seppukuthe pounding on my door goes on and on but the door is made of steel so it can hold for a while and its not as though i am hiding; the earphones adorn my head and i am meditating on the floor listening to the calming sound of my breath wrapping its tentacles through the veins as they fill with life and my heart beats smile taking me to a place that is all light and the air is sweet but just a bit salty bringing a tear to my eyes and even though there is something  unspeakable going on in a universe right around this corner, one that pushes the boundaries of courage and possibilities and insurgency, i have vowed to bring the knife to my side and make the long decisive slice that will take me unto the next place where contradictions never happen and power is a lily on a star and its place where time never existed and i am here just about to feel the steel upon my organsbut first

i set the clock that ticks against the door that connects to the giant package on the floor which i expect will cause my uninvited guests from invading me anymore…