Games and the Individual

1327337108Grand_Theft_Auto-Vice_CityWhen I was younger, games were an effective way of teaching me rules, boundaries, strategy, defeat, elation, and teamwork, all of which translate effectively into society. Are there not rules and boundaries, (laws and morals) which must be given obedience to upon a daily occurrence? How, when looked upon with strict analysis, is there any difference between life, and a game of monopoly, or a game of football?

My how I have learned during my continual transformation into a individual how the sheep of the world hate to think of their little lives as that of a game that has been designed by others. And that really is what is going on here don’t you know? Simplistic as it may sound, it is precisely the object right in front of us, the choice most obvious that we usually miss. Intertwined within this game lies another game, that is also why these beings called humans have no individual identity, are merely numbers, nothing but incessant want machines.

I am no lover of technology, nor am I a lover of inordinate infinite numerical representations of people. I am very private, and I reveal myself to only those closest to me. The way of the world is diverse in its multiplicity of creatures, its varying land formations, yet underlying even all of its savagery and beauty, even what underlies my ultra-private sphere, there lies one thing that is obvious to all creatures, something that connects them all: dependence.

What is it about this word, this idea, that hits upon the foundation of everything we know, see, feel, touch, smell, hear? Is the prison dependent upon its walls and guards and iron bars in order to remain a prison? Does the car need gasoline or an energy source in order to move? Does the earth need the moon and all that is connected with its gravity in order to be what we have come to know it as? Is dependence the same thing as need, or is it merely a want? Can it be just an extreme want? And what is it about dependence that appears to have the ultimate connection to that of the mass people and the individual man?

There is much to be occurring here as already the topics covered are: the world, life as a game; a game within that game; and the ultimate significance of dependence. I tossed my self, my being in the mix, even going so far as to state my disdain for technology. But my thought has been technically enlightened. My thought now follows steps, it analyzes the world around it. My thoughts build models in the thin air, out of words, through drawings,  and I am able to see the possibilities, the rules, and its possibilities. I see what’s happening, having chosen not to be blinded by more and more of society’s wants, needs, dependencies, comforts, lies…

Is it a rabbit hole I am leading you down, asking you to make a choice between the blue pill and the red pill, wanting to shrink you to a tenth of your size so you can witness the mechanization of society behind the scenes, as an invisible man? Maybe you don’t want to know. Or better yet, what are you really going to do once you do know? Just because a slave finds out he is a slave does not necessarily mean he shall flee his tormentor.

But fuck it. Enough with the foreplay right? Dependence is the real key here, and what it does is it establishes the character of the player, and even comes into play when defining rules and boundaries for said players. What is it exactly that the human being is dependent upon? Or better yet what does a human being really need? Oxygen. Water. Food. Clothing (Basic clothing). Shelter (McMansion?) And I can get real mrs. third grade teacher on your asses too if you like?

Teacher: “So students, can man find all of these things himself, and by man, I mean ANY man? Or must there be some other need he must have in order to get these other needs fulfilled?”

So you all know this is no longer 1652, and it is no longer that year for a good reason: Because it was no longer profitable to have people being non-dependent when it came to fulfilling their basic needs. Something else must occur. People were scattered everywhere, independent of one another, sharing certain goods, and everything was occurring harmoniously (sort of, as I simplify for effect). Fast forward to today, to 110 years ago, to the time when the population was exploding across the earth due to technical needs and an explosion of riches never seen before. Needs were being created out of the minds of the people who wanted to be creators of mankind here on earth. More minds were trying to figure out what to do with all the bodies here on earth, and with all those bodies many needs…

Much food was needed to feed all these people. Much clothing was needed to dress all these people. Houses were needed to shelter these people. And how was it going to be accomplished? By the one true monopoly to come to the molders of society!!! Money. And how was this money going to be gotten. From work. Which in turn became another monopoly upon men’s minds. And then there had to be one more monopoly for these little robot people too, right? How would they get the jobs to get the money? They would need a little bit of teaching, a bit of schooling to learn what they need to do, how they needed to act when doing their jobs, to get the money to get the other stuff they needed.

Necessity is the mother of all invention

Socialist thinking. Capitalist thinking. Both agree with the idea of work. Why? Because it gives the people things to do. There is not much more to it than that. It takes the individual away from himself, and puts his mind upon tasks, rather than understanding. But the key is repetitive tasks. Everyday. Doing the same task over and over so the people may fulfill a need. So they can use that need to fulfill other needs.

Ask yourself, honestly, what is it that you need? How is it that you came to be the person you are today? Did you come to be whomever you are from listening to what other people tell you, ie. your parents, your teachers, your brothers, your sisters, your bosses, your government? Are money and your job indeed monopolies in your life, equal to air and water? Has the addition of money and employment into your life also created other needs, needs you now must have in order to be the person you have been taught and molded to become?

Is it possible to be an individual, to be your SELF, when there is so much dependence in one’s life, and if so, how does that SELF reconcile the fact that dependence is really a neutral word for slavery?

Do you think society and people in general spontaneously birthed these necessities, or COULD it be that there were people working to have the dependencies created, so that other dependencies would multiply, therefore forcing out any possibility with men, within the human being, of an individual being able to exist, thus as time goes on, necessities eventually kill the individual…and then it makes no difference, because then it really is game over.

One way or another, whatever answers you yearning striving individual wanna-bees come to, the fact remains, that you cannot find your true self, as long as you follow a life, a game, and rules that are not of your own devising. There’s no excuses, its impossible.

whoever said question authority was a pussy. fuck authority. Always.