Enemies Amongst Us


What is the number one reason that the state, authority, police, armies, can achieve their goals? By making you afraid for the one thing you “value” most: Your Life. But have any of you stopped to think for a moment, and I mean those of you with “good” jobs (jobs so good that you are willing to give a percentage of your pay to your fellow gang rapists), families, homes, HD TVs, cabinets full of pictures and memories and nostalgia galore: What is so special about your life? What is it that makes it worth wanting to not fight against those that seek to put you down, to take your money, to take your children (for at least 8 hours a day), to tell you what you can and cannot eat, to make rules that do not suit you, only them?

I ask this question, because I believe everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE, has been conditioned to accepting less, all the while giving more. There are people all over the “libertarian” blogs, sites, writing about how we shouldn’t worship vietnam veterans, or any veterans or soldiers for that matter (huh Laurence), about how we should return to a gold standard, about how the media is in cahoots with the government, they are the mouthpieces for totalitarianism, and on and on….And they enlighten the masses with all of this counter-propaganda: They do this, but if you did it our way it would be better. They, the libertarians, all want change too, but logical change, and the options are usually with them limited to, getting the fuck outta dodge, moving somewhere else where they can tell us how to live, and digging in deep here in the states and holding our ground until the SHTF!!! (yeehaw), all the while nodding their heads yes sir to the bosses, and snickering and hollering behind their backs. And the worst thing they all do though, to these people that steal their liberties and wreck their constitution, is give them money. Every year, they write them out checks to the IRS, because they say they are going to get thrown in jail, maybe even prison if they don’t, and “you gotta pick your battles,” and with our families still too young, these kids are really going to need us in their lives, to lead and educate them, etc, etc….

For what? What do your kids need from you? What can your kids possibly learn from you except to suck the dicks of all those that tell you to suck? Oh wait, its not that bad, I got carried away, you don’t have to perform fellatio on any government agents yet, you just have to give them about 20-33% of all that you earned, payola for your “freedom.”

Is it really freedom if you essentially have to pay someone to keep you out of prison? Are you really a LIBERTARIAN if you give your tormentors more money so that they can continue to torment you, and more people than before since you and your libertarian buddies continue to fund their fucking terrorismThese libertarians man. These useless fucking libertarians man. All over, talking about how “the fourth amendment is being torn apart, they cannot do searches and seizures, they are violating the CONSTITUTION,” and, “our second amendment rights say we get to keep guns, they can’t take away our natural rights to fight back,” and “this judge said this back in 1821, how can this judge not follow his ruling, that goes against the constitution!!” Why do these constitutionalists not get it? The people in charge do whatever they want, and they will shit on your mother, and they will rape you in the ass, they will kill your children, steal your cars, fuck your dog, burn your house down, steal your money right out of the bank and your 401k, and your wallet, and they will leave you in a field with your legs chopped off screaming that you still want to live, to not hurt you anymore, if you let them do all that to you, which I am sure you all will so you can “live” another day, another day to see the NFL, to see your kids off to prison, to argue another “speeding” ticket, to flip off another clover, to complain while you make out the check to the Insane Rapist Services, to walk your dog, to hear Freebird one more time, or to make love to your wife on your anniversary. Because all those things are meaning right? Thats what life is all about? If you answered yes, you believe no more in freedom than Obama does, or Hegel, or Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao. You don’t believe anything because you have not evaluated what consequences all your actions have.

When will you ever learn? And don’t confuse that with, when will you ever learn how to justify all this abuse, because believe me, you all are perfect at justifying all this abuse with a bunch of whining, non-action that you justify as non-aggression. I believe in the use of the mind, as a sharp mind is what makes the body persistent, determined, strong, and forceful. I believe the lies and the trickery and the terrorism applied by these non-human brutes has to be exposed. But there comes a time when we all must take a long hard look at our own actions, our actions that when contemplated are nothing but cowardly actions, brought on by a cowardly instinct of preservation. But I ask again, preserving what?

Take all of the politics and the needs and the wants and the desires out of your lives, and see only the meaning that is there, the calm of the meaning, the in and out breath of the miracle that is you. why would you let another man(cyborg, zombie, bloodless vampire) ever tell you what to do. Its only when you made the choice to not look closely at the results of your actions, when you gave in to their demands, when you justified your slavery, that you became exactly what you demonize–a law enforcer unto your self, the prison that squeezes your life from the last bits of your mind…

You all think Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine would be rolling over in their graves over the destruction of the constitution, but its more likely they’d be rolling over because you all have allowed it.

I believe with a couple changes in terminology, but for the most part, this man has always said it better to his fearful brethren better than i ever can:

Brothers and sisters, if you and I would just realize, that once we learn to talk the language that they understand, they will then get the point. You can’t ever reach a man if you don’t speak his language. If a man speaks the language of brute force, you can’t come to him with peace. Why goodnight! He’ll break you in two, as he has been doing all along. If a man speaks French, you can’t speak to him in German. If he speaks Swahili, you can’t communicate with him in Chinese. You have to find out, what does this man speak? Once you know his language, learn how to speak his language. He’ll get the point, there will be some dialogue, some communication, and some understanding will be developed. You’ve been in this country long enough to know the language the Klan speaks, they only know one language. What you and I have to start doing in 1965, I mean that’s what you have to do because most of us have already been doing it, is start learning a new language. Learn the language that they understand, and then when they come up on our door step to talk, we can talk.

Malcolm X