Individual. Why it is The Only Way (Beware: Not for Company Men, Soccer Moms, Rainbow Chasers, or Hope Hunters)

meditator3 “My judgement is my judgement: another cannot easily acquire a right to it” — such a philosopher of the future may perhaps say. One has to get rid of the bad taste of wanting to be in agreement with many. “Good” is no longer good when your neighbour takes it into his mouth. And how could there exist a “common good”! The expression is a self-contradiction: what can be common has ever but little value. In the end it must be as it is and has always been: great things are for the great, abysses for the profound, shudders and delicacies for the refined, and, in sum, all rare things for the rare. –” Nietzche

“The world must forever be as it is today, for my dreams and hopes to come true in a million tomorrows.”  people.

Comfort and Security: The chase for a life amongst pillows, children and white picket fences? Don’t turn the channel honey, this is my favorite part of Avatar. Why can’t we all just figure out a way to harmonize together on earth? Baby, I just really love America, and living in this town that says crime is non-existent will give us a wonderful place to raise a family. I’ll be able to finish my doctoral thesis, and one day, if I’m lucky, I’ll be teaching 14th century literature at the local university, with a book or two on the way. Oh and you baby, you’re cooking show will take off one day, because I know I just can’t stop eating your cookies! We walk out of our door every morning and it all just feels so happy to see our neighbors being productive. It makes me want to wake up in the morning and go give my best to all those kids who devote their minds to progress. And that’s really what its all about: Making progress.

Dreams? They all began when we were younger. Firemen? Rock Stars? Police Officers? Millionaires, so we could buy the world? King Midas? Doctors, so we could save the world? Hope? It shot through the rainbow-filled skies right into our laps in a dew-filled meadow, as the crickets chirped and charlie the cardinal tweeted in the skies. America! Where we could be anything we wanted, just so long as we followed a few rules here and there, and ONLY so long as we learned to share. This can’t be a selfish world, can it? There’s just too many people, and if everyone just plays along and shares, then its got to work, right? I mean, the only way sharing would fail is if a few people decided they didn’t like obeying rules, that they don’t want to share. That’s why there’s police officers though. And judges. And courtrooms. And teachers. And neighborhood watchers. And the army. The marines. To stop the ones who don’t want to share. Easy dialing numbers like 911. Emergencies. Emergencies. Emergencies. Emergencies. Crisis. Crisis. Dial 911, on 911, for 911. Just dial the number if everyone gets out of control. Dial the number when someone stops sharing. There can be no disruptions to the system. We aren’t individuals, we are people, plural. No he’s and she’s and yous. We. We. We can be anything we like, as long as there is a need for us. As long as we are secure and comfortable. Comfortable and secure, and Predictable. People must be predictable. Why? Because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be comfortable and secure. They could just wake up every morning and for no reason do what they wanted, do what they wanted without any guidelines, without, god forbid, any thought of what other people might think, without any thought for their safety, without ANY THOUGHT FOR THE  LAWS. Are we. Are us. Are we people automatically predictable? If raised without modern conveniences, televisions to set up systems and tell us what to care about, without brainwashing (eeek? did I say that?) schools to alert us to sharing, without money to fight over, without time to program our days, our weeks, our lives, without cars, without jobs to control our days, our time, our meaning (?), and without moral propaganda from our parents who would’ve gone through all such programming as well, would we still seek to be more than an individual? Would we still seek out associations so our lives could be simpler? Would we still purposely make our lives risk-free and boring in order to just give birth to an offspring which would live in the same manner?

Would we look around our selves, and ask any other question other than what am I? Would this I operate on a basis of power, if, once raised to a being old enough to fend for itself (myself), and seek to dominate those around it (me)? Would it make sense to this man for others to destroy his habitat by tearing down the world around it and destroying all he connected with? Would he try to make his self weaker by sitting around all day and doing nothing, laying upon the ground, letting others go off to gather what he needed? Or would he be self-sufficient? Should he be self-sufficient? Would he fall in love with his “area” that he lived in, never wishing to explore, and be afraid of others who hailed from elsewhere? Would he forbid others from any actions? Would he look around the whole world that he had come to know, where his whole life depended upon survival at all times, and would he deny his self any action? Would he “feel” bad for performing any actions? Would he even ask his self these very questions, or would he simply do what he needed to do?

