Who are the Real Cowards and Terrorists? Understanding Definitions of Terror.

USA Flag Letters

USA Flag Letters (Photo credit: ClaraDon)

Recently, in the aftermath of the disarray that is now Boston, Fascistschusetts, I have begun to hear the word “coward,” when politicians, news media, and the mass sheep refer to defining “terrorists.” Barracks Obama, said this was “a heinous and cowardly attack.” What first pops into my mind, are several things: First, for all purposes here, let’s say in fact that these two guys operated alone, and it was just a coincidence that the FBI had known about the older brother for at least five years, and that there were special security forces all over the Marathon, as well as bomb sniffing dogs, and guys on the rooftop, which when added together appeared to be that they were running a drill. We are going to strictly hold to the ahem, “state’s directed line of criminality here.” So, first off, these guys wanted to bomb some amerikan citizens and make a ruckus. Well, HOW are they being cowards? Should they have announced the bomb first? Would it make them less cowards if they came out immediately after the bombs and said, “Hey hey guys, we do not want you to use this bombing by me and my brother as a way to further erode the average guy’s liberties, we were actually only doing this because we hate your stupid fucking fascist government. So before anyone goes getting all crazy thinking we did this against average guys, think again, we actually did this against the people of Boston, because, well, they worship the state there, and think cops and the politicians are cool, when in fact, hello, they are not. So please, try and not make this a huge deal, we waive our rights, come and arrest us, you totalitarian thugs.”  I have no idea what the adjective heinous is doing there, but maybe Obama’s speech writers thought it up for effect. I mean, bombs explode, they are not meant to be “joyous.” There is a point for the bomb: To do larger scale damage than a gun or a knife can inflict in the same short amount of time. It is more anonymous. These simple word choices by Barracks were not chosen simply, they were chosen because they are meant to instill fear in amerikans, and they are meant to show that anyone who is against the amerikan government is a wimp, and that guerrilla tactics are for babies. My next thought was that, since these guys were “cowards,” and “terrorists,” and such, why did they make it so easy to get caught? Its like bam, there they were, with backpacks and backwards hats, and just looking like they were trying to look as obvious as possible for all the millions of cameras out there snapping pics. Hypothetically speaking, wouldn’t a good terrorist, or coward, wear like a disguise or something? I mean, how hard would it have been to throw on a Manny Ramirez Sox jersey, a fake beard, some sunglasses, and bam! Literally! I mean, doesn’t it sound like Terrorist 101?

Manny Ramirez in the Dodger Dugout

Manny Ramirez in the Dodger Dugout (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is more to this though than just my thoughts on how the word coward could be applied to these two guys. What I believe is at stake here is that dictionaries have become obsolete, in that words can have multiple meanings, and the government is doing precisely what Orwell forecasted, and that is defining words for the masses. What occurs here when Obama says, this was “a heinous and cowardly attack,” is that he is pleading to the people’s feelings. Who in their right mind could deny him this statement? I mean, a freaking bomb exploded and hurt a lot of people, “including an 8-year-old boy. (we can’t forget that right? I mean, a bunch of people died, but come on man, an 8-year-old boy died. Now its serious shit.)” People are now blinded or have been blinded now to any other meaning for “coward.” Here is how one man, in an editorial defines a cowardly act:

In the aftermath of Boston, I propose we redefine the term “terrorist.” These are individuals who undeniably lack the courage to face their enemies, who will shoot an unarmed young girl in the head because she wants an education and who entice children to sacrifice themselves to kill and maim innocent Individuals. These random targets are almost always no threat to the terrorists, but simply innocent people going about their daily business. Terrorists are all cowards, cowards who hide in the background and lie to others to get them to do their dirty work. They are persons joyful at the deaths of innocent strangers.

Therefore, let’s call them what they are — cowards.

Hal Harris, Dallas/Uptownpredator-firing-missile4

Steven Colbert of the comedy channel, called them “cowards.” And finally, here’s what Joe Biden said after calling the two guys, ““twisted, perverted, cowardly, knock-off jihadis.” He was at a funeral for the slain MIT officer, who I still have no idea why he went to the convenience store to stop a robbery of the convenience store by the two suspects, that ended up actually not being a robbery, and he asked the question: “why do they (cowardly terrorists I am assuming) do what they do?” In typical fashion, the self inflated politician answers his own question in this monologue of dis-information:

I’ve thought about it a lot, because I deal with it a lot,” Biden said. “They do it to instill fear. To have us, in the name of our safety and security, jettison what we value most in the world…our open society, our system of justice that guarantees freedom, the access of all Americans to opportunity, the free flow of information and people across this country, our transparency. That’s their target. Our very existence makes a lie of their perverted ideology,” Biden said, later adding, “We will not yield to fear, we will not hunker down. If the purpose of terrorism is to instill fear, you saw none of it here in Boston.”

