Permission: Indoctrinating the Masses


It all begins when you are born, whether you are smart or dumb, whether your parents are black or white, asian or hindu, capitalist or socialist, you are going to learn what it means to have to ASK for what you want. Whether the request is for something large or small, for a cookie, for a lullaby to put you to sleep, for a story read to you, for a soft drink filled with dna destroying corn syrup, for a shiny new bike with a safety helmet (who hits their heads when falling off a bike anyway), a pair of shoes, a jean jacket, or some new video game system, you will have learned to ask permission to get these things, with words such as “may i…” or “please.” And yet, why is it that the child learns to ask for these things? Is it because he spontaneously figures out that chocolate is good, or that he figures sitting on a seat and peddling on a contraption with two wheels will be fun, or that a sugary carbonated beverage must be delicious? No idiot, he is fed these things, or he sees the reaction on other members of society who have these things, and have had to ask permission to have more of these things after they have been given them. So it is, with each new little “person” that gets born into this world, he will be a slave to all others because he will have his adventuresome and playful and questioning mind halted by “authorities” everywhere making him stop and learn to ask if he can do something.

When he is at home it goes, “Mom, dad, may I please be excused from the table…;” “Mom, dad, may I please sleep over at Timmy’s house…;””Mom, dad may I please watch my new tv show…” Etc, etc, etc….

When he is at school, mind you he is four or five, it goes: (Hand raised)”Mrs. Jeffries (Since these women and men, officers of our youth, must be treated with respect and not addressed by their first names, even though they are hardly qualified to “teach” anything, when all they really do is program little kids’ minds to act in accordance with the rulers’ mandates, so that they may receive a paycheck so they can eek out a few more breaths and talk to their friends about how much they love kids), may I please go to the bathroom…;””Mrs. Jeffries, may I please go outside and play….;” “Mrs. Jeffries, may i please have some crayons to color….;”

These kids are taught about red lights and green lights, what each  one of these colors means when driving, that one tells of needing to obey and stop, that you must remain stopped until the little machine turns green and gives you permission to go. He is told of when to cross a street, how to wait in a line, what it means to cut in line, and what the consequences are if he does not follow these rules….

Permission is a problem for individuals and especially kids, because at the root of the issue is that people are made into masters and slaves, authorities and subordinates if that is more pleasing sounding. What have any of these people done to become authorities over others? Because someone puts his dick in a woman’s vagina, cums in her, and she happens to be ovulating, and nine months later a kid comes out, makes her some type of authority on how to raise kids, and gives her a right to tell this kid what to do? This same woman, because she gives birth to a kid, has gone to school, gone to more school, and followed all the rules and can regurgitate everything that other people tell her, makes her an authority able to tell other people’s kids what to do on top of those kids having his own parents tell him what to do? Can you imagine how many people on any given day are telling one kid what to do, whether it be from his parents. their parents, somebody else’s parents, a church person, a teacher, a relative, a sibling, the television, the bus driver, a policeman, or even a neighbor? What must a kid think, or lack of, as this goes on day after day after day….I am sure hopelessness sets in at some point, thoughts turn off, and he sets his mind on autopilot, playing video games, watching tv, or being an authority’s plaything.

What type of person does this thing become when older? Is he really even a person anymore? What separates him from a machine–the fact that he can bleed when cut, and that he can cry? Look around next time you are at a stop light at 11 at night, and there is no one around, no one is coming the other way, and wonder why you are stopped there, waiting for permission to move from a light that has no intelligence, does nothing but change three different colors, in order, all day long–it has never been to school, it has never exercised, never won a trophy, never had a baby, never been anything but a color-changing machine, But you know what—even though it has never done any of those things–it does one thing: It tells you what to do all the time.

Revolution? Come on. These little permission asking machines can’t even take a piss unless someone tells them its ok. As long as a little light tells them when to stop and when to go, I am pretty sure the government can feel safe about no one overthrowing it any time soon.