Cold Shower Therapy: Invigorate your Spirit: Become Boss

cold_showersDo a google search (cold shower therapy) if the information I preach seems trite,if I am a bit too ASSERTIVE IN HOW I TREAT THE TOPIC, or if what I write does not seem to arouse your interest. When it comes to awakening your body, your routine, your mindless following of all laws that constrict your choices, as well as an invigorating way to lead a healthy detoxifying lifestyle, look no further than a 5-10 minute cold shower first thing in the morning.

the ancient japanese samurai, in the Bushido, their book on the Way, said that it was best to meditate on death, arrows piercing the heart, falling off a skyscraper, being pulled under by giant waves, being stabbed by a hundred enemies, first thing in the morning, thus preparing oneself for every mental obstacle that one could face. hypothermia in very cold water can set in in as little as 15 minutes, but come on man, your shower ain’t anywhere near close to freezing, so theoretically you could last all morning!

throw a rock song on loud, guns n roses, the kinks, metallica, toto, pink floyd, but preferably one or a few that last more than 5 minutes, and dig in. No it would not be best to eat breakfast first. maybe take a shit, then shower, because after a few minutes of this all of your muscles will tense up, electrified aliveness will be scorching through your body and mind, and sleep is long ago forgotten, and questions will be zipping through your mind like, “how does this free you from the constraints of the world,” and “this is only a cold shower, how can this make me my own boss,” but like anything else, if you do it long enough, with enough forethought and intention, it becomes a part of you, embedded in your routine, embedded in your existence….YOU WILL CRAVE THE ENERGY OF THE COLD. YOU WILL OBSESS ABOUT IT. YOU WILL GLARE AT OTHERS AND WONDER IF THEY HADTHE SACK TO DO THE SAME. YOU WILL REALIZE THAT HOW YOU JUMPSTART YOUR DAY SEPARATES YOU FROM OTHER BEINGS. Your mind will be on point. You would have made a fearless decision first thing in the day, what a precedent to set for the many hours to come. routine? fuck that. Stop sign with no one around? that shit ain’t gonna tell you what to do is it? “No turn on red sign?” come on, you were a mindless bitch slave before, but look at you now, you take cold showers, with your balls all shriveled up and your nipples rock solid, how can a fucking sign tell you what to do. You’re the boss now. drivers licenses? who needs to license YOU how to drive? definitely not the state. maybe a defensive driving course or two, and a course that teaches things like, how to ebrake and cool shit like that, but definitely not the overweight slob, or the 93 year old behind the counter at the DMV working so that she can get up tomorrow and make more people stand in another line and waste more of their meaningful lives. Boss. Fuck the government. don’t they just steal your money through inflation, eminent domain, create laws that direct your actions pretty much turning you into a thoughtless robot, put millions of people in jail for victimless crimes, put people in jail for the exact same things they do except on a MUCH LARGER SCALE, and they try to be the final arbiters of what RIGHTS I CAN HAVE? FUCK THEM BIG TIME> Boss. Fuck Obama. Isn’t that nigger just Trayvon Martin from 35 years ago? Boss. Fuck pussy ass libertarians that preach liberty but don’t have the sack to fight for it.(remember which side you are on, AND FIGHT FOR IT.) Boss. Fuck democrats. Aren’t they all just niggers wanting a handout anyways? Boss. Fuck republicans. Ain’t they just crackers that pretend to believe in “small government,” and get off bombing foreigners? Boss.

I’m on day 16. I can’t get the cold shower out of my mind. I feel like I’m cheating if I even get near warm water. I can’t wait for the winter when the water gets really cold.

If you make it to DAY 30, consider yourself the king. Let your dick swing, your titties swell, your shaved pussy glisten. Look people dead in their eye, read their minds, puff your chest out and walk tall my friends. For you don’t take no shit. especially from a bunch of politicians, cops, fags, niggers, and parasites (redundant for cops, fags, niggers, and politicians).

Live YOUR life. It all starts with Day One.

(WARNING: Cold showers don’t cause racism, bigotry, sexism, or hate-mongering–uneducated niggers, piece of shit whites, and materialism lusting libertarians that masquerade as alive, meaning-filled beings cause division amongst earthlings. I use to say to myself, “just pretend they are zombies, rathbone.” Then I realized they really ARE shells of real true alive beings. the scariest realization i ever had. take the televised emotion out of things, and see reality for what it is–bleak, illusory, decaying, domineering, and based upon a master-slave point of view. who do you want to be when you step out of your 30th cold shower?)

stay tuned for what ice cold baths can do to the will. as well as why waterboarding is only effective on the weak (ie, bitch ass niggaz).