A Man’s Journey toward Understanding his Self. (Part 1)

MasterYoda-UnlearnThe woods of the world are growing darker dear friends. With electricity a modern invention meant to illuminate, having led us astray, maybe it is time we went back to primitive lighting to enlighten this journey. Fires not only create heat, they provide light, and press us to converse, to tell stories. Since fear is an emotion, a fabrication, sit around this fire and listen to your self speak within your mind, sharing you with you as you strip naked of fear and lies and come face to face with someone who has been with you all along. Drop the mutltitasking, the excuses, the justifications, and look at the reality you have constructed. Why has this compilation been you all along? Throw this stranger in the fire, and watch him burn to ash, and shake off the disbelief and hold tight the one who remains. There is a path before you, hidden beneath shrubs and overgrown with tall grass and trees. Do what you have always known to be the only solution, and throw off the shackles of the fabricated society and stand strong alone…

The story I am to tell, comes from many years of failure, of hardships, personal embarassments, and now, humble righteousness. How the story unfolds will be up to the listener’s interpretation. Everyone can listen, or no one at all. My pursuit is not to tell anyone how to live. I only question why everyone does not use his individual talents to his most capable ability. People say they understand they are not perfect. They know this to be fact. Well, do they have a list of their flaws? Do they inspect these flaws daily and try to work on them, in order to become perfect? Or do they leave those imperfections as is? Leave their imperfection, and never work on their flaws? Do they HOPE that some force will help them see the light? The failings of their ways? Is it too difficult to try and correct these faults? Can one even admit to himself AND to others that he is filled with numerous flaws? So many that it would go on to inifinity to list the number of flaws of most men?

The day we are born, our clock begins ticking towards our death. Our batteries are only programmed to go on so long. Make your mark people. Become an artist. Be productive. Run for president. Become a mathematician. An inventor. Paint a self-portrait. Build a house. But remember, whatever you have decided, you must wonder, how did your mind make that choice? What tools did it purchase or gather over the years, and why has it only mastered a few tools, when its box can be filled with an infinite number if it truly wanted? Who has been telling you what to think? Did you learn on your own, or in school? My choice: I wake up everyday, and I say aloud:

 “I am a mistake-driven embodiment of flaw upon flaw.”

 From there, my day consists in the constant meditation on the small picture of my daily tasks, in accordance with a larger realm of reality. I will use my mind to facilitate my mission, until my mission of life is finished. Until then. I am a rock. I am immovable upon the only issues that require any sufficient thought whatsoever in this world (EVERYTHING else, is either superficial, or an extension of). free. removal of stress. Once those two issues are settled, then, and ONLY THEN, do I believe I can move on to other issues.

There is a route, however, that gets us to those two critical issues. Possibly that route will be mappable or not…depends on which eyes you are looking out of.

Am I….A Radical? No. I am a believer in the use of my mind. My mind is the strength, my center, that allows me to devise plans, solve problems, and understand the world around me–without having to take a poll, phone a friend, or ask what the audience believes. Could I be seen as a radical? Yes. Why? Because the rest of the world just wants to sit on their couches and live in a bubble of Hope, and wait for what’s coming. Rather than venturing out into the world, and meeting whatever it is that is coming, and using this Gift of Life to the best of its potential.

Most people on the face of this earth take for granted what it means to be an individual, and how important it has been for their development as beings, and what they are able to do right now while they are here. Life begins the moment we understand that we are here. Not a second sooner or a second later. It is an Awakening. Some may call it spiritual. But I can tell you this, it has nothing to do with God. It is a personal Awakening, that enlivens and energizes. You will notice the interconnectedness of everything, but at the same time realize your responsibilty to your own mind as an individual.

Change. A much hyped word at this point in our lives. Its a concept we all want. But I believe its difficult meaning remains out of the grasp of 99% of the populations understandings. There is a huge contrast between different and change. Sure, each word embodies the other word, has the other word to define it. But, ask someone what they want in today’s world, and he will say change. Ask him what he means by change, and he shall say “Anything different would be better than what we have had. And I know, I know, things must get worse before they get better, but we need to start now,” and a bunch of other generalisms that he surely heard someone espouse, but not something he used his mind to figure out on his own. No doubt though, he wants a change of some sort.

But is he willing to change?

Is he CAPABLE of change?

He is never the problem. Always the world around him.

Can he do what it takes to revolutionize his thinking? How will he know his thinking has in fact altered? Can this MAN–strip himself of all his modern-day attributes, ancestry, material wants and needs, and think for himself? Can he figure out what it means to be alive? Can this Man reach the necessary way of change without the attribute of suffering? The true individual, must become a Pillar of strength, by one way, and one way only: By whittling away all of the fat, the human affections of ease, influence, and emotion in order to set his mind upon the one true thing that matters while he is here–His Choice and Decision.

Man is as a seed. Everything he needs is within himself. Once he waters himself with what his body and mind requires, then he will grow strong, feeling the thoughts that burst forth within his mind making sense of why he is here, what he must do, and that he will one day die and become no more. Therefore, time all of a sudden is a critical factor of the individual, and should be meditated upon at many intervals throughout each day. Everything from there branches from the idea of time.