Mob Mentality

large “Why are you cheering for the police so fervently,” the reporter asked the wide-eyed woman. Jumping up and down with frazzled hair, she responded, “I have no idea, it just feels so good to be Scars of a whipped slave (April 2, 1863, Baton...out here, part of something, after sitting in our homes ALL DAY watching the news…” and she trailed off as she heard clapping hands behind her, and before she even knew what she was doing her hands were making the way toward each other and producing that herding noise that has been made so popular at sporting events and political rallies. However, this was vastly different on so many levels. It felt like a put-on in a way, as though these people had been given a script. And maybe it only felt that way because these people were so robotic in their actions, such homers for their captors, that I wondered to myself if a negro slave ever clapped for his master after he had been put in chains and whipped for a month and given nothing but charred pork entrails and water for his sustenance, and then upon his release from pseudo-bondage, he is blessed with a piece of bread.

I was so sickened by this entire event. This was pure and unadulterated Fascism as nothing I have ever witnessed or could imagine to witness. Business shut down all day, not by a lack of customers, but by decree, martial decree, as well as being made to stay shut up in one’s homes, prisoners for no reason other than for “the safety of the public.” I do not need 10,000 police officers to protect me from a 19 year old boy who has not been convicted of anything except he happens to be who the police DECIDES it will convict, and place the scapegoat necklace upon. This fucking charade, rainbow parade of so much femininity, made me wonder how the people of Massachusetts get out of bed by themselves and actually make a choice. Maybe they don’t have to choose. I guess they just put on their Red Sax cap, their Gahnett jersey, down a few green guys, and they get pumped for their daily commute to work.

This reminded me of when Chris Jackson played for the Denver Nuggets, the best college basketball player I have ever seen, and he converted to Islam, and decided one game to not place his hand over his chest for the “Nationalist Party Anthem.” The boos that rained down upon that man of such stirring hatred, that soon after he left the NBA, and the country. The mob mentality was such that it could not believe that one man would actually try to stand up BY HIMSELF for what he believed in, and against. Believing that no other man can tell him what he needs to stand or not stand up for, especially a song of national pride, when there is really nothing to be prideful in when it comes to nation creation. All countries do is create separation of other men, and create hatred that causes more separation, wars and death. How can we be separate when we are all together on one planet? But that togetherness died a long time ago with the advent of separate countries and mass education and even larger dependence by the people. The real thinking man will see the holes punched in the long story of Amerika. This place has never been about freedom, just a long slow process of creating the ultimate slave force, of creating mindless clapping morons that will deify their lords, and say how low when told to gesticulate. I never stood for a national anthem, and I will not even look or listen when if it is ever being played when I am nearby.


But maybe it was fitting that this hunt took place in Massachusetts, because I do not know how far away Watertown is from Salem, but this felt exactly like a witch hunt. “Burn him, Burn Him, Burn Him,” felt like the crowd was yelling, and it would not have surprised me one bit if the PIGS had not burned him right there, as we all know this guy will never get a fair trial. Waterboard him a bit, beat him silly, and then throw him in one of those fascist jails, where for some reason even the prisoners love Amerika, and this kids life is in utter ruins. Maybe I should think about the 3 people that died at the marathon? Naw, I doubt it, because in a truly free world, things like this would never happen, because violence would have never occurred in a world devoid of power hungry Risk playing strategists using humans as pawns. No, cooperation and intelligence would have ruled that world. Everything that happens to this giant ball of shit is deserved. Tell _________ president at the time that the only way he will get any respect is if he dismantles the whole power structure himself, and then acts like a man and on live television, walks to every leader in the world and apologizes for America‘s actions for the last 150 years, and then turns and pulls a revolver out of his pocket and shoots himself in the head, right before pushing a button on his watch that detonates the entire city of washington dc, turning every last parasite into ash. A boy can dream can’t he?

These Massachusetts babies, allowing the whole world to look upon them and this “free” country, as not one of them told any of the PIGS that, “No, you may not enter my home to look for some 19 year old kid.” Why? Because they were too busy hugging them and clapping them on the back and sucking their dicks. If gay marriage wasn’t legal in Massachusetts before today, it sure is now.

Freedom. Liberty. Justice for all. I would’ve rather have been a Jew in Nazi Germany.

English: Rows of bodies fill the yard of Lager...

English: Rows of bodies fill the yard of Lager Nordhausen, a Gestapo concentration camp. עברית: שורות של גופות מאות אסירים בחצר מחצה הריכוז נורדהאוזן. בתמונה נראות פחות ממחצית הגופות של האסירים שמתו ברעב או ביריות אנשי הגסטפו. Italiano: File di cadaveri di prigionieri riempiono il cortile del lager di Nordhausen, un campo di concentramento dalla Gestapo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)