Sure, there are many “people” on the face of the earth. They have language which allows them to express their connectivity to everyone else, and to use groupings, statistics, colors, and all sorts of variabilities. It is precisely this language which allows them to learn to share. Because language to them, is for a community, it is a tool to them, a tool which everyone gets, and uses in the same manner. But must it be used in the same way by everyone? Does everyone in fact use language the same way? Doesn’t words like death have multiple meanings? Multiple deceptions? Multiple truths? Can’t language in fact be just another chain, another tool of bondage? But I can also say that words can set one free as well. Set one free to define his life set away from “people’s” use. Able to define his life how he sees fit. Able to take him down roads never travelled. Every tool has a communal use, a way to be used easily, but it also can have infinite ways to be used for one. Don’t use the definitions given by other people, with logic and effort, make your own meaning….

He will decide what his needs are for himself. He will live for himself. He remembers in his infinite mind that he came here, into this world which he had not seen any meaning, where he had not yet found any meaning, alone. He knows he will die alone. He realizes Independence is for the very few, it is a privilege of the strong. Whoever attempts it enters a labyrinth, and multiplies a thousandfold the dangers of life. Not least of which is that no one can see how and where he loses his way, becomes lonely, and is torn piecemeal by some minotaur of conscience. If he fails, this happens so far from the comprehension of men that they cannot sympathise nor pity.  Nietzche.

He makes sense of the world by watching the world. Sure he sees connectivity among other creatures, but he also sees death to those who make mistakes, and they die alone. He learns that there are other individuals out there who do form associations, but they do it only as individuals making a pact, staying separate, rather than becoming one. He never becomes something greater than his self, never a collective, never a county, never a color, never a number, never a “people.

He understands the world and its simple ways. He knows the difference between power and weak, between strength and slavery, between adventure and laziness. He knows about death. That he will one day cease to be, and the world will go on its own way, the same as it was without him, growing, breathing, dying, and that he cannot make a difference upon a world, but his world made a difference to him. He doesn’t understand the words that describe feelings, because in the end, being scared would have changed nothing for him. Feelings of fear or happiness were meant for the “people” who sought comfort and security. He knew those words were bound to those concepts.

And he knew that for the people to have security and comfort, then they had to behave a certain way. There had to be a plethora of weakness. It had to be apparent all over the world. There had to be screaming and crying, begging and problems,  yelling and war. If there were those all over, then special “people”, parental figures, could come and save the day, as doctors to fix the wounded, as caring to cure the crying, as shelters to house and feed the weak, homeless and starving, as police and armies to extinguish the disarray and fighting. But there had to be something else other than feelings that would make them NEED others to save them? They had to NEED need. Their lives had to be controlled by it. Need. Need. Need. Want? No Need. Needs are wants, and wants become needs. We need to want. We want to need. We need wants and we want needs.

Give it to us. Make us need them. Chain us up if they just make us feel wanted. If they just make us feel needed.

He  knew about the needs. He knew he never would find his meaning in needs and wants. What about you? How will you find your meaning? Needing to be needed? Wanting to be loved? Lying around waiting, crying, screaming, being scared in their systems of security and comfort? Following what they tell you to do?

The world is only the same when you see things as everyone else does. When you finally remove the lenses you’ve been forced to wear, and see things through YOUR EYES, the world becomes yours. It changes every moment you want it to.

“People” want comfort. “People” want security. They want these so that they may live. Yet even once they have their “comfort” and “security” they are still not satisfied, all they do is complain about the state they have decided to live in. And is it really living that they are doing? If they found some principle, something that was theirs (his), and they (he?) took serious action to organize his way he lives–putting his life on the line for his principles, his search for his own meaning, then he may see whole new worlds appear before his eyes. Or he dies. He then would no longer have any cares in the world. And he would’ve gone out on his own terms.

But they are people. not hes and shes. And it is precisely the dying that scares them the most. They will endure any type of encroachment upon their bodies, so long as it doesn’t take their “life” away, and so that tomorrow they can awaken to see if tomorrow was the same as all of today’s yesterdays.

If only death weren’t something to be scared of.

Then people wouldn’t be scared to live. But then I guess, if they weren’t scared to live, then they wouldn’t be people anymore would they?

“Man must not be afraid of ‘not doing what everybody else does’ or of ‘doing what nobody else does.’ It means that he must not be a mere mimic or sheep. He must think for himself. He must examine for himself the (his) grounds of right and wrong, and not let the principles upon which his life is conducted be laid down for him merely by other people’s opinions. He must not be afraid of criticism if he feels in his own heart that he is right. This is an exacting ideal. It requires the highest moral courage. Hazlitt

And please people, stop reproducing, I can’t stand to wade through your ignorant waste.