Rules of the World (and those who follow them)

anarchy-wallpaper-background-20822-hd-wallpapersIt is necessary that everyone who is alive understand, at the very least, the world in which they live. This is THE ONLY quest. Jobs, politics, dreams, sports, college, finding a mate, having kids, all take a seat to this one and only adventure. And of course it is an adventure, because there are so many factors that go into the world in which one lives. There are other animals, plants, that make up this world too, and what is it about their world that intersects with our world? Are they crucial for our survival? Are they interdependent upon us and visa versa? What is this world stripped of all its technological dependencies, all of its built up excuses, all of its role-playing, all of its boredom, all of its games, all of the power, all of the fear, all of the religion, all of the comfort, all of the rules? Is the world really just all that one can see, the mountains, the skies, the ocean, the houses, and the cars,or is it more sinister, are there millions and millions of factors that have been stitched into the fabric of life that are overlooked everyday by the average person who has been taught to overlook, who has been taught to concern himself with only those factors that are nearest to himself, namely the false understanding that the main objectives of each man are his basic needs: comfort, shelter, food, love, and sex?

When it is found that there are layers of interdependencies throughout our lives, a gigantic web that has ensnared us as prey to those with the power and the resources to devour us, instead of lying there helplessly, wiggling our arms and praying for salvation, it would logically appear most sound to settle our minds down, to erase our fears, and to begin to find the connections that can lead us toward freedom. Where is the best place to start? A solid understanding of rules, what they are, what they are meant to do, and how they underline even our most basic movements and actions. Every thing in our lives is guided by rules. The way we walk, the way we talk, our personal communication, our money, how we travel from point A to point B, our education, how we shop, sports, how the armies fight, how we eat, how people parent, and when people work and do not work. Rules are implemented so that one knows how one must act according to the place, situation or system one finds oneself in. In another’s home, one must act according to their rules or leave. The theory can be said to be the same when “living under one’s parent’s roof,” as well, but this theory is misunderstood only from the fact that rules from one’s parents is layered and difficult to follow (or not follow), as society too has rules, namely that even if the child does not like the parents’ rules, he cannot leave, as one must remain with parents until age 16, and even then, must be “legally” emancipated. Also the child must attend mandated schooling, therefore, even if the child does not like what the teacher is saying, is smarter than the teacher and sees through all the lies and bullshit, and wants to specialize his mind in learning logic and logic alone, he cannot just “leave.” What does this do to one psychologically? Does he realize the futility in trying to follow his own law, foundation, in trying to learn the world for himself, rather than following others?  The system is set up for frustration and a feeling of “having to give in.” The world is presented unto the mind as having many layers; there are the rules of nature, the rules of the unknown, and the rules of man, or society, but why is it that man’s rules always take the precedence over the others?

Rule following is a progression of the understanding that someone else knows better than you. And with more and more man-made technologies, that will further the case, as there will always be a NEED for someone to have to explain how to use things, ie, the rules to follow when using certain devices. Animals in nature are not explained how to use the environment, it is their instincts that they trust, then it is only when unnatural structures are introduced into their habitat that they become confused. What is it that early man must have thought of rules? What must the weakest link in the chain must have thought of rules versus the strongest link? How is it that evolution is supposed to become furthered in the chain of human existence if all of the weakest links are left to exist and compete for space amongst the strong?

What are the justifications for rules, not only by the minds of the masses, but how have they been indoctrinated into their minds? When asked about rules, mass man will typically give some version of one of these reasons for rules:

  1. “In society, we need rules in order to help humans live safely. If there were no rules or laws, people would be able to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted with no consequences.”

  2. “If rules and laws were not enforced in our society then people would do what they want when they want. Laws help keep our society evened out and safe for us to live in it.”

  3. “Rules and Regulation fix the limitation of thinking. Because, people of the Society can not go beyond the interest of the Society and all rules should be in the interest of the Society, State and Nation.”

  4. “It is a way to assure that people can live together. If everybody was just sensitive to other’s needs we wouldn’t have to do that, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. So, to avoid a society from falling apart, we have to have rules.”

  5. “It would be a worse place to be than ever in the world without rules. it would mean anything goes. looting killing etc.etc. man would destroy man very quickly.”

  6. “Laws are rules with sanctions. They assure that people’s behaviors are predictable so that people are secure.”

  7. “There has to be a system in place to keep people safe and make people accountable for their actions. In a perfect world, maybe there would be no need for rules. However, not everyone has common value system—my big one is a thief–I work to hard and do not make enough money for anyone to take anything that belongs to me.”

