts and stimulus programs would have been laughed at by Jefferson and Co, not to say what in the least Grover Cleveland would have done had someone even said the words bailout to him. I do not even want to get into the discussion on what your deficits are, although most can guess your shortcomings–as a leader, and I am sure as a man (im sure it takes Viagra).

I love to write. Shit. I mean, I do have an English Degree. I rather enjoy philosophizing. I mean, I do have an Aristotle book or two. What I do not like is many fold though, and it all starts with Authority.

Sure, I could be that guy and I could write how many ways the government could do its job better and accomplish helping a greater number of people and providing more jobs and creating a wealthier nation, all the while sealing up the security for its people. But I will leave that mission to those who understand ideology, economics, and the durability of the empire.

Me. I could give a fuck about the Constitution. I never did much care for it. That or the Ten Commandments. Sounds like both were trying to limit my Freedoms. And nobody asked me if I ever CONSENTED to the Constitution. Everyone just sort of assumed. And you know what assumptions do.

I like Revolutionaries. Rebels. People who aren’t nice guys. Malcolm X. Thomas Paine. Socrates. The Stopwatch Gang. James Dean.

I’m callous. And I just really don’t give a fuck. Unless its got to do with Liberty.

So I’m thinking its gotta be time for a Mother Fucking Boston Tea Party SOONER or later….how’s April 15th sound?

As for the Constitution–Well, if Barack and everyone else can piss on it, then I guess I’ll just burn the fucker….

In the words of Lysander Spooner, a true Revolutionist–Hopefully this will get all of your BLOOD pumping, and help you all begin to see that Liberty ain’t really to be FUCKED WITH!!

“What was true of our ancestors, is true of revolutionists in general. The monarchs and governments, from whom they choose to separate, attempt to stigmatize them as traitors. But they are not traitors in fact; in-much they betray, and break faith with, no one. Having pledged no faith, they break none. They are simply men, who, for reasons of their own — whether good or bad, wise or unwise, is immaterial — choose to exercise their natural right of dissolving their connexion with the governments under which they have lived. In doing this, they no more commit the crime of treason — which necessarily implies treachery, deceit, breach of faith — than a man commits treason when he chooses to leave a church, or any other voluntary association, with which he has been connected.

This principle was a true one in 1776. It is a true one now. It is the only one on which any rightful government can rest. It is the one on which the Constitution itself professes to rest. If it does not really rest on that basis, it has no right to exist; and it is the duty of every man to raise his hand against it.”