Liberty Misunderstood: Principles Over Personalities

Wolf_Emblem_by_FracturedMoonlightRecently I had a very good friend-whom is trying his hardest to grasp this concept of Liberty in an unfree world–try and explain some of his thoughts. Now mind you, we are each hard-working productive kitchen guys; We neither use drugs, smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol; We treat our bodies like we treat our minds–Like our Temples; Neither one of us has a car; Our CHOSEN method of transportation are the bicycles we ride everywhere in the city which we live; and we are non-excessive consumers.

On the one hand there is Me. I am strictly concerned with my own welfare. In my position, I seek to use efficiency in my movements, and to never let emotions of anger get the better of me when analyzing any situation, whether it is in the workplace or in general life situations. As I have said many times before, emotion is a tool used to enslave. When people use their emotions in decision making times, they err in judgement. The wise saying, “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” refers to not making a decision or taking action until the emotions have settled, and all that remains is cold, uncensored, honest logic. I am a pure believer in my own ability to problem solve. I WILL NEVER LET MYSELF DOWN.

My friend is on the other hand. I do not, nor will I ever, doubt the principle that Liberty is uncompromising. There is no room for any contrary interpretation. However, my friend, while still in his early stages of learning of the parameters of freedom and how far it can stretch, said to me: “What frustrates me is that, I do not drive a car, I do not use up resources, I ride my bike everywhere, I am not excessive, I live healthy, and live within my means–AND yet it PISSES me off that there are all these greedy people out there who get these million dollar bonuses, and live just to buy the next piece of shit.” As we were at work in the middle of trying to run someone else’s business, I found it hard to come up with the precise words on how to sway him. It is nearly impossible to sway someone who is caught in the winds of his own emotional hurricanes. I only can come back with, every time, the statement that it is all about logic and personal responsibility. If he takes care of himself, then maybe others will follow his lead. Maybe they won’t. Who cares. But whatever decision they make, it is of no concern to him, or I. I have my Principles. Principles over Personalities. My Foundations. My cores. My Principles are more dominant in this world than the People out there who make wrong decisions and buy Bentley’s on credit, yet do not make enough money to pay their house payments. Or decide to purchase a house because the credit market is so cheap, rather than renting an apartment and saving money until they can AFFORD a house.

My friend was a victim of the media game. Where the popular ideology pushes us into an emotional state of confusion and despair, where we cannot solve our own problems, but instead in our ADD, are forced to look to authority for help. If these Greedy people are getting these bonuses, then pray tell, how must we ever solve this problem? Let’s see, how about regulation. Or heavy taxing. Then regulation. First we could play the blame game. Then we could print money and throw it at a bunch of problems and HOPE that works. Rinse and Repeat.

If we stay focused on ourselves, and stay Positively informed, not emotionally informed, then we can calmly push for NO government. Will that option work? Well, there’s about a ten percent chance at best, Captain. The Zombies have already made their push into all areas and quarters of the domain of Freedom. The world, America, is all one giant jungle, where it takes the proper mindset and tools to navigate one through and survive with all one’s faculties intact.

The vast majority in our country are lost. They have disappeared from the jungle and are wandering aimlessly amidst a desert. Dehydrated, bloodshot eyes, filled with emotion, and intent on instant gratification. They are a sickness. A part of this desertification of the world. This desertification is not only in the spreading of non-arid regions, but also in infertile minds. The people are empty. They have filled their souls with a Prayer to Authority. The State has literally become to most a God here on Earth, that can save the world’s problems with the quick-decision making of a day or two of congress adjournment. How is it possible that I could rely on these people to make the slightest good decision? How could I EVEN EXPECT them to be RESPONSIBLE? These people rely on credit. The myth of credit that has been espoused by the STATE, in order that the world may now come to the point it has reached now.

I watch my friend’s mind work. It is trying to come up with an answer to so many problems AT ONCE. I respect the fact that he is at least using his mind. But the law of common sense is that the answer is usually a lot simpler than it seems. Of course there is more to Liberty than simply just saying, “Hey, I’m free.” Especially since the term free has taken on so much over-use, and its definition has expanded in recent times. But at its roots, stripped away from everything, Liberty means:

Not enslaved by anything or anyone.

Want the key to life? There it is. Do you drink too much? Spend too much money going out to eat? Rely upon your friends to do things for you? Parents still play a factor in your decisions? Worried about anything? The list can go on forever….The point being that all things that cause a reliance, enslave. Alcohol, credit, authority, stress–all force one to eschew responsibility of everyday life. Yet one’s problems never go away.

Life is Action, Not Distraction.

Am I Skeptical? Am I Cynical? Untrusting? You better fucking believe it!!! As far as I am concerned, EVERYONE in this world is Guilty of Ignorance, until he/she proves me wrong. The people of this world are mindless, spineless Zombies-dedicated to their own replication of more Zombies. So does it shock me when they make irresponsible comments and choices. NO. Why? Because they are not making an action. They are making a decision based upon the distractions that buzz around in their ears and field of visions–their television sets and newspapers–and those distractions congeal in their minds as original thoughts. They are agreeing with what the majority wants. It is a movement known as Majoritarianism. The majority cannot be wrong. It is dangerous, and it will one day lead to the destruction of the world.

As these body-snatchers and zombies feed on the mental energy of the last few strong remaining, I find a world that has given up. What had seemed a world of potential, has now de-escalated into a giant illusion, even larger than I suspected. We are running out of people who even question anymore the road this world is headed down. Acceptance and repetition have taken the place for any sort of thinking activities. Reliance, hope and prayer are what the majority believe will make this world stronger. Morals, Integrity, Character–are simply just words now, with no real understandings by ANYONE what the definitions (and the practices thereof or those actually embody those characteristics) are that lie behind those words.

A wise man once said that it doesn’t matter if you get the right answer, but how you worked the problem to get to the solution which was the important part.

Liberty has nothing to do with rich execs getting high bonuses. Liberty has nothing to do with how Mrs. Smith chooses to spend her money. Liberty, here in America, and in this World, has to do with how we will choose to act when CONFRONTED with a choice about our Freedoms, taxes, imperialism, and how we view our future, by the ever-growing, consuming, coercive State. It could be the last choice any of us have to make.

Until then…

I don’t advocate violence (unless its against those that try to take my brains, my values, or ruin this world with excessive laws, killing of animals and trees, and those who believe value is in watching tv.). But I will make sure I have plenty of shotgun shells in my backpack. Just in case these state-sponsored Zombies start to get a little too close to my brains.


Principles over Personalities. Everyone can have their CNN, their movie stars, and their Dancing with the Stars. I’ll stick right here with my middle finger in the air, immovable in my Principles.