  8. “Rules are necessary to establish order, and civility. It wouldn’t be too fun of a world to live in if there were no rules. If everyone did whatever they wanted it would be chaotic.”

Most of these revolve around the idea that without rules to follow, without following, and less leaders, the world would evolve into chaos. People would steal; people would murder; No one would have any responsibility for their actions. Guidelines are what people need in order for them to be a part of society. Thus, people have accepted that society is more important than the individual. They grasp the factor of the macro, while denying the importance of the micro. But what is the meaning of this “larger ideal?” If meaning is inherent in the larger ideal, in the common good, in the meaning of the masses, then why must that meaning come at the detriment of me? What is this meaning of the masses anyway? What are the definitions of chaos everyone alludes to when describing a society devoid of rules, and how would that chaos be any different than what we are living in now? How is it that people make this decision that the chaos would be worse? Don’t they make the evaluation with their minds that have been molded  and programmed through coerced education to believe that a society with rules and government is the “correct way” to live, rather than one of human and animal and plant cooperation and responsibility? I believe that people have taken it into their minds that rules make them safer, that it is the correct theory to have governments overlooking their actions like good parents, guiding them along the superior path, one that without this invisible hand of government, they would stumble around and miss. How is that for responsibility? How is that for a person’s worth? Where does an individual’s meaning lie, if he cannot effectively live his own life unless there is someone else to guide him? But where is the moral responsibility in that? Moral and ethical behavior is found within the belief that one finds his own way, finds his way down the path of true value, understanding the connectivity between all beings, and learns that he is the final arbiter of his choice, and that he is worthless unless he comes to protect not only his self against others, but protects his mind from an invasion from others’ unwelcome intrusive ideological warfare.

When people say rules must exist for the stability of society, but society is set up in the same manner of a strongest versus the weakest, and predators prey upon the weak in the form of inflation and murderous wars, as well as thousands upon thousands of new laws upon the books every year, which makes even the most sternest sheep even a criminal, then dis-information is what has led us to the chaos principle so many stand ready to shout against. When red means green, when people say they want their money that they work hard for to not be stolen by criminals, yet they hand it over to governments in taxes, banks through inflationary theft, when people do not want murder to happen to innocent civilians, yet armies murder innocent civilians on the other side of the world, when the leader of the most murderous army in the world wins the Nobel Peace prize, when banks can steal depositors money in order to help the government that is in bankruptcy, when kids get sent home from school for “terrorism” for pretend squirting another kid with a HELLO KITTY squirt gun, when farmers cannot choose the type of food they want to sell to other individuals, when a police force can tell individuals that they must not leave their homes so that they may hunt down one man, a man whom they say masterminded an entire bomb on a day when the government was running bomb training exercises simultaneously and when the backpacks that were on the suspects backs that supposedly contained the bombs that exploded were taken into custody 4 days later, when an 18-year-old is held in jail for 3 weeks because of rap lyrics he wrote on his facebook page, when kids follow their parents’ advice on how to be successful, when their parents mismanaged their own money by investing in homes with cheap credit and want their kids to do the same by investing in an education with cheap credit, when people believe in responsibility but continue to vote for others to figure out the best ways for them to conduct their own lives, when people sue others for their own stupidity, when people think they are smart because they have a master’s degree, even though their masters degree only teaches them how to be really good followers, when people believe doctors are really putting their individual health first, when people think drinking water from the tap is safe, even though fluoride is one of the most harmful toxins we can introduce into our bodies, when people wonder why they are fat and unhealthy when they eat something called “fast food,” when people do not take the time to appreciate their diets and what goes into making their food, when people think of food that is something that is meant to be enjoyed and savored rather than something that is meant to fuel their bodies to the most optimal condition, when people think that they must work their butts off so that one day they can retire and enjoy their lives, when people do not take the time to define the roles and the meanings in the lives as well as the terms and the language that they use, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, when people do not take the time to understand the only thing that allows them to understand, their MINDS and how certain societal factors can affect their actions, how fear can be used to limit their minds, how when they believe that confrontation is an intrusive behavior, when in fact confrontation is one of the most effective factors when dealing with the world around one, because it is meant to be an assertive and responsible action, where one can figure out the best course of action for himself, against other people and which modes of actions he must take against any given obstacle. Most importantly, one must understand that if he is told to not kill other people, to not steal from other people, if it is the rule that he MUST give to other people, then he is not doing it from his own choice, and thus is merely following what others say he must do, thus he is not responsible for his own actions, either negatively or positively, and thus has neither figured out for himself the best course of action in any given situation, and therefore has not chosen his course of action for its own merits, but merely does so for a fear of the consequences. If a course of action is correct for him but not correct for others, or for groups of people, then he must question that Rule. And if he is found questioning one rule, then he must question all rules, thus seeing the inherent fallacy in rules themselves as his guide for his own behavior.

