The People Perspective

PeoplePowerRevolutionEDSA1986If my readers have been following any of my past writings, as well as my influences, they will see that I firmly believe that it takes serious thought in order to see the way of the world. But unless one has the discipline to see his mind as the key to life, then he has had his mind filled with what the way should be. And that way that has been told to the masses is this: There is one perspective, and one perspective only, The People Perspective. It is a contradicting, overly-moral, childish philosophy where equality is preached, although only amongst people, and that respect for the earth is the key, even though with each passing day, all sorts of species, plant and animal life are destroyed in order to offer habitats, furniture, cheap food, plastic goods, and minimal space to fat, unthinking, timid, fearful, yes-saying slaves that waste this planets at a faster pace with each passing year.

What about the morality of people makes them more superior than any other being here on earth? What is more amazing about a creature that can follow commands and be a slave to his leaders any more than a lion that is a creative being of instinct? How can morality even seriously exist, when people condemn the breaking of a moral “set of commandments” against its fellow brethren, when at the same time it commits the same violations against every other creature on earth for its benefit? How can people say on the one hand that they want to make this world better, and save a place for future generations, when they keep having children and the population rises, and space becomes tighter and tighter, for every species here on the planet? People do not need much space to live, yet certain animals need roaming grounds in order to survive. What is it that makes this people population believe its own contradictions? What is it that gives these humans the right?

I will say this much, I know its not from God, at least not the real God. He would never condone this downright disrespect for his creations. And I guarantee he would have never meant for people to be superior to any other miracle he created here. Understanding, thoughtfulness, and the willingness to know that there can be no morality for people….

When will these stupid people ever learn that there is no miracle greater in the universe than just the in an out breath of life. Who needs Gucci and BMW when the meaning of life is so far away from the material world.