Understanding Freedom through Food

raw-milk3If one begins looking at what he knows of food, he will typically be able to understand his world view as well. How many real full-on statist-hating anarchists out there do you think there are that follow the FDA approved pyramid of health? How many sheep mass minded fucks though do you think there are that eat fast food?

Taking a look at what people eat, and why, is a perfect analogy for the mind, what it thinks about, how it views reality, and what type of food these people feed their minds as well. This is also a useful exercise in finding out why the push for these “easy” foods are so prevalent in today’s society by the mega corporations that strike it rich off these mindless zombies.

If the basic of understanding of how a person develops, is through eating, learning the “rules” of society, and creating a relationship with the world around him, then it is crucial to know who and what is “teaching” him these fundamentals. If a person learns that food is something to be bought at a window and handed to him in a bag, he is not going to learn any appreciation for what he puts into his body, and if he cannot appreciate what he feeds to his body so he can grow “big and strong,” isn’t the similar correlation that he will not respect what he puts into his mind? Is it a correct thesis that care and effort must be combined with discipline and a rigorous attention to detail IN ALL THINGS one does in order for him to fully comprehend and make a step-by-step walk down the path of meaning?

This is why food is the cornerstone of life. I have learned in my beginning stages of meditation that food is a lot more than just nourishment for the body, but even looking at the multiplicity of substances that one can ingest through his mouth, it can become possible to predict his future. It is impossible to say that the NWO is purposely trying to create actual walking zombies that work work work, pay taxes and die. But, it is possible to create a theory, based upon what reactions certain foods have on most people who interact with them on a daily basis. If fluoride is deposited in the drinking supply of the mass’ water, and it is a fact that fluoride is a poison that can alter one’s DNA and make one more susceptible to immune deficiencies and poor iodine absorption, and if one begins drinking this as a baby, through his mother’s milk, and drinks it all through his early years, stunting his mental growth, making him a docile lamb, then what other poor health choices will he make? High fructose syrup is in so many foods, that unless one takes the time to have an interest in his food composition, OR STOPS EATING ALL PROCESSED FOOD, then diabetes, obesity…or worse can come from his relationship with this degenerative sweetener. Look around you>>>>>>>>

Who is that guy sitting next to you in your work station who a couple of weeks ago you saw eating a whopper or some other such “hamburger” from a fast food joint, yet now eats a chicken sandwich from McDonald’s instead because he is trying to “be healthier?” Where did he learn this unstable yet faulty view of reality? How could he possibly think that a fast-food chicken would be healthy? Yet the key word is in the phrasing? He did not think. For to think is to reason, and to reason is to follow a series of steps, much like a scientific method, or at leat a series of observations. What does one think of chickens? Does one believe just because it is a chicken, a white meat morsel that it then becomes healthy? Wouldn’t one at least first want to know what by chance that little chicken is at least eating in order to fuel its body? What if the chicken could not move and only could eat it poop all day? Would that be a healthy to eat chicken? And these are just questions about one chicken! Just think about the many questions one would have to ask about GMO vs NON-GMO vegetables, as well as GMO vs NON-GMO feed for animals, animals with space to roam vs caged animals? Milk vs raw-milk?

Would it not take a person of an investigative nature to search out all these details for himself, to question all he had learned in school about food, and all his parents had taught him and forced him to eat growing up? Would it not take a person of high moral standing to turn his back upon the society that tries to tell him that medicines are the only way to heal his body and his mind? Would it take someone who questions other facets of his life to be able to see through his bodily indoctrination of the slavery of food?

If one believes all these lies of his food, is incapable of seeing that getting rid of all bacteria in milk, good and bad, and all its nutrients, makes no sense, and he thinks eating chickens that eat their own shit makes sense, and that vegetables grown in soil with no nutrients has a positive effect on his body, then what must his or her mind look like in order to view the world in such a way? What type of food must he feed his mind? How could this person understand logic? How could this person understand meaning?

How is this person really as valuable as the questioning thinking statist-hating anarchist? How would that thing even be considered a person?

Question everything all you individuals!! And for those who have no idea where to begin, where to start descrambling all the lies, well, there is no better place to start than with what you feed yourself. Start with what you feed the body, then work to what you feed your mind!