I highlight these several definitions, comments, by these people, because it serves to show, that despite their differences, one is a black “president,” one is a loser, the other a average joe, and the other a “comedian” who is not funny, they all are doing one thing: Trying to justify their definition of the word “coward,” to a broader audience. The normal sheep is going to nod his head, yeah, man, this was an attack on us, all cuz they were jealous of our free’doms. That view is what is called the slim view, the unthought of view, the shortsighted view, the not-well-thought-out-view, the amerikan’s view.

How is a word supposedly defined? Well, the best way is to take a word and apply it across various situations. If it works in every different type of sentence, from differing points of view, well, then it is correct. So even though what these people, Obama, etc…are trying to do, is to limit the definition of “cowardly terrorist,” to only those who attack this cunt-ry here, we can actually say, “ok, if this is how you want the term “coward, and terrorist” to be defined, then we will use it broadly.

Obama defines an “act of terror,” as “anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror.” So this now means, I have a working definition of “terrorists,” straight from the “president’s” mouth, as well, as several working definitions of “cowardly.”

So here goes: If the definition above applies to terrorists, then the United States Corporation is the biggest terrorist organization in the world, as well as the biggest cowards of all. Why? Because the United States Corporation has killed many civilians, not just through its use of drones, but actually through their use of just interfering in other country’s affairs, civilians die as a result of their ruler’s actions, as many amerikans killed many Iraqi civilians. If cowardly terrorism is defined not just by bombs, but actually terrorizing a community of people, then I am sure more people need to know about this:

 Stalking from home to home, a United States Army sergeant methodically killed at least 16 civilians, 9 of them children, in a rural stretch of southern Afghanistan early on Sunday, igniting fears of a new wave of anti-American hostility, Afghan and American officials said.

Maybe we should pay more attention to Obama’s definition of “terrorism,” since it says “anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians is an act of terror.” Well, what would Mr. Harvard respond to this report?

A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States’ Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan:A Comprehensive Accounting [revised]What causes the documented high level of civilian casualties — 3,000 – 3,400 [October 7, 2001 thru March 2002] civilian deaths — in the U.S. air war upon Afghanistan?The explanation is the apparent willingness of U.S. military strategists to fire missiles into and drop bombs upon, heavily populated areas of Afghanistan. (italics and bold, mine)

I really hate to use other people’s words against him, but since this case is pretty open and shut, I propose the abolition of the United States Corporation because it is the biggest terror organization in the world, and that is by its own definitions, I did not need to use any dis-information to entreat upon the masses behalf. The white house should be burned to the ground because it has no merit. All of those in the government or working for the government are all guilty, and should be waterboarded until suffocation. These spineless humanoids walk among us, deceive us, manipulate our time, our minds, our meaning, our language, the children, our labor, destroy and kill in the name of “freedom,” and all with the “consent of the people.” I have never witnessed in all my life a more pathetic society than this one we live in now. Everyone is just wandering humanoids, zombies with no understanding of reality and what it means to stand up for one’s ideals, and to be able to become a real alive feeling and thinking being. There is no longer any effort. People have given up their search for jobs, because why search when the state will give them what they need. People have given up their search for health, because why try, when they can just take some medication and eat a whopper, and wash it down with some flouridated water and turn on the booboise tube. What is the US Corporation other than a group of “individuals who undeniably lack the courage to face their enemies, who will shoot an unarmed young girl in the head because she wants an education and who entice children to sacrifice themselves to kill and maim innocent Individuals. These random targets are almost always no threat to the terrorists, but simply innocent people going about their daily business. Terrorists are all cowards, cowards who hide in the background and lie to others to get them to do their dirty work. They are persons joyful at the deaths of innocent strangers.” Really? And people put these peoples names on bumper stickers and drive around with them on their cars, and cheer for them like sporting teams, and wear clothing with their names on them, and pray to them as their GODS.

I have always been under the knowledge that this planet and all that is on it are all miracles, pure beings of wonder, that with the right focus and determination and hard work, we can choose our own immortality, leave our mark for all the future to see. Why does it all have to be done in such a manipulative, murderous manner by turning this world into a death machine and enslaving all of the population into having more humanoids which will reproduce and need to kill every other living being just in order to survive and have space to move. Pathetic, that some of you all call your selfs alive and awakened and wise. Stand up and get rid of the TRUE TERRORISTS that laugh at you and live among your kind, and ruin every second of your beautiful life.