The Roles of Servility

sexism“We do not expect people to behave randomly but to behave in certain ways in particular situations. Each social situation entails its own particular set of expectations about the “proper” way to behave. Such expectations can vary from group to group.” Saul McCleod

Expectations, routines, and allowing society to define who people are, and are supposed to be, are what have allowed the personalities to be stripped of man today. Take a look at those around you for a moment, and as you do, ask yourself what it is that you are seeing? Is it the person that you see, the individual, or is it the role that you see the person to be playing? I believe that once you strip the person of his societal role, you will not only strip him of a non-earned power, but you will also come to see that person in a new, more human, less defined, light. Is that person, who you grew up with, who told you where you could go, whom you could see, what you could eat, when to go to bed, your mother, or is it Shirley Jackson? What is the difference between the two people? Are the two inseparable? The answer may surprise you that the actress, Shirley, is merely playing a part of what the expectations are of her in society as a mother. What are the roles a mother is asked to play? And if she is asked to play educator, cook, nurturer, psychologist, behaviorist, and philosopher, how is one to know how skilled she is at any of these undertakings?

The role of mother as we have seen is just one side of how roles are divided. Roles are usually broken down into two sides of a coin, or the role is this one minute, that another. Looking at the role of a child, and someone is always a child at any minute of any day, be it a child of his parents, or even a child of the state, this role is one that is meant to show gratitude, allegiance, and servitude. There is no power in the hands of the child, for the role of the child is to be weak before the power of authority, weak before his parents, and weak before the law. Yet, at another minute, maybe that child has another role, for he is 35 years old, and he does not happen to be with his natural parents at the time, and he has a job, and that job is a policeman. What is the role that society provides for this type of job, this type of role in the world. Briefly, this role has authority attached to it, why it does I do not know, because in order for there to be authority, there must be a specialization of knowledge, and I have never met a police officer who could school me in any branch of knowledge, including the “law” he is meant to uphold. But his role is what it is, because this definition has been imposed upon the masses. When you see this man, bow and pledge your allegiance. But the point is, at one time he is a servant to his mother, his state, at another he is an authority to the masses, but at the same time a servant to “law.”

It is crucial that everyone sees what goes into the roles that make up their relationships, and to realize, that until these roles are banished, civilization will always be easily programmed in order to reflect how you should act during your lifetime. How people are programmed to learn these roles is through education, television, movies, and from those closest to them.

What you must ask yourselves is, just because this person has been given this title, and seems to play the part, what has made them a fit for this role? Does this role further my communication, or is it meant to suppress any real honest communication by limiting how one is meant to interact within any given social scenario?

People cannot change how others perceive their roles, how others find their meaning, but if you start with yourself, announcing to others that these roles you are being asked to play, not only limits who the real you can express, both emotionally and mentally, but it traps you in a sort of mental prison, where your mind becomes accustomed to its role, thus locking you into a character, one which only fits into how others should perceive you. How do you perceive your self? Are you merely meant to be defined by cultural paradigms, and meant to be an actor or an actress? Or is there more to this life, and you will find that by spending more time getting to know you, rather than the many roles you play on a daily basis, will lead you to true happiness, to the greatest friend you have ever had in your life, and down a path of everlasting meaning, love and a less stressful mind.

Become one with your self, it is the richest reward you will ever find.