Losing the Alpha-Male–De-Evolution of the Human Species…

evolutionAs a youth when I first found out about evolution, I ran out of school, threw my backpack down, leapt into the branches of my favorite tree, and scurried to the top as fast as my arms and legs would carry me. Surveying the distant lands, I dreamt of the possibilities that stood in front of me—one day I would be able to see to China– and my super-strength would send me catapulting from some similar tree into the depths of space…or beyond.

Well, as I grew older, I came to the realization that evolution does not actually mean “super powers,” nor does it usually occur in one’s lifetime, but gradually over history, in response to a species’ needs. (however, now that i have begun to master the mind, I am seeing that evolution CAN occur within one’s lifetime, and that mastering the body, as well as the mind, will develop one at a lightning clip, as opposed to those whose form and mind have deccelerated into mush.)

My mind never wavered though, from the fact that evolution was a push forward towards the best, strongest, fastest, smartest beings possible.

Awakening this morning, I was shocked to have my second-guessing confirmed however, that evolution indeed works backwards as well. I label this metamorphosis, de-evolution, degeneration, or the dumbing-down of the species. And of course its not our fault, the government does so much for us, the individual practically has no role, is useless almost, and only has a place among “society,” or as a father figure amongst his family and home.

Actually, in all seriousness, the article I read in Newsweek.com, entitled, “Its Survival of the Weak and Scrawny,” screamed to me, that this had to be about America’s (and the world’s)new class of men. Oh what a role model for future generations today’s man has staked claim to be.

Combining today’s male with the de-evolving hunted species around the globe, the conclusion can be paralleled that, in order for these animals to survive, they have had to adapt to their weakest links, ones with no horns, less-intimidating, less testosterone-filled versions of their alphaic male counterparts, all full of rage, individualism, anarchy, risk-taking, innovation and leadership qualities–and take on the role of Mr. Average Species Guy–compromising, emotional, vulnerable, materialistic, and someone who does what he’s told without questioning (as a matter of fact, all his behaviors are performed, all his thoughts, his world-view, are done without questioning).

Today’s male realizes he can get his way easier with a sit-down appetizer, Michelob Ultra, and a great big Please, than showing the boss that innovation, keen insight, and a vision for profits and ambition ( a bit of the HORNS if you will), will trump a watered-down beer and a “yes-man,” any day. But also working for a boss is a bit feminine as well though huh girls…

But I simplify way too easily.

The problem we are now dealing with in America is a heck of a lot more complex, and indeed this de-evolution has been years in the making.

Initial projections for Obesity, has the entire adult population at obese levels by 2048. Right now, levels are astoundingly high-and continue to increase almost two-fold yearly it seems. This subject is highlighted now because obesity is a sign that we are not moving in the healthy direction of evolution. Obesity is a selfish, willpower-less lifestyle for the majority of people that affects not only their bodies, their health costs, our economy, as well as our global image that we are a nation of gluttonous consumers, greedily ingesting the world’s resources.

We have developed into a very accepting society, where anything can be rationalized, compromised, or explained to the point that American society has become insulated in its obese nonchalance. Why shake the system and question authority, when the average American does not even think twice about questioning what he is putting into his own body.

Economically this affects us, because no one wants to take the time to investigate the CAUSES of our economic problems of today, and trace them back to problems of yesterday, but rather, we listen to the answers of television reporters, explain to us the effects of the economic crisis, if we do not act right away. Well, we are all trained, to be lazy, to let the government take care of us, that its not our fault, McDonald’s put too many calories in our milkshake and did not put a caloric label on the container (although even with a caloric counter, is that really what we need to look at, is calories? shouldn’t we be looking at what the food we eat, eats? shouldn’t we be looking at what is it that is in our water? What do the chemicals in soda do to our body? Are all fruits and vegetables equally as nutritious? What is food?); We cannot concentrate because we have ADHD; Our stocks were just making lots of money a second ago, why can the government not just print some money and fix all this so we can get back to our Lazy-Boys™, chicken pot pies, 44 oz. sodas, and our 56 inch Plasma tv’s.

Slow and steady wins the race, and that is precisely the diet the Propaganda chefs have been feeding the public for decades, carefully cultivating the perfect dish for success: Fear.

Fear is an isolator. Fear creates suspicion. Fear needs rescuers. Fear needs protection. Fear keeps people in their houses. Fear causes ignorance. Fear informs. Fear blinds. Fear is Freedom gotten fat with its laziness, lack of productivity and imagination. Fear is the wild crazy ram without its horns. Fear is an emotion of the weak. Fear sells tickets to the GOP convention and Democratic rallies.


I am in no way screaming for all Americans to go back to college and get their doctorate degrees, but rather to remember their fifth-grade educations, where they all learned cause and effect strategies, where for every action there was an equal but opposite reaction, basic principles that were easy for everyone to understand. If we want new effects, we have to try new behaviors. Makeup doesn’t make the scars go away, it just hides them. Striped clothes may make you LOOK skinnier, but fuck, come on, you know underneath that striped shirt that you are still a fat piece of shit drinking 4 two liters of shit a day. For those things I am screaming. But I could walk out on my front porch and scream this to the world, but you know what would probably happen? I would get arrested for disturbing the peace of all the lazy people watching their television sets.

Stretch your legs, put down the KFC, wipe the dust off your brain, and turn off the television and think about the state of our country right now. Write it down and sit down with your friends and discuss your thoughts, questions and conclusions. Take a walk through the streets and find out for yourselves that fear and violence and economic poverty aren’t hiding around every corner. Just get outside and see that there used to be dreams and hopes and fun hidden under every star in the universe. Its not too late to turn our irreverence and insolvency and laziness into creativity, profits, and evolutionary ambitious alpha males (beings?) frothing with testosterone and fertility, giving birth to a healthy and free economic nation.

I remember climbing trees and dreaming of possibilities for America and me.

Which, as a fifth grader, was what I understood my climbing and dreaming to symbolize in evolutionary terms–the betterment of the species, through an outward, and upward expansion of the senses and strengths.