Lawful Rebellion? What?

the-whiskey-rebellion-of-1794Men were not born to follow orders, each individual was given the opportunity to come to this planet to seek for himself what it is like to take ownership for himself. The easy days for him were before he was here, and will be left for him after he is gone, dead and buried in the ground. But his existence here, on this earth, is supposed to be full of contemplation, full of trials testing his mental endurance, his physical strengths, his convictions, and pushing him beyond (BEYOND) what he believes his limits to be. Surveying the geography of the world, finding clean and healthy water, meditating upon what one is, keeping the body physically fit, all will give a man plenty to do each day–But when other men, men who purport to be the ones looking out for our “safety,” put obstacle after obstacle after obstacle in the way of man’s behaviors, by devising new things he “needs,” by distracting his self from the daily discipline he must follow towards his full development, and by controlling his movements and thoughts with “education” and “laws,” that only confuse, paralyze and set man on a course to nowhere, fulfilling the purpose of being a slave for others to use–then the added weight of sifting through distortions and lies to find truth, his personalized self, forces him to stand thigh high in the polluted rivers of life to identify the small bits of gold dust that can be missed by the non-discerning eye, that, if found, can give him the mental currency to see the priceless value that is within every cell of his being.

The key to the meaning of life is that not every being here is equal. Equality is an illusion, at every step of the process. Beings are not created equal, beings do not mentally develop equally (which is the real key), beings do not physically develop equally (but unless they have the mental capacity, they only develop into strength brutes), and beings do not spiritually develop equally. There are beings that will evolve in a spiritual manner faster, but not develop their minds, or bodies as rapidly, if at all, as well as beings whose minds develop and are weak in body and spirit. This can be extremely harmful, and is where thoughtful reflection on balance comes into play. One must have all the tools at one’s disposal, must be strong mentally, bodily and spiritually to comprehend the gifts. And frankly, not all are capable of this transformation. It is like realizing that you are different from every one else. Its when you know that you could not be a part of this society for the simple reason that you are better than everyone else in it, that your genetic makeup has been charged with a more complex DNA strand than anyone else’s. Or that you pushed your mind harder than anyone else, pushed your mind to become attuned with the body, and practiced harder at attaining a spiritual outlook that can calm the mind, the body, and put you in a state that dissolves the emotions into merely a descriptive word that no longer characterizes your behaviors. Dis-equality, is now the understanding that because you work harder, because you think better more originally, more creatively, that you can now look EVERYONE in the eyes and no longer blink with an acquiescence of similarity, but burn your stare of becoming, of superiority into their cerebral cortex.

System recognition is a mental retrieval trick that one can use when interacting with others within this social paradigm (prison) we have been forced (trained, trapped) to spend our lives . The idea is to look for cues that tell you what system you are in now, and how others around you values the system they have allowed themselves to be subjected to. How much thinking is going on within those around you, and by this I mean actual thinking, are they discussing engineering possibilities within themselves, are they discussing with others HOW things work on complex levels, do you see them advocating anarchy not only through their words but their actions? Or is the mental stimuli they are giving and receiving analogous to that of an eight year old’s book report description of what he saw last night on the television, how the weather will be, and that he really likes his new shoes? It is like looking into the fish tank at the office and seeing an environment of pure calm and medicated acceptability, where all of the fish look-alike and swim in the same routes over and over throughout the course of the day. Juxtapose this against the backdrop of a scuba session into the cold water depths off the Cape off Africa, where there is plenty of room for the vast variety of individual fish, where some stick together out of protection, and where others lie in wait, ready to savagely digest the ones whom did not keep alert at all times. What is going on in each system? It would appear as though one were controlled, and the other is left to its own devices, is without control, goes on about its business as it was created to do. This is a simplification of the many systems that have been designed for humans to live under, but it gives a good understanding to the novice on how control can take away the elements of perception, discernment, understanding, alertness, strength, and mental acuity.

