paths not roads

paththere exist roads everywhere, all created for you and you and us and they and the people. where are the paths? how do I go about locating the right path for me? it should take me where I want to go, but it not need be built of gold or be brand new. is it roads that lead to nowhere, and the paths wind inward, leading me to me? what happens if I never found the path but have been rolling along the state paved highway I’ve been forced to travel. last I  checked I was not an autobot or a machine to be programmed or a trained doggie. choice is meant for the realm of multi-dimensionality, furnishing my mind with possibilities, giving me pause for a reflection upon my own nature. am I evil. am I mad. morality without choice is a zombie’s morality, where we eat brains where none lies, it’s all so unfulfilling. strength training for the mind builds the only muscle that builds my whole world, that empties the emotional stresses, releases my thoughts to the dump, and I become stronger knowing i do not know, that I unlearn all I have ever learned, and I spend time with now, seeing choice awakening within me, wanting to be in a world where meaning is the common language and yelling and roaring overtake our impersonal calls in a dying concrete fenced in psychiatric ward. barefoot upon the the last wild frontier left….