Mob Mentality-Update.

Boston-martial-law6(Reprinted from Lew Rockwell) From a Watertown resident…

“…and I have to let you know that today, I do not feel relieved or safe, I feel more uneasy than ever. I am not cheering with the throngs of blood-lusting MA residents that this “s%!tbag terrorist a$#hole” was caught or thanking our “selfless” state and federal agents for risking their lives to save the masses. No, I am left with a terrible feeling because I see this for what it is and am dis-heartened at the ignorant mob-mentality around me.

“I am saddened that no one realizes that what happened on Marathon Monday happens every day in the countries that the US currently occupies and that what descended upon Watertown on Friday is experienced by families abroad at the hands of US forces every single day. I am disgusted by the willingness of those around me to be spoon fed fear and then to truly believe that the only people that can protect and save them is the military force that came out in droves and forced people under house arrest (oh wait, excuse me, “Shelter in Place” is the PC term).

“It is happening before my eyes. Liberty was born here, and this week, Liberty has officially died. It is playing out like a bad predictable movie and the masses are too caught up in the bread & circuses to notice. As a daily reader, I see the stories in print every day and have intellectually understood the patterns. But this week, in my backyard, I have seen it first-hand and there is no going back. Welcome to the militarized United States of America.

“Disheartened Watertown, MA, Resident