Understanding who we are? A Man’s Exploration of the Universe within. (Part 2)


The Hands on the clock tick, and each day the thoughts, the substance of who you are never flourishes, because the seed is incapable of growth: There is nowhere for the roots to breathe and spread over the spirit, as it is too encumbered with stuff, with things, with emotions that will keep one from ever truly knowing of his self.

In order for us to understand change, we must truly know ourselves first. So before we clear our garden, and plant our self, and water it to grow, we shall inspect all the matters that society has weighed us down with, which have resulted in our thoughts never having been allotted the proper amount of time to be devoted to our personal individualistic growth.

What I am relating, is nothing revolutionary in the least. It is common sense. Coercion and ingraining an education upon people has been used for centuries in order to focus their thoughts in a certain direction. Which is precisely where we will begin. Education is the best, and only, way for controlling a people. There have been many sayings, that education opens one’s eyes to the prison he will never escape; Ignorance is bliss; etc, etc…But what education basically does is it teaches you someone else’s interpretation of events, reality, and what are the focal points. And hence, as you grow older that interpretation grows inside you and becomes a voice of reason (where the fuck did this voice come from, it is not mine?) you will listen to and find comfort through. As a young child, you never had a choice of your education, you were guided by your parents’ “feelings” into the right school. Your parents wanted you to attend an academic institution(sounds like a prison to me? does not sound like a place where free educational interaction occurs?) that had similar values and teachings which were in unison with how they thought and felt. They wanted you to go to a safe institution. The school is not the point (the reason is that the school works in concert with the values of a community, which is that the children will get an education one way or another, whether at school, if they decide not to go to school, then in jail, or at home schooling, which to a large extent, can be just as ruinous to the mind of an individual, because it can ruin his social skills, will be largely devoted to a religious decree, or will be based upon a syllabus devised by the parents, which in fact who is to say whether their individualities are secure and bias-free?) At least not the overriding apex I am trying to reach with this educational derivative that is more simple kindergarten mathematics than upper college credit calculus.

A child’s mind is overwhelmed. Not only does he have school. But he also has homework. Not only has he have to do the work by himself, but he must also discuss it with his parents. The child is overwhelmed by repetition. And if anything will reprogram one’s mind, or program it originally, it is repetition. Prison reprograms repetitiously through routine and coarse discipline. “If you do this, then this will happen. If you think this, then that will happen.” Anything that is overly repetitious, will lessen the individual self within the mind. The mind becomes just as lazy and personality-less as the body that houses it.

As a youth, the individual is very malleable, and open to learning, in fact, he wants to learn. But precisely what he wants to learn is always a matter of what the society around him thinks best. Maybe it would be better for the boy to learn hunting, cooking, and living independently skills. And the girl could learn tree-chopping, fire-building, and weapon forging. What happened to living-off-the-wilderness-for-a-week-by-yourself skills, to find out if you even have what it takes? Yet all-in-all, none of these skills are never seen as socially-productive, and will never be found on a general aptitude test.

I know there are parents out there that do teach their children these basic human skills, but it is also the flip side of the coin when it comes to these parents. The kids are wanting to learn these skills because it is important to their parents. They learn, as well as emulate what they see everyday: Which is their parents, and their teachers. Parents, teachers, government, etc, are all concerned with their authority. Trouble. Good vs. Bad. Principles and Principals. Do as I say, not as I do. Detention. Suspension. Expulsion. Spankings. Beatings. Yelling. Screaming. Yes Mam. Yes Sir. What does it all mean? To respect authority. Why is this taught as something so essential? Because the people who teach you this, were taught this by their parents and teachers. Because to their routine minds, it only makes sense. The person older than you is wiser than you, and you should just respect what he has to say. Respect your elders. Fuck my elders. Listen to someone whom is brainwashed through repetition and routine, and has such a dull life, that the moment he realizes he can push his agenda upon a youth, it gives him hope through power-grasping, which makes him feel self-important, which is opposite of individualistic. No thank you. And I will explain why.

Most people concern themselves so much more with their outer appearance. Running. Weights. Proper diets. These of course are the people who realize that health is important to longevity, and it helps the opposite sex find each other more attractive. The heart is a muscle and it needs to be healthy and strong to support the many ups and downs in this world. But among healthy people, one of the most common reasons for people abandoning their workout programs is that it becomes like work. It becomes too routine. It is boring. Their minds no longer can comprehend why they are doing this exercise, and they would just rather go back to smoking and couch surfing. Well, the mind is a muscle. It needs stimulation as well. It does not respond well to routine one bit. It shuts off parts of itself, and operates basically on autopilot. It is commonly said that most people only use 10 percent of their brains. I put the estimate at a more realistic 1-2 percent.

Is it most people’s fault? No. It is not your fault. But this life is not about giving blame or accepting blame. It is about the creation of each one of as the best we can be. If we are each not striving to use all of our faculties to the greatest possible extent that we can, then what is the point for each of us to live until our maximum age, consuming and using up resources a productive individual could use? In today’s google world, and instantaneous info age, we should be using our minds at an alarmingly infinite rate. Our minds should be growing larger with all of the information within them, which maybe they are. But when I speak of using the mind, it is in the sense of processing the information. Making use of that information and making it relevant to today’s world. Not listening to someone because they are in a position of power, for power’s sake, but questioning why we should be listening to them. I listen to people who can teach me something with their own fruitful thoughts. I do not listen to people who teach me out of fear, or say things to me that has been read and regurgitated as original thought. The world is spinning too fast, and the clock tattooed upon my spirit is losing precious seconds and minutes, days and years, when it stops to ponder the wasted brains of today’s robots that meander through this world merely wanting to exist for as long as possible on this earth, so that they may project their resentfully decrepit emotions upon others, and weigh down productive individuals in the form of love and hate, so that they may be cared for.

So there is nothing we can do about how we have been educated in the past. It is there. What we must acknowledge is that it was not of our choosing. We must understand that we are like an old useless building. And in order to achieve individual freedom, we are going to DEMOLISH our previous self, one floor at a time, so that we can use our new and enhanced visions of self-architecture to rebuild our selves with positive characteristics of self-understanding, dynamic strength, confidence, and superior intellectual capabilities.

The first floor to be wiped out is our understanding of this world through the eyes of others…And we will slowly rebuild it in our own eyes.

Lesson One: Those who are in positions of authority, are in those positions because they demand power. They need the power, because they have nothing else in their lives. No respect. No will-power. No independent thought. They think that power is an object which makes them feel better about who they are. They like to USE that power against others. They demand power to be given to them, rather than to have their knowledge respected, like that of the ancient Native Elders. If you like this power to be used against you, and you like it to be used against others for their subjugation, then you are a sub-being and do not deserve to live.

Therefore, Always, Always, Question (in your mind, ignore them in reality) those who are in Positions of Power, and why they demand us to do something. Taxes. Nope. The earth, and all enlightened, unafraid beings are free. Nope. “Please teacher, explain this to me?”

From the skillful art of questioning those that try to teach with no foundations of self, our minds will grow, as will our individual spirits and selves. Fear will no longer be a coercive force compelling us to action. Security will be the warmth of knowledge blended with instinct that keeps us always ten steps ahead of the masses that use their brains collectively.

Our education, our minds, our brains, and how we use them to process the information and the world in which we live in, and how we come to accept ourselves through our minds, is our foundation, our rock, that we will build all of our other strengths upon.

“Morality, for the most part, is the verdict of the majority. This verdict depends upon the intelligence of the people; and the intelligence depends upon the amount, form, and quality of the average brain.”–Robert Ingersoll: The Bible and the Brain