Understanding systems then is the means one must use to be able to recognize the relationships one has within the world as well. Because systems place one into relationships, and unless one is aware, finds oneself in many relationships that he did not agree to. The idea for those in control, is the integration of all systems into man, meaning to make all systems overlap so tightly, become so woven intricately into one another, that man will find his worlds inescapable. Thus, briefly it is important to go over some of the systems we may take for granted. Laws create a relationship to society, in that through constant reinforcement we are told that within a harmonious society, for it to operate properly, it must be enforced with rules, and these rules must be supervised by a body of mortals (typically those not created equal, those dumbed down with missing DNA strands), and these mortals are given the power to punish those who break the rules/laws. What stands out though, is that in a society it does not make sense that one group, the group who does the enforcing, can break the very rules, with impunity, that the other group must follow. Tied to the system of law, to the system of a make-believe society of behaviorally-challenged non-thinking individuals, is the system of language, and how its meanings alter laws, perception, and the daily activities, routines, beliefs, and meanings of the mass of the beings here on earth. And when there are those in power who can change the meanings of words through devised usage, through doublespeak and mis-representation, then without a population who holds those above them accountable (even though this is not the meaning of individual man), then black becomes white, existence becomes servility, questioning becomes resisting, and rebellion becomes terrorism. Thus, through language and laws, one all of a sudden finds himself in relationships that he never consented to, but can do nothing to break up with the psycho bitches that sleezed their way into his life, or if he eliminates them then he is labeled as an antisocial miscreant, and is put into a hospital where he undergoes medicated sensitivity training, chemical lobotomies, transforming a resourceful, fully utilized being into a walking zombie with only enough energy and mental capacity to hold a part-time job, watch television and eat fast food three times a day.

Education is a system that does more than teaches one to read, write and understand mathematics and their relationship to a numerical universe. It teaches the constant fragmentation of time, the break down of the day into its parts for eating, following orders, play, and work. It also constructs the philosophical system of authoritarianism for the young individual, giving him the stern looks, the permission asking rules for doing something, and builds up the way our society has been constructed, and how he can go about becoming a productive member in it as well. So education is really the foundational system, where laws, rules, language, credibility, financial, communication, basic meaning, and allegiance are all learned and honed. Within such a system it is easy to see who will refine and hone his aggressive and rebellious tendencies, and who will become followers to the politics of the world.

It is within these brief glimpses of the relationships and systems that underlie our lives that we are able to define what it is that we want out of our lives, who we want to be, and to what extent we will go to become this vision. If this is now a world that is undergoing a regimented warfare against all dissenters against authority, then should we go quietly, or should we at least take out as many of the mindless body snatchers as we can. A wise man once said it is not the sharpness of the blade but the one who wields the sword that can do the real damage. Well, our weapons may not be as sophisticated as the ones who claim to “rule’ the world, but I believe our emotionless outrage, our commitment to freedom, our disciplined minds, our commitment to the path of pure meaning, will allow us to achieve victory. Violence is the only answer against these serfs of authoritarianism. Anarchy is the only solution. Destruction of all the foundational works for socialism, for laws, for fascism, for controlling the minds of men, for propaganda, for polluting the world with concrete, overpopulation of slaves, of time misappropriation, of promoting equality, for destroying the human spirit, and for poisoning the savage minds of man that made him so creative, so able to withstand so many years, through so many circumstances.

What the fuck is a “LAWFUL REBELLION,’ when the ones in power are the ones who create the law, and they are the ones we are rebelling against. When the ones in power do not follow these laws, when they base their whole foundation on robbing, killing, rape, and deceit, how can you counteract that with civility, peace, permission and acceptance. That is playing into their hands. No, death, death, death, murder, murder, murder. Fire with fire for the elimination of fire. THEY MUST REALIZE THAT THERE ARE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS. THEY MUST REALIZE THAT IF THEY ARE GOING TO PUT TO DEATH ONE OF US FOR KILLING ONE OF THEM, THEN WE WILL PUT TO DEATH A THOUSAND OF THEM FOR KILLING ONE OF US.

This is a call to action. Anarchy, anarchy, anarchy. The time will never get any better. Start getting equipped. These bitches gotta die. Its like this: For us to be complete, to harness our individual power and meaning, we can only strengthen our bodies like steel, strengthen our minds like iron, our spirits must be like a time portal, able to bounce to any point in the universe it pleases, and when the chance arises, destroy those that seek to turn this world into a concrete landscape of similarity, the population into nodding yes men, drowning   beneath the watchful eye of the panopticon, slaves to the machine, whipped through the skin to empty souls, emotionless and mindless by breeding, drunk on non-alcoholic whisky, unaware of their situation, but ignorance has never been an effective scapegoat– and we then escape into the little bit of the wild that is left in this world, the last bit of wild that resembles the savage and brutal discipline and chaos that is man’s true nature….