A wise man once said that there is only one right way to do an action: With the right mindset, with the right understanding, and for the right reasons. Doing something because of a fear of what can happen is the wrong mindset. Living in a tiny box, scared to die, unable to live, like a frail baby, secures for the world not a society of non-meaning, but a society of fragility, one which because of its multiplicity of weaknesses, can collapse at any time, which is built upon so many contradictions, where even their theory of “chaos” should be a welcome way out. Rules are the boundaries of the mind, the weakening of thoughts, a lessening of the human spirit, and follow along like this: If I allow someone to dictate to me what i can or can’t do, what something means to me, that 2+2=5, that others’ welfare comes before mine, then I am not living my own life. If I allow someone to fill my head (to program me) with their thoughts, musings, “teachings,” then I am not taking the time to learn the world myself. The hardest thing for a “person” to do is to imagine a world separate from the one they “think” they know now. They find it impossible to envision themselves as creators of change, as rearranging what is inside of them, what they cannot see, the processes that make up how they interact with the world, rather than doing what they have always done to see change, which has been to change merely the external factors, ie, a new house, a new car, new shirt, lose a little weight, makeup, a haircut. They do not realize how much dependency and craving and materialism build their actual view of the world, and that by simply eliminating those factors, the world as they knew it will not look the same either. Because I believe dependence is how the state, how the government builds. The more (and the earlier as well) it can interject itself, its “rules”, its lies, its presence into people’s lives, the more inextricably it can weave its way into the fabric and supposed essence of what they believe themselves to be.

The extent of the problem of this ‘mass psychological dysfunction” that the majority of the human population has found itself is a simple recipe of dependence, routine, and what can be medically termed “learned helplessness.” My understanding is that for the human world, learned helplessness comes about by creating walls, boundaries with which man finds himself inextricably tied and bound and locked into place. First one conditions man to a large boundary and slowly begins to tighten the walls, until he literally finds himself in a tight little box and has become accustomed to the stress of helplessness and being trapped, and “tries to make the best of the situation,” but does nothing against those controlling his boundaries, does not fight back, but smiles as the forces around him invade his mind, reprogramming his thoughts, conditioning him to find his freedom in the fact that he is allowed to go to the store on his own a shop for what he wants, only on the obvious condition that he must pay a small percentage for each good to his captors. Man accepts his condition, his helplessness, with justifications and excuses, and seeks the solace and comfort in the fact that maybe one day, some omnipotent being will welcome him into an afterlife devoid of these walls, albeit still a world guided by rules, creeds, and testaments. How man can awaken everyday in his small little box and believe that this is his destiny, and that he should bring other beings into this world, boggles my mind and proves to me that man’s mind has degenerated into a little used muscle that has its only function as telling man when to chew, for how long, and when he should empty his bowels.

Follow? I’m sure there will be those who will read this and ask what solutions should I propose if this system is broken, what can we do then if this is chaos. Understand. Take the time necessary to unlearn all the lies that have gone into constructing “you,” from day one of your lives, unlearn all the misconceptions of meaning, and learn empowering activities and mental skills such as focus, concentration, discipline, breathing, and training the mind and the body to be one. And unlearn fear. We all will die one day. I’m sure life isn’t about having fun and living from one past to the next future and getting what you can while you’re here. A more welcoming understanding of life, a heartening meaning of human existence, is we are here to give us some time here on earth with our minds to learn ways to effectively deal with eternity. We will never find that door to unlock as long as we are following through a door that is unlocked and accessible to all, broken open by violence, by theft, kept ajar and filled with people awaiting for others to come tell them that they can now die because as a society that all did a great job of following the rules.

Some might construe Anarchy as “radical” or “extremist,” but when one recognizes that civilization is a natural impulse and government only a temporary means of asserting “control” for the benefit of centralized organizations like government and big business, it is anarchy that becomes natural and bureaucratic government that reeks of artificiality and extremity. Not all people need to be constrained by the laws that limit the lowest among us; in the name of avoiding that pitfall, our society rules us all unequally, ineptly. Anarchy is freedom from that delusion and the future for all who value experience